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Battery life testing is usually the single most time-consuming part of smartphone reviews at the moment. The basic overview is the same as the previous test — we load webpages at a fixed interval until the handset dies, with display set at exactly 200 nits as always. Since I have the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note 2 I couldn’t test LTE battery life.
Galaxy Note 2 does pretty well here considering everything it has to deal with, huge battery and the combination of latest WiFi combo chip silicon (still BCM4334) helps the Note 2 last nearly 8.5 hours.
On T-Mobile DC-HSPA+ the Note 2 also does pretty well, it’s in the upper third of our results, still above the SGS3, and among other phones I subjectively consider to have great battery life on cellular like the One X (8960). My call test isn’t done, but from the data I have already, I would extrapolate out a 15 hour call run time for the Note 2. Overall the Note 2 has battery life which isn’t compromised by the presence of fast air interfaces or huge AMOLED display, even at 200 nits which is usually a challenge. They confuse the two, because the average consumer doesn't know anything beyond iPhone.
I'm sorry, but anyone who can mistake the GS2 (and GS1 for that matter) for an iPhone is an idiot. I agree on the weird soapy curve of the S3, but the Note 2 looks more like a large SII, which is fine by me.By the way, in Boost mode, the Galaxy Note II works extremely well as a portable guitar amp.
Item Not Found - 0 I1631224Note : The seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. One of the things that made Galaxy Note 3 so popular prior to its launch was its different screen sizes. Before Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was launched, there had been rumors that it was going to have 3 GB of RAM, which could have been a considerable upgrade from the 2 GB option of most smartphones today. On top of the improved specifications of its hardware, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design has also considerably improved the functionality of its S Pen. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sporting a Super AMOLED panel that is similar to the ones featured by other high-end Samsung devices.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design comes with a functional Samsung S Pen, just like its predecessor. For Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung chose to soften the corners and round the overall shape of the original model to make it easier to handle.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features an oversized cell—a 3,200mAh battery that is just enough to keep the phone going well for two days. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs is packed with every connectivity feature that any techie could ask for.
Rhodora Dagatan is married and spends most of her time at home where she writes articles online for work and fun. Samsung states 16 hours video playback time, 70 hours of music, 990 minutes of talk time, 290 hours on standby with LTE on. First day I got it I did tethering, full brightness comparison, benchmarks, and I still got 12 hours on the first charge. The battery has double capacity of like a Galaxy S2, but that translates to 3 or 4 times longer battery life. One last thing is when you get that 15% warning, you no longer feel the panic of having to charge your phone within an hour.
I have to say that I have been experiencing similar results on my personal tests of the note's battery. Surprisingly that charger with the uk adapter is filling the battery (10% to 100%) in 90 minutes and the standard samsung charger for uk in 3 hours. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 update brought a fix for the Exynos security update, but it is also causing battery life problems for users. Galaxy Note 2 users are reporting bad battery life after the update, with reports of battery drain cutting usability by an hour to an hour and a half of screen time.
While it is tempting to hold off for a future update, to get better battery life, this update is also supposed to fix the Sudden Death issue that caused some new Galaxy devices to randomly stop working. It’s not clear if the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 update issued yesterday also affects battery life in a similar manner.
Stay tuned for more details on when the Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.2 update could arrive and potentially fix the battery drain issues. Well I found it to be better in fact but the only way to really find out is to do controlled tests which blogs or mags should take on as part of their mission. I am new to the Note and my husband just made a comment about how quickly his battery drains.

