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There’s no doubt that Apple keeps on pushing the envelope when it comes to providing people around the world with unique devises.
While the iOS 8.2 did fix many bugs and offered a lot of enhancements like syncing an iPhone with the Apple Watch, the quick battery drainage is indeed a serious issue. Another reason battery loses power is because of Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, along with other location services.
While Zoom allows you to magnify the whole screen of your iPhone it’s also a feature that drains power.

Another thing you can do to conserve battery life is to temporarily turn off apps that consume a lot of power. Whether it’s a new iPhone, an iPad, or the most recent Apple Watch, the company does know how to surprise consumers. Many users have found the latest Apple software, while bringing important bug fixes also came packaged with problems – on of the most annoying being a quick battery drain issue. Doing this will stop you from zooming in on the screen but at least your iPhone battery will last longer.

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