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For the sake of fully understanding this tech project, imagine your truck being parked for a couple of weeks, and when you finally try to start the engine, there’s absolutely no response.
For those not familiar with amp draw, it’s the total amount of amperes an electrical component uses.
A good, digital multimeter set to 10 amps (DC) is the only instrument necessary for investigating parasitic draw in a vehicle’s electrical system. The following photos and captions highlight our efforts to pinpoint the draw on our Dodge Ram 3500’s batteries and our installation of the Painless Performance Products Dual Battery Current Control System. The test leads are connected with a piece of electrical tape and a jumper wire to maintain a constant reading while testing. Even though all accessories are disconnected, we also completely cut power to the fuse box under the hood. Here is the complete Painless Performance Products 250-amp Waterproof Dual Battery Current Control System. This spot on the inner fender (near the driver-side battery) is an ideal location for mounting the isolator solenoid, as it allows us to use an existing bolt for one side of the solenoid’s mounting bracket. Access your saved cars on any device.Receive Price Alert emails when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. You're now logged in as and will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! PMC Super Tuners Inc - Mobile Auto Repair, Roadside Assistance, St Louis, St Charles, MO, Car Repair, install, replace, change, flat, spare, tire, dead, battery, alternator, starter, Diagnostic, Mechanic Shop, Tune up, Service, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck, Van, RV, boat, On The Spot. We specialize in helping our customers to fix, maintain and repair their: automobile, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SUV, truck, or van with diagnostics, repair and roadside assistance service on the spot. The 5.9L Cummins-powered ’06 Dodge Ram 3500 that tows the group’s promotions trailer to different events and shows typically remains parked for very long periods of time. Is the problem somewhere in the factory electrical system or in one of the truck’s aftermarket accessories (lights, winch, and so on)? The 24-valve, 5.9L Cummins-powered dualie is used by Diesel Power and other brands for hauling the group’s promotions trailer to shows and events throughout the United States.
Even when you have zeroed in on the circuit that’s causing the problem, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where “open” in that circuit is. With all stock and aftermarket electrical components in the truck turned to the “off” position, the instrument is set at 10 amps (DC) and used for bridging the truck’s negative battery cable (which must be disconnected for the draw test) and the battery’s negative post.
To help alleviate the dead-battery problem until we get the Dodge Ram to authorized service, we’re installing a Painless Performance Products 250-amp Dual Battery Current Control System (PN 40103), a selectable isolator that will separate the truck’s two batteries during the long periods when it’s not being used and ensure that if one of the batteries is drained down, the other cell will have enough power to start the engine. With our tow vehicle’s batteries, lights, and accessories switched off or disconnected (including the dome and underhood lights), the first test yielded a 3.60-amp draw on the battery. The kit includes step-by-step instructions and almost everything needed for a clean installation.
Although we made custom cables for our Dodge Ram 3500 application, premade lines of different lengths and sizes can be purchased at most auto parts stores.
Call us for help fixing most anything, from basic car repairs, tune ups, no starts, and dead battery issues to starter or alternator problems.
We have met the automotive repair needs of thousands of customers in St Louis and St Charles Mo. And, of course, when it’s time to use the truck, its dual batteries are completely discharged. Normally, when a truck’s engine and powered accessories are shut off, there shouldn’t be more than approximately 0.1 amp of draw on the battery. Sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to let a professional at a dealership or shop fix the problem, as they are more familiar with the systems and know what to look for. After completing the circuit with the multimeter, we recorded a 3.85-amp draw, which is indicative of headlights or a dome light being left on. Notice how the multimeter is used to complete the circuit (bridging the battery’s negative post and the terminal on the negative cable). Not only do we help fix cars, we also check out used cars, autos, motorcycles, SUVs, vans, and trucks, on the spot, with a service called a used car consultation.

