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Ed note: While the event is long over, the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge winner has yet to be announced (don't worry, the results are coming next month).
Turned out, some of the pistons from the leaky cylinders had a little bit of heat scoring on the edges and some pit marks that looked like it was caused by detonation. The next afternoon, I went to see Tom at Lucent Motors in West LA to get corner balanced and aligned. Well, bright and early next morning I went straight back to Torrance and met up with Howard.
We're sure they are, but in order for you to find out if they are worth it or not, you're gonna have to tune in next month where we finally announce the winner of the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge and give you the final wrap-up behind our 350Z.
Cognasse Developers Board with Atmel AVR ATmega 1284P for your own microcontroller applications. Test your battery with the battery tester BA100 before it breaks down and your car stand still.
Finally the diagnostics for commercial vehicles is affordable: with the Quicklynks T71 for heavy duty trucks and bus.
Maintain your battery before the winter is comming with the intelligent battery charger with up to 120 Ah.
In many devices that are connected via USB to the PC, interface chips by FTDI are installed. The completely newly developed USB KKL diagnostic interface K?L901 is characterized by a number of technical features.
Finally a successor to the discontinued MC33290 is available: The MC33660 is fully pin- and function-compatible. Promotion: Autoboss V30 Car Diagnostic System for professionals, the workshop and the ambitious hobby screwdriver. 3-27-2010: We now offer with the BT 327 OBD probably the smallest multi-standard OBD II Diagnostic Adapter with Bluetooth.
4-10-2007: The OBD II LCD Model B offers still more features with substantially smaller design. OBD II (or OBD-2 or OBD2 or OBDII) stands for On Board Diagnostics at the second level of development. Using the link in the box on the left border, you will find further information on what adaptor techniques exist, how to built up your own adaptor, and on which vehicles these adaptors have already been tested. Alke XT series has two different wheelbases with different lengths for the cargo bed of 220 cm (“E” models) or 270 cm (“EL” models). Alke XT electric vehicles are road legal at Europen level (N1 category) and reach a top speed of 35 mph and up to 120 miles of autonomy using the optional on board double battery package.
Unlike other types of electric vehicles with the XT you can count on excellent performance even in low temperatures (-20° C) through the use of next generation military quality pure lead batteries. XT vehicles have been designed with a GPRS system that enables the remote diagnosis* of possible problems on electronic parts of the vehicle (motor, batteries, battery charger, controller, electrical system, auxiliary devices, etc.). There are various load configurations available: chassis version, flat cargo bed, cargo bed with drop sides, with steel mesh sides, with three sides electro-hydraulic tipping, aluminium waste collection body with or without bin lift, body tarp and box van with 2 shutters on sides.
Step 4: Stripping the starterNow that you have it out find a clean work area and a container to put all the bits into.

