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A $30 Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery is capable of delivering four days of battery life and NFC to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery offers 7,000 mAh of battery power, which is reportedly the worlds larges Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. This Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is massive, fitting into the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and spilling over the back to offer up a much larger phone. The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes in black, white and blue and even supports NFC so users can keep using Google Wallet and S Beam. The Smoking Android shares the video review of this case, where they explain more about the use and show off just how big the actual battery is. The overall size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery looks similar to the Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh extended battery we reviewed last year.
The official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery arrived in late December with a 3,000 mAh rating.
I haven’t found that to be the case, and reception in my home town is pretty bad to begin with. I have purchased the yesoo 4300 from Amazon that includes battery, back cover and TPU case for my galaxy s3 and followed the correct charging instruction and my phone now last 3 days. Reboot - Samsung Galaxy S3 Keeps Restarting, Stuck On - Two days ago I got the official update of jelly bean 4.3 to my Samsung Galaxy S3. How To Fix SDS(Sudden Death Syndrome) On The Samsung - SDS(Sudden Death Syndrome) is a very bad bug which is killing a lot of Galaxy S3’s. Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Problems And Solutions - How to Resolve Different Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Problems? How I Can Remove Virus From My Samsung Galaxy Y - My Samsung galaxy S 111 mini has an alert your battery is badly damaged because of 3 malicious virus and have to install 360 security anti vir.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Hard Reset - Samsung Galaxy S3 hard reset: Press and hold VOLUME UP + Home Button +. Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint L710 Return Back To - 2 thoughts on “Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint L710 Return Back to Factory Stock”. S3 owners, do you ever feel like your buddies with a Galaxy Note 2 look down upon your battery life?
I apologize if that intro sounded like an infomercial, but that’s kind of what I was going for.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes bundled with a 2,100mAh battery that typically gets about 10+ hours of continuous talk time. Extended batteries are of higher capacities than the stock battery and last longer, but there is a trade-off to using them. Essentially, you’re accepting an increase in device thickness for a boost in overall battery life. Of course, the Galaxy S3 battery does add some depth to the device but at least the rear cover is included in the deal. With the extended S3 battery, you can finally ignore the smirks of all your buddies with the Galaxy Note 2 because your battery should last just as long. There’s no word on an actual release date yet, but you can pre-order an extended battery from MobileFun. Adding the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 battery with a 7,000 mAh rating will bulk up the Galaxy S3 considerably. The Hyperion battery lasted about two days, which is great, but sound short compared to the promise of four or five days of use. This model will help some users get through a full day, with a Galaxy Note 2 sized power rating, but it can’t match up to the power packed into this extended Galaxy S3 battery.
However the video review does not mention about the possible signal lost that happens when using this battery.
Does the thickness of the battery & case diminish the great quality of photos this phone takes? I do a lot internet searches and watch anywhere from 1 to 2 2hr movies a day on my phone, along with talking, texting, pictures, and app downloads.
Learn how to remove password unlock pattern on Galaxy S3 mini or force Reset the device if it hangs or frozen (press and hold . Samsung Galaxy S3 is known to be the part of one of the most successful range of Smartphone offered by . Rooting an Android device used to be a nightmarish labyrinth of .zip files and command prompts .
One of the most popular Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S3 is a device that strikes a perfect balance between looks and performance.. Because of their increased size, extended batteries are usually much larger which means the profile of the connected device is also increased.

Another interesting factor to consider is that the rear cover also comes, with the necessary NFC contacts, to use NFC functionality. Unfortunately, it looks as you’re going to have to pay a hefty price for the official-ness of the battery and those NFC contacts.
Apparently where the attenna is on the phone this battery apparently blocks signal so be warned as some other owners of this battery has noticed this issue if you are in a area with already bad reception, this battery may kill your signal completely. For $15 bucks and 3 day shipping this is the best investment for this phone since I’ve had it.
My samsung gravity smart wont turn because it says the battery dead but i have been charging thr battery for over . Now S3 owners can purchase a 3,000mAh battery for their device, which is slightly smaller than the Galaxy Note 2’s 3,100mAh battery.
For convenience, when you purchase an extended battery it usually comes with a revamped back cover for the phone, which has been redesigned to account for the increase in battery size. There are plenty of stories of folks purchasing what they thought to be a larger capacity battery, when, in fact, they were not larger at all.
According to Samsung, most third-party manufacturers don’t include this in their covers.
Regardless, it saves consumers from dealing with the hassle of finding a compatible third-party battery, or at least one that works. If you were to purchase an extended battery for your S3 from eBay, for example, you might end up not being able to use the native NFC features anymore.
Coming from a cold climate we know in northern canada quality not quantity is important for batterys. A lot of people dont follow the charging instructions correctly then want to complain, but if you follow whats given then you should receive 3 to 4 days of battery life.

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