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Intro: Replace Ipod Nano Battery (1st Gen)This instructable goes over how to change the battery in your 1st Gen Ipod Nano. Step 2: Desolder the old batteryFirst you need to make room for the new battery, do this by desoldering the old one from the logic board. Step 3: Unscrew the Logic BoardThere is one screw holding the logic board to the ipod, unscrew it to make it a bit easier.
Step 5: Close it back up and find new problemsLastly close the ipod back up by snapping it together and charge it! We previously shared how to get better iOS 7.1 battery life, but as more users update we are hearing more vocal complaints that there is something wrong with battery life on this new update.

The iPhone will reboot and clear settings, but will not remove your content such as apps, photos and more.
If that fails, it’s probably time to take the iPhone or iPad to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. Your 5 steps to improve IOS 7 battery life issues by doing a complete reset just fixed my iOS 8 issues with my iPhone 5.
The small 20MB update delivered a trio of fixes including a patch for an encryption issue involving mail attachments. There are also a few other possible fixes to try before you might want to think about taking the device to the Apple Store or performing a hard reset and starting fresh from square one.

This will wipe everything from the iPhone, so back up before you do this, even though we recommend not performing from a restore. A simple flip of the switch, especially if a device has been on for a long time, will often deliver impressive results.
Along with more bugs and all you fanboys want a bigger screen well guess what your in for it!!

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