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The BlackBerry smartphone is a popular multimedia-enabled device that provides email, SMS and Web access as well as organization applications, such as a contacts database and a calendar.
Step 3Remove the device’s battery by using a small implement, such as a pen, and carefully inserting it into the space provided at the top left of the battery compartment.
Step 7Purchase a new battery for the BlackBerry if the device does not power on after the hard reset procedure. If your MacBook keeps losing its charge, you should check that the Settings aren't draining the battery.
If this doesn't help then you should take the MacBook to Apple for servicing (or consider having the battery replaced). The BlackBerry operating system includes a utility application that interacts with the phone's battery.
Press the button near the bottom to release the back cover, then lift the back cover off of the BlackBerry.
Do not attempt to power on the device and do not unplug the device from the charger during this time. If the battery is chargeable, the device will power on and the battery indicator on the home screen will show the device is charging. This has been one of our longest running forum topics, appearing over a year ago in answer to the problem that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t charge. After all, one of the joys of buying an Apple laptop is that you can unplug it from the mains and use it anywhere.
Each Apple laptop adaptor comes in two parts, the square adaptor and a removable plug (or lead) that connects to the wall. This can prevent the MagSafe connector from making a clean connection to the Mac and stop you from charging it up correctly. Check that the Computer Sleep and Display Sleep sliders are not all the way to the right (set to Never). If you have an older Apple laptop with a removable battery you should remove it and re-insert it to make sure it's properly installed. Resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) can help with battery and power related problems.
