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The simplest way for most users to download and install the iOS 8.1 update is through the Over-The-Air software update mechanism directly on their devices.
Do not skip the back up process, it is rare but things occasionally go wrong and you do not want to lose your data. Let us know if you install iOS 8.1 and whether it works great, or if you encounter any problems with the update that may require troubleshooting! Health app still does not update half the time, so steps and stuff don’t seem to be counted. Good to see Camera Roll back, that was an incredibly boneheaded removal by some clueless person at Apple.
Once updated, I simply went straight to Settings-General-Reset and reset all the options in there…YES, including Erase iPhone. Well this is iOS 8.1 and not OS X, there is a difference though they are based upon the same kernel core. I am having the same issue and do not currently have a laptop or cup available with iTunes to connect with. Was really excited about ApplePay but then I tried scanning all three of my cards and it said the issuer of all three were not supported.
WiFi problem that I had earlier with my iPhone 6 still exists, keeps throwing me out from my home wifi all the time.
Just because it worked for you is no need to insult all the legitimate users who rightly complain when it doesn’t work for them. I have owned or operated as an IT Manager dozens of Apple I devices from the iphone 3GS though all models of Ipad etc. Yes my work Ipad air updated faultlessly but that in no way invalidates the experience of dozens of people who are having problems and the fact that your experience was good means your lack of understanding about what people are complaining abaout really just indicates a lack of knowledge of the subject, lack of empathy and probably a few other lacks too.
User of Apple products since the Mackintosh 128K and this is the first t me I have had a poor response to a problem that many Bluetooth car connection users seem to be having. I’m glad to see that following this update I can once again sync my iPad and iMac over Wi-Fi.
All those complaints and issues and here iam with software running smooth as hell no issues with bluetooth, wifi or any other so far. Wi-Fi connectivity is the essential for human life these days; may it a bank, a government office or an art studio.
Press Hold the sleep button on your iPhone or iPad, and the Home button, simultaneously for 10 seconds. An alternate solution to resolve the issue is, by switching off and turning On the Router or the Modem or both.

But if all the above steps fail and your server is reacting to any step you have taken then you can try the following. Before going serious with this step, make sure to take backup of all your important data, as your iDevice will be good as new, after the restoration.
For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all.
Like most iPhone users who have tried out iOS 10 beta, I'm quite happy with the latest operating system.
When Apple made an announcement and launch of iOS 9 beta at WWDC 2015, many iOS developers downloaded the first beta version with their developer accounts.
Here, you can see all the apps that eat your battery; on the left, there are names of apps and on the right, you will see battery consumption percentage.
Once you know which apps burn your battery, you can control those apps from Background App Refresh. If you are a music lover and listening to songs on Apple Music while using your mobile data, you are burning your phone’s battery in excess.
If you happen to visit a location, where your phone receives weak mobile signals, switch to Airplane Mode on your iOS device. If everything above doesn’t yield any result, restart your iPhone or as a last resort Reset your iPhone.
The update offers a variety of new features for mobile devices, and also resolves some of the bugs and issues that existed with prior versions of iOS 8. If you do not have free space available to complete the installation, you can follow these instructions and install it through iTunes, thereby circumventing the storage space limitation. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
RAM usage also seems to have gone up, even more cache loss and dumping than before (good grief). Background App refresh is off, only 3 apps are in Notifications, Auto Brightness is on, Cellular is Off when on Wifi….and still!
I checked for the update, I followed the instructions then walked away later I noticed the ipad restarting then it was done. To remain connected to the world the WiFi is the fastest mode to have a peaceful life as a netizen. And getting unsatisfactory solutions I decided to resolve it myself and here is what I got. This will give you a fair idea to monitor the usage of app or you may uninstall that particular app, which eats up your phone battery.

You should better download the songs locally and enjoy listening to music while commuting or doing your work. In weak mobile signal zone, your mobile will consume more battery to get connectivity from a distant tower.
It does not bundle in any of the major new features that are rumored for iOS 8, like improvements to Maps and split-screen multitasking for the iPad.
Time will tell if the crashes get any better and if the random iOS 8 reboots on iPhone still happen or if those are resolved. They should apologise for their poor performance over last few weeks and give us all some compensation like App Store credit or something. Now I’m stuck without a phone all day and probably lost everything that is not backed into the cloud!! You will see the list of WiFi connections available and the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. The apps listed here automatically refresh content when your phone is on Wi-fi or using cellular data in the background. As a normal user, you would obviously choose Auto-Brightness option from Display & Brightness in Settings. Apple is also working on iOS 8.2 with the WatchKit SDK, which was seeded to developers in mid-November. I did a full restore, deleted and re-paired my device, reset network settings, and nothing has worked. Turn off the apps that consume more battery and you can preserve battery life of your iPhone. Turn your mobile on Airplane Mode from Control Center; swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone and tap on Airplane Mode. If you and your phone are in a Weak Signal Zone, your phone will make extra efforts to check more than one mobile towers, and this will burn more battery.
Your mobile uses a range of sensors; these sensors adjust your screen according to different brightness and light conditions. You can stop this by toggling Auto-Brightness OFF and start managing the brightness manually from the Control Center of your iPhone.

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