My galaxy note 2 seems fine on battery life but I have experienced 3 occasions where the phone had just gone dead and I have had to take the battery out to re-set it. In a recent test it does show that the Galaxy Note 2 battery does drain much quicker since this update, so just shows that it is not just Apple who gets their updates wrong.
However, T-Mobile runs DC-HSPA+ which is two 5 MHz wide WCDMA carriers aggregated together, so the result is a receive path that looks vaguely similar to 10 MHz FDD-LTE with the same wide LNAs lit up. In my time with the Galaxy Note 2 out and about I wasn’t want for a charger or top up once, even with Dropbox set to auto upload photos as I captured them which usually nukes devices even with the most impressive of stamina.
Of course it's brainwashing, just like all the lemmings want their computer parts and cases black - a thousand websites all have the drones exclaiming the same thing - black black black. Since it was launched, this phone has caught the attention of many smartphone users because of its top rated features that make it different from its predecessors.
There were rumors that this Samsung phone would make available 5-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch options.
When it was launched, however, the phone had just 2720 of RAM available, equivalent to about 2.66 GB. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with 2.3 GHz Snapdragon quad core processor, which is a high-end processor that promises to deliver outstanding overall user experience. The new Air Command controller of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 appears when the S Pen is slid out of the silo so the feature becomes more functional than it was in Note 2. The phone has a full-HD display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, and its AMOLED display features a perfect blend of colors, sharpness, brightness, contrast, viewing angles, screen reflections and power consumption. Users who use the phone taxingly every day can expect a full day of use from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while those who seldom do can expect to use it for another day. On top of the standard connectivity features that come with most smartphones, Note 3 comes with NFC, 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 and IR transmitter and MHL. She covers different topics like movies, gadgets, health, and other things that are in the trend these days. Coming from an epic touch with an extended battery that barely lasts me a day this is very exciting news! It's above and beyond any other smartphone I have ever owned in every single aspect I can think of!!! If the only issue was the Exynos security hole it would be easy to tell users it is worth waiting, but with the potential to wake up to a bricked galaxy Note 2, we suggest performing the upgrade and being vigilant about charging. However, some users have now started to complain about the N7100XXDLL7 software update because it seems as though this has been creating battery life problems for some. However, they would rather this than the alternative, which saw their handset with the dreaded ”Sudden Death” issue. On a normal day to day basis users would often report that their Note 2 would last around 36 hours, now it’s just 24 hours or thereabouts. However, there seems to be another issue associated with this recent update as well, the Message app disappearing from the shortcut on the homescreen.
This will cost them so they will laugh at this over a beer and forever ruin what was once reasonable smart phone. In fact, going through the comments on some pages that talked about this issue saw that there was one Galaxy Note 2 owner who claimed that just after 12 hours of use, the battery life had dropped to a mere 10%, which is definitely abnormal behavior by all accounts.Apparently, this issue does not affect everyone who has applied the update, but rather, just a handful of people, so pinpointing the reason behind this is even harder than expected.
The result is this new test which we feel is pretty balanced but still challenging enough to be relevant for a while. The new test has decreased pause time between web page loads and a number of JavaScript-heavy pages. For comparison the previous Galaxy Note shipped a 9.25 watt-hour battery, and Galaxy S 3 went with around an 8 watt-hour battery.
The same applies to the call test, which is starting to become an unwieldy test at around 12 hours for most new phones. Again I fully expect that the handset on other carriers with LTE will last even longer than the numbers I managed to get out of the Note 2 on T-Mobile DC-HSPA+. How about that big Samsung logo plastered on top of the GS2?The only resemblance the two have is the shape. As it turned out, however, one of the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display screen measures nothing more and nothing less than 5.7 inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This RAM may not have met the expectations of most Samsung fanatics, but it was still pretty close to the touted 3 GB.
Combining it with the 2.7- GB of RAM of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes the device a truly high performance delivered pallet that is sure to blow other smartphones out of the market. With just a single tap, this Air Command controller displays several options, including Action Memo, Screen Write, Scrapbooker, S Finder and Pen Window.

Critics say that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has the best AMOLED screen in the market today, and can even be on par with the best LCDs out there. The camera of this phone is very easy to use as it is designed to be operated with just one thumb.
The click button that can be found on it is especially designed to allow users to make scribbles on the phone or to choose areas of the screen where they want their applications to pop up.
This phone carries most of the design ethos of Samsung Galaxy S4, especially considering its chromed plastic border and single home button that is flanked by two capacitive keys for the ‘menu’ and ‘back.’ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also replaces the slimy gloss plastic with a textured finish that feels more leathery.
One of the biggest advantages of this phone is that its massive cell gives it added stamina. It is also comes with Samsung Link, a Wi-Fi based connectivity application that enables users to speak to other Samsung Link devices. This is not a major update, but we do expect an update to Android to follow shortly, which could resolve this issue. One user has even said that they hate the new slim clock, but that’s just down to personal taste.
The only way you get this fixed is to storm the board room with an AK47 and take a few of the leaches out, make an example. The software update installed was originally meant to do away with the Exynos memory bug while introducing its fair share of other changes as well, but a select group of users claim that they get up to an hour of less active use compared to before the update was applied. I sat down with some UMTS RRC (Radio Resource Control) emulator tools and also made sure we had a good balance of all the RRC states (DCH, PCH if possible, FACH, IDLE) so we weren’t heavily biased towards one mode or the other.
At the same time as we’ve shown in previous testing the LTE battery life with this new generation of handsets is often better than the equivalent on 3G since the handset can get back into an idle radio resource state quicker for the same workload.
Powering all that display definitely requires the biggest electron tank the design and form factor can possibly afford.
It's a freaking rectangle - and worse yet, the stupid public pubes in charge of the PC worshipping of a rectangle always claim thinner is also better.
With this upgrade, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will definitely not be another RAM hog, the way most Smartphones become when lots of apps run in the background. With these added features, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will certainly have a say in terms of functionality. It is set to full auto, which means that the user only needs to pick the subject of his shot.
Called ‘Pen Window,’ this feature enables users to use a calculator while in the middle of using another application. The only drawback is that it takes a longer time for its battery to recharge considering its massive cell. The phone also has a Wi-Fi Direct sharing option within its gallery which makes use of a Wi-Fi signal but does not require internet connectivity. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! I have had my phone off the charger with limited use for 3 hours this morning and it is already down to 85%.
Installing this update is very important if you wish to resolve the previous issues, so for now maybe you should consider extending your battery life with this solution. They might possibly treat consumers with respect then and not unleash untested crap on the globe.
Are you one of those who have been affected by the software update?Filed in Cellphones >Tablets. Approach-wise, it is also a bit old-school since it uses a small, high-resolution sensor when taking photos. But only if they know it will happen again if they ignore calls for help and lie and deny there is any problem, as they currently always do. It's better in their lemming brainwashed gourds and not IRL, but their estrogen doused public opinion persona would have them believing anything peer pressure desired them to, so of course we have that thin to win crazed insanity everywhere as well.
Though it is not as complex as the cameras of other smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia, this camera has fast focusing and zero shutter lag.

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