Step 5: Assess the damageThoroughly do a visual inspection of the field windings, and armature for any burnt or broken insulation, broken wires corrosion or other damage. Step 9: Fitting the new bushesThis step can be tricky, and if you have access to a press then use it, as you a much less likely to damage the bushes. Step 10: Checking the bushes and pinonI like to make sure the bushes are not damaged by fitting the armature without the field windings and checking it all spins without binding.
Step 12: Assembling the starterAssembling is straight forward if you know a trick with the brush plate. Step 14: TestingThe starter motor can be tested without fitting to the car, and this will find problems like me putting the solenoid in upside-down. Step 15: Reduction box starter motorReduction box starter motors are becoming more common and have a few differences. That doesn't mean we can't fill you in on how our car did during the testing, so we asked our car's owner, Cheston Chiu, to help tell the story from his eyes of how his car did from beginning to end. You know-- I didn't want to be "That Guy" who was always picked last for dodge ball teams in PE because he sucked at playing or something like that. This shop typically only does Porsche, Ferrari and higher-end cars, so I felt a little intimidated by bringing my Nissan over, (after hours), but Chris Marion from KW Suspensions highly recommended them to me once.
Luckily, he had a set of spare solid bushings for the lower control arm (it's like magic!) and we pressed out the old bushings with little problem. It is more than likely to be that either your starter motor or alternator needs to be repaired.
It represents an interface for diagnostics devices connected to the electronics of your car. Don't put the brushes in properly have them half hanging out with the spring jammed against the side of the brush, that it, that's the trick!
We'd like to thank all of the companies who were involved and all of the readers who voted on Castrol Syntec's Top Car Challenge website for Super Street; your votes meant the world to us although they didn't go towards any actual points in the contest (although they should have). I didn't have time to drive to Vegas and back to break-in the engine, so we did the next best thing: we threw it on the dyno for three hours while varying the RPMs (you should have seen the dirty looks we go from the neighbors!).
As for the A-Arms, with the redesign of the Cusco arms, all you need to do is cut out about 3 or 4mm of material and you can get the upper joint to go inwards more so that you can get more negative camber.
We can recondition your old starter motor or alternator or supply you with quotes for new ones if required.
We react to it and offer the dispatch as insured letter by air mail up to 700 g into all countries, in order to keep the costs of you as low as possible.
Since there are more and more things that are controlled by electronic parts on board nowadays, occurring errors are also recorded by the system. When it came time to do the leakdown test, we got some not-so-favorable results from some of the cylinders.
But he found two issues with the car: 1) the lower front control arm bushing was shot, and the front shock that it was mounted to was sagging and 2) the Cusco A-arms I had wasn't giving me enough negative camber that I wanted to run.
We matched both sides and off I went back to Lucent to get the final camber and toe settings completed. We provide you with a full diagnosis and quote prior to any repairs being completed so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it is going to cost.

Especially noticeable in very lower priced units from the Far East these fakes are installed. The armature and the solenoid need to go in together and make sure you get the fork in the right spot.
I've been an avid reader for many years, and to be associated with a magazine that only features kick-ass cars, it was very fulfilling to get the email from JDM Wong telling me I was the chosen one to rep the mag at the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge.
We refueled with 105 octane race gas and Tadashi started reflashing the stock ECU to accommodate for the new boost levels and gas.
As soon as I got home from that, it was sticker time, and I spent the next five-and-a-half hours putting on my super bling-bling holographic & chrome stickers on the car.
FTDI has therefore spread a driver that recognizes such copies and reconfigured them without question, so that the devices can be used not more (without manual intervention).
If you have been paying attention you will see I've put the solenoid in upside-down, whoops!
Now it was up to my car not to failboat and end up last, or else the curtain of shame would drape over us like a bad matte-black vinyl sticker job.
Since I wanted to get the best stuff for this inevitable rebuild, I went with all Cosworth parts: low comp pistons & rings, H-shape connecting rods, main bearings, and head gasket. Tom suggested that I get solid bushing if I could and modify the A-Arms to see if I could get more camber. With an interface for diagnostics you can read out parameters and even change parts of the setup on your own. Howard Watanabe, President of TechnoSquare and my engine builder, did his best to get everything assembled on time. By this time, it was nearly midnight and I only had two days before the start of the event. The field windings can be fitted and the mark on the side of the motor can be lined up to make it easier to assemble. The longest lead times were sending the parts sent out for WPC coating and getting the engine balanced once everything was installed. Once the engine was back in, Richey Watanabe, VP of Techno Square and the lead fabricator, went to work on the list of things that needed his fab skills, the hardest being to redo all the turbo piping. A quick rummage through the spare parts in the shop yielded a billet aluminum one originally made for a 370Z that would fit, so we machined the opening more for better oil flow and stuck it on and went back to tuning.
Richey wanted to increase the diameters of all the pipes so that the turbos could breathe better and get better response out of the car. A few hours later, we had our tune that we'd go to the competition on, and based on the dyno numbers at Techno Square, I got much higher numbers than I previously did there with the old engine setup. I was somewhat confident now that I'd be able to at least make it to the K&N facility on time. All the inlet and charge pipes were redone (amazingly they fit, if you've ever seen the engine bay of a Z33, you'd know what I'm talking about), including the intake adapters in which we put on a pair of new K&N air filters to replace the smaller ones that came with the kit.

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