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Let’s face it, since us Toy Hauler owners mostly dry camp, our batteries are extremely important.
The life of your deep cycle batteries will largely be affected by how it’s used and how it’s maintained. How a battery is used is probably the single most important factor on how long a battery will last. Most experts agree that you don’t want to let your battery’s state of charge get below 50%. To measure the depth of discharge and other important metrics like current voltage, consumed amp hours, and time remaining, you may want to invest in a good digital battery monitor like the LinkPRO from Xantrex.
Good battery maintenance includes making sure the water level never gets below the top of the lead plates.
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12 volt battery charger perfect for cars, motorcycles, atvs, marine, rv and power sports applications. All of our multi bank chargers are fully automatic, and will provide individual charge to each battery connected to each lead. Battery chargers, dc converters, inverters, solar chargers to maintain flooded, gel cell and sealed lead acid batteries. Battery chargers, dc converters, inverters, solar chargers maintain flooded, gel cell sealed lead acid batteries.
Smart battery lithium ion batteries built battery protection system charged standard charger. Newmar' battery chargers employ “smart” battery charging technology 12v, 24v & 32v systems marine applications including workboats, military vessels.
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The charger uses its unique boost charge feature, stepping up to a charge rate allowing the auxiliary battery to properly charge and with its voltage sensing feature via the ignition circuit ensuring the main battery is not depleted while the vehicle is not running. I put together the following chart which indicates the state-of-charge (percent) as it relates to battery voltage or specific gravity. How I determined the voltage values: I researched as many battery manufacturers that I could find regarding their own published SOC data. Note: Voltage measurements are only approximate to determine SOC, and measuring battery voltage is NOT the most accurate way to do this (there are variables under varying circumstances).
Note: For longer battery life, batteries should remain in the green zone (40% or more SOC).

Note: The 100% voltage is NOT the recommended charging voltage (which will be higher, and multi-stage).
If the gravity of each cell stays relatively the same (usually all in the green) does that mean that I don’t need to equalize that battery? The reason I ask is: I have 90 watts of harbor freight panels, run thru a sunsaver controller that charges 2 wally world deep cycle batteries and the gravity has almost never been below the green level, and I never really have had to add much water.
My other set up has about 750 watts of poly panels, run through a xantrex 30 amp charge controller charging a trojan 12 volt golf cart battery. I guess my question is do I need to do this since the wally world batteries always seem to be in good shape as per hydrometer readings? I built an off-grid system for my home and have expanded and maintained it myself over the years, so that is my knowledge base. Also, NEVER combine different types, or age, or widely differing state of charge of your batteries when charging. Thanks Carl, and as you insinuated, there are variables, including temperature compensation measurements and others. Saw this as I was looking for a SG to SOC chart and thought I would make a couple of comments.
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Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Following are some tips I’ve picked up over the years along with some products I think are worth a look. This is typically measured in the number of deep discharges and the average depth of each discharge.
The LinkPro can also be programmed to automatically start your generator when your batteries get to a pre-set limit. Since battery compartments are dark and usually cramped, I found the best way to accomplish this is to get an automatic watering system like the Pro-Fill system by Flow-Rite. Once hooked up all you need to do is pump distilled water from a jug with the included hand pump. All Rights Reserved.Toy Hauler Adventures provides the material on this site "as-is" and is not to beheld responsible or liable for use of the content or information. The charging time will vary depending on the size of the battery, but generally a normal day of driving is sufficient.
Voltages and Specific Gravity are listed for a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, and battery banks of 24 and 48 volts. Some were slightly different from each-other with regards to their SOC values, however I averaged all of them together to come up with a chart which represents what I believe to be a good general indication. A more accurate method is to measure the specific gravity of each cell within the battery, however for many batteries this is difficult or impossible (AGM batteries, for example). Occasional dips into the yellow may not be harmful, but continual discharges to those levels will shorten battery life considerably.
Just thought it might be helpful to add that one tool I’ve found useful is the little floating balls thing for checking individual cell status in lead acid batteries.
I mainly use this system for 12 volt water pumps,a few LED’s and cfl lights and occasionally power tools. My immediate thought about the differences in your two battery banks is that the wally world batteries are newer, or less heavily used than the Trojan. I do off grid solar for a living, 25 years now and I sent a customer the link to this chart to give him an extra tool to keep tabs of his system.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. A golf cart style battery like the Trojan T-105 will last for about 750 discharge cycles if the average depth of discharge is at 50% of its capacity.

And during storage, if possible, keep your rig plugged in so your batteries don’t waste a discharge cycle. Measuring and knowing the SOC of a battery or battery bank is useful when applying towards alternative energy, or any other situation where you need to know its condition. Many (most) alt-energy systems incorporate a DC-shunt which keeps track of SOC by monitoring the current flow in and out of the battery or battery bank, which is a very accurate way to track state-of-charge.
To be somewhat accurate, the battery should be in that condition for an hour or two before taking a measurement, while for a more accurate measurement you should wait 6 hours up to 24 hours. Generally speaking, the less you discharge the battery before recharge, the longer the battery will last. The Trojan sounds like it is getting old, and needs more frequent watering and equalizing to keep it functioning.
The one thing I would disagree with somewhat from your well written article is concerning the accuracy of state of charge meters. PD’s 9200 series chargers when combined with their Charge Wizard constantly monitors your batteries voltage and selects the proper mode to safely charge your battery. When temperatures reach 122F battery capacity increases by about 12%, however battery life is shortened.
Most alternative-energy systems are designed to keep the battery bank at least 50% or higher.
When batteries are in series they do not necessarily charge at the same rate and can become imbalanced. Therefore, extreme temperatures in either direction are not good for your batteries health. It is set to equalize every 30 days, however sometimes I have to do it more than that, to bring them all back to green.
The plates may have become heavily sulfated enough that the equalize mode can’t get it all off into solution. The equalizing charge ups the charging voltages in order to get enough voltage to the lesser charged batteries in the series chain. I combine the batteries whenever we lose power for more than a few hours so we can run TVs, fans DVD player and lights etc.
The standard meter for years has been the Tri-Metric meter but I finally gave up on using them because they arent very accurate unless fine-tuned beyond the level most homeowners are capable of understanding. Yes it will over charge the higher charged batteries, which is why the equalizing charge is only applied for a short time, however if the system uses a single battery equalization is not required and can be detrimental. This is why most intelligent chargers will have temperature compensation circuitry built in. You should probably start saving your shekels for a new battery because that one is not going to live much longer. It doesnt help that the manual makes little sense to the layman or that the meter cant read battery voltage and often keeps compounding small errors into bigger ones. It would be wise to buy a desulfator unit for your batteries in order to reverse sulfation of the plates after long periods of less than 100% charge. The meters that you can get that take their info from the inverter or in the case of Midnite Solar from the charge controller are more accurate because they temperature compensate but they need fine-tuning as well. Just yesterday a customer called because his inverter shut down at 23 volts, a definite low battery but the SOC meter claimed he was at 81% full.
I sent him a link to your chart and told him to call Magnum tech support to learn to tweak the meter.

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