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Molti utenti della community di Apple lamentano un calo anomalo delle prestazioni della batteria, ma uno in particolare dice di aver trovato la soluzione al problema. Sul tab iCloud disattivate tutti i toggle, facendo attenzione a mantenere i dati sul vostro iPhone, e non eliminarli. Ripetete quest’operazione per ogni account e-mail, ma assicuratevi sempre di selezionare la conservazione dei dati su iPhone.
Effettuate un Hard Reset del dispositivo, tenendo premuto il tasto Home ed il tasto di accensione per 10 secondi (fino a quando l’iPhone non si spegne). Attendete che il dispositivo si riavvii, tornate nelle Impostazioni e nella sezione Posta, contatti, calendari riattivate ogni interruttore che avevate disattivato in precedenza. Ora, dopo diversi minuti di prova, dovreste notare un sensibile miglioramento della durata della batteria. Se avete eseguito la procedura, fateci sapere se il problema e stato risolto o meno. Fate pero attenzione ai punti 2 e 3, perche si rischia di eliminiate per sbaglio i dati, anziche selezionare la voce per mantenerli sul vostro iPhone. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. A lot of consumers who never had issues with their iPhone battery life now suffer from the latest firmware update which makes the problems worse. Disable Push EmailHaving your iPhone constantly check for new emails is stressful on your battery. Restore Device and Download Apps with Wi-FiWhile this may seem like a last resort, restoring your phone usually always greatly increase battery life on all Apple devices.
Other SolutionsIf none of the above solutions help out your battery issues (they most likely will though), then you can try some of these other solutions that have worked for users before:Disable Documents in the Cloud. My comments on the last note is that i have a jailbroken iphone and it does have better battery life actually and i want to mention an app that i use which i think helps my phone to run smoother and better.

If you need to save your battery charge use airplane mode, and switch it off periodically to check things.
I have done the full wipe on my iPhone 5, which seems to have helped the battery drain so far. Stiamo parlando della scarsa durata della batteria riscontrata da molti utenti, che come vedrete in seguito, potrebbe essere causata da iCloud. Sembra che l’utente Timurjonchik abbia risolto il fastidioso bug disattivando alcune delle impostazioni relative ad iCloud e molti dei partecipanti alla conversazione ne confermano la veridicita. Teniamo a precisare che non si tratta di un fix ufficiale, ma se davvero fosse questo il problema, Apple tra non molto rilascera presumibilmente qualche dichiarazione.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Everyone was either losing a percentage every three or so minutes, or their battery only lasted half as long as it did before the update.
The sheer amount of forum threads and articles littered across the internet point to the update as the culprit of the batter drain. Remove your SIM card (if you have one), disable all network connections, restart iPhone, and insert SIM card back in.
Icleaner is the app and it cleans out all your safari catches and unnecesary downloaded things on your phone like log files and you can even erase unused languages.
There's a set of programs which can drain your battery, so, unload them from running apps: a Skype (and voice calling apps), bluetooth using apps, navigation apps (like maps or other software which uses location services)Also, I made this app to show your battery life time and let's you to play with settings and see results. It is very likely that Apple will release an update in the near future, in order to quell the uproar.
I dont know 100% if this is better for your phone but if you need all your space and constantly download and erase apps it might help to remove all the junk that accumulates i think and im not a programmer so i dont know for 100%. My only question is, if I'm not supposed to restore from iCloud or backup on my computer, how do I get all my contacts back on there, as well as my music, purchased ringtones, etc?
Maybe if you disable some of them, the life of your battery will last longer even on the newest firmware.

Reset your device by holding down both the Lock and Home buttons until the phone shuts off.
Lovation services and push email tkaes up most of battery life if you ask me and make shure blue tooth is truned off if not using it which is a constant drain on battery life. My phone lived before that hardly 4 hours, and now its 5 and 33% of battery remains.Thanks for advices!
In fact I don't believe the battery was draining fast at all, rather the OS thought it was and reported it as such before shutting down when it thought it had drained completely.I tried restoring the phone before reinstating my Apps etc. Set up Exchange again by heading back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and clicking Add Account. Whenever you have less background things running its better for your phone and your battery life so yeah jailbreaking is helpful for me and it works for me yeah. You should let your phone battery drain all the way and allow your phone to die after making these changes, so that they can take effect.
ANother thing which i dont do is i never sync my phone with a pc or a mac for that matter becasue i feel direct download from wifi direct to your phone is better and a cleaner install and once i get the music or content that i will never erase on my phone i never download anything else from a computer to my iphone.
There was no improvement and I was forced to keep my phone on charge while driving to the office and during the day at my desk.Yesterday I read a post where someone suggested restoring to factory default but without restoring the apps and data afterwards.
I download all apps from wifi only the music comes from my pc because i need the itunes to organize it for me.
My phone runs better if i dont constantly resync it with a pc reorganizing and moving things around and adding more junk files to my phone is not good and this way has worked for me and my phone runs good and clean and snappy for over a year now and i almost never need to resync or restart my phone so thats my advice i hope it works for you. The only other changes I made were to setup Outlook Exchange, Hotmail, Bluetooth and my home and work wireless network settings. Up until yesterday my phone would have died by now.My next step will be to reinstall my Apps gradually, one by one, direct from the App Store rather than from my last iTunes back up.

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