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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S III battery life issues – after heading to settings go to the Wi-Fi area, then select advanced and make a small change by turning off connecting to Wi-Fi while you’re asleep. This reminds us of the problems the iPhone 4S users experienced and had also been confirmed by those behind the smartphone (Apple), so users should expect a total fix in time with a software update for the Galaxy S3.
It takes me many many hours to charge my phone while in standby and i can charge all day long and stay on the same battery % if i am using it while charging. People like me having the real battery problems shouldn’t have to turn off all the syncs, disable all the widgets, disable GPS, blutooth, ect ect. I’m a (new and very proud) owner of the S3, and the phone so far has been a great upgrade! Developpeur mobile, mais aussi redacteur occasionnel sur FrAndroid, qui ne voit que par Android. Le Samsung Galaxy S3 refuse tout a coup de s’allumer, meme apres plusieurs recharges.
Je ne suis pas un fanboys Apple ni quelle marque que ce soit mais la vous reagissez comme ca parce que vous auriez fait exactement la meme chose avec eux, reaction de gamin immature qui se prend encore pour un grand a vouloir devancer les critiques, un classique. Dis-moi quel constructeur peut se targuer d’avoir 200 jours pour tester meme un produit phare ?
Notez qu’en France, il faut compter 4 semaines pour avoir un devis ou une reparation, sans aucun suivi disponible ni de telephone de remplacement. Le mien est mort depuis plus de deux semaines, je suis sans aucune nouvelle et ni Samsung ni les Points Service Mobile ne repondent. Dans certains pays, des utilisateurs se sont vu refuse la garantie (y compris en France) mais pour le moment il semblerait en effet que le changement soit regulier. It took the iPhone a few firmware updates before the battery life improved dramatically, and in most cases these issues are software not hardware.

BTW fr all you Samsung droid lovers, I did own a S3 for all of two week and took it back before the 30 days and paid $35 for restocking because of this battery issue. This battery is supposed to be the best on the freaking market and instead I have to constantly babysit it with power saving controls to get through my workday without it dying on me. I did deep cycle charge last night and have did the fix suggested above, hoping that something will work!
Certaines personnes ont note des gels d’ecran quelques jours avant cette mort prematuree. Users that have tried this small change are seeing a notable improvement, although there is extra juice to be had from also installing the CPU Sleeper as well.
Share a comment with how your battery life is, and let us know if you found ways to fix the drain.
All apps killed, in standby mode…my phone charges and the battery drains faster than it is charging!
In my opinion as long as you turn off the constant wifi sleep and manage the screens auto brightness you will have excellent battery life.
Il y a quelques jours une faille majeure a ete trouvee dans les processeurs Exynos permettant de lire et effacer le contenu de la memoire vive. Il en est de meme sur notre forum, Reddit ou encore le hashtag #gs3suddendeath sur Twitter. Son dual-core est tres reactif, raison pour laquelle je suis passe du S au S2, mais pas du S2 au S3 (ou tout autre haut de gamme recent). I never have those WiFi settings that you guys speak of and my phone used to run just fine. My battery still had normal charging with the game but then the next day it started to decrease.

I had a ton of widgets and other things on my screens that I have since turned off hoping that I could at least get to work and back without completely draining the battery. My Droid Incredible lasted longer than this and that was without reconfiguring everything to make it last. My Droid Incredible lasted longer than this and that was without reconfiguring everything to make it last PS, I’d rather go through battery problems that switch to iphone. Il viendrait de la carte mere, mais plusieurs sources pointent du doigt la memoire flash (NAND) qui altererait peu a peu l’element central du telephone.
I can say that if you have minimal signal strength wherever you are, battery will drain alot faster as the phone will continue to search for a signal. I will say that I am not using 4G (Sprint) and I have a brightness toggle that I use (auto brightness off).
Wasn’t this thing supposed to has 6 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time or something crazy like that. Maybe the brightness toggle is something that could be looked into as well for slower drain. Anyone else notice that when you clear the memory of the RAM it closes like 50 applications?

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