Charles County, and have maintained an "A+ rating" with the Better Business Bureau of Missouri.
We also offer regular preventive maintenance for your vehicle to prevent those untimely and inconvenient break downs. This maximizes the use of your time at home or work without wreaking havoc on your schedule. In newer rigs, that 0.1 amp comes from the memory backup for such things as the radio and engine-management computer. By process of elimination, pulling fuses one by one is one of the best methods of individualizing each circuit until the problem is found. You could get each and every one you want, but how often would you be using, for example, a steering wheel laptop tray? With PMC Super Tuners, there's no sitting in a dirty car repair shop for hours, or worse: waiting for days.
To read the article or watch the news clip, and read the reviews from some of our customers, visit our Automotive Repair Testimonials Page. Our rig’s heavy draw, in a circuit called the Ignition Off Draw (IOD), was found and then identified using the owner’s manual.
PMC Super Tuners is a mobile auto repair shop with professional mechanics who deliver roadside assistance. When your check engine light is on, call our mobile automotive repair service and we'll send out a mechanic to run a diagnostic computer scan.
Call PMC Super Tuners for quality preventive maintenance, diagnostics, and roadside car repair that you can trust, on the spot at your location! If there is more repair needed than our technician can perform on the spot, the technician can give you an honest assessment of the problem.
If you are looking for a company that delivers professional-quality automotive repair, roadside assistance, and general vehicle repair while working around your busy schedule, then look no further than PMC Super Tuners for all your car, motorcycle, SUV, truck, van, and ATV repair needs.
This circuit normally has a continuous load, but that draw is much smaller than our 3.85-amp reading was. We offer no start diagnostics, computer scans, jump starts, tune ups, electrical, mechanical repair and more, at your location. Charles County, and then give a written diagnoses of problems that were found with the vehicle before you buy.
If you're wondering whether we're expensive, we typically meet or beat the prices of most auto, motorcycle, truck, van, and car repair shops, with the added bonus savings of not having a towing bill because, when it comes to roadside assistance and automotive repairs, We Come To You! It is like having a doctor's second opinion before performing major surgery on your automobile. To lower the cost of car repairs and maintenance even further, we offer you the option to provide your own new or used auto parts.
While the manual also gives a short description of the IOD’s uses, our effort to try to locate the exact problem in the circuit was unsuccessful. Old car radios are simply not enough, while your smartphone can get you access to thousands of songs of your choice.
We replace alternators, batteries, starters, change spare or flat tires, and make many other repairs on the spot, at your home or office to get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible! Our service is provided by a trained mechanic who is usually available the same day or within 24 hours.
This can be beneficial in negotiations for a better price and can help you decide whether you want to purchase the vehicle.
We are a family owned and operated business, that has been certified, licensed, and insured in St. Since you're always concerned about safety when driving, you need a way to connect your music source to your car.There are a few ways to do it.
PMC Super Tuners helps you save time and money, and can even lessen your footprint on the environment! You can connect your smartphone or music player with a simple auxiliary input cable, an FM transmitter, Bluetooth, or even a cassette adapter for older cars. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend on the gadget, how you would like to use the gadget, if you are willing to compromise on the quality of the sound, and so on.2.

Because of the safety issues, you can't just grab your tablet in the middle of the drive and use it.A cool little gadget that can help you place all your portable devices in your car is a Spiderpodium. The construction allows you to bend any of its eight legs any way you want, which comes in handy when you are in a car. Just attach Spiderpodium to the air vents, and bend other legs so they hold your smartphone, GPS, or even the tablet, in place.3. With all the GPS devices out there, there's no need to stop every now and then to ask for directions. Now, the only question that remains is which one to choose?Even though smartphones can serve as GPSs, newer GPSs have plenty of functions that make them worth your money. Garmin actually has a whole line of devices, Nuvi, so you can check out different models and see which one suits your needs best.4. Not only is there the inconvenience of being without a car, but there is also the added worry of whether or not you will get your car back.With car tracking systems, you can feel more secure. There are lots of brands and models of these systems, so you should research before you get one for yourself, but make sure you do get one. Whether you have had an accident, or you are in danger, just pressing a big red button on this cell phone will automatically call 911 for you.There are smartphone apps that claim to do the same, however, the problem with those is that they usually have too many features. Even though apps can determine your exact location, emergency centers are not able to receive the information the app wants to send.Mobile 911 is not troubled with those issues, and it also has a loud siren that can ward off possible attackers. CarMD, or other OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) devices, help you diagnose your car's problems. You just plug your OBD2 device into the port, and the device then reads the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) directly from your car. Those codes will reveal what your car's problem is before you even head to the mechanic.If you are a car enthusiast who wants to fix his own problems, these devices might not satisfy you. However, for mere mortals who just want to pinpoint what the problem is, a CarMD can be a really useful tool.7. You won't have to find another car to help you start your own, and you won't have to call a mechanic, or in the worst case scenario, a towing service.Modern jump starters offer many features, but when you want to buy one for yourself, it's best to choose a jump starter that will suit your needs, not have all possible features.
Rearview cameras Obie from Proctor Honda describes some of the special camera technologies in the 2014 Honda Civic!Going reverse with your car can be dangerous, even if you're the most experienced driver there is.
When you are driving your car, you will always have blind spots.Rear parking sensors were quite useful because they warned the driver about the obstacles behind the car.
However, since rearview cameras have come into use, they've proved to be a lot more effective. An IIHS study showed that rearview cameras have the best success rate in preventing collisions when going reverse with your car, when compared to rearview sensors, or no rearview technology at all.Lots of cars now come with rearview cameras already built in. Honda recently came up with a passenger-side rearview camera to increase the safety even more while going in reverse.
However, if your car is not equipped with one of these, you can always buy a rearview camera system and install it to increase the safety of your family, pets, other people, and other cars.9. Lane-changing warning systemsNick from Proctor Honda presents the Honda Lane Watch system on the 2014 Honda Accord.Modern cars are continually improved when it comes to safety. Lane-changing warning systems help drivers keep inside the lane by giving a vocal warning when the lane line is crossed without giving the turn signal first.Lane-changing systems can help prevent accidents that happen when drivers don't pay attention to the road, but they can't be relied on completely. Like with everything else, drivers have to pay attention to the road and conditions around them while driving. Still, lane-changing warning systems are a really useful car gadget for all the drivers out there.10.
Remote start and keyless ignition can help you change that.A press on the button of the key fob starts the car from distance, so the car begins to defrost or cool before you ever get into it.
These systems can be as inexpensive as $40, but the more features they offer, the more expensive they get.Do you use any of these gadgets in your car? If you haven't already, go and subscribe to our YouTube channel because you can find some pretty cool car tips there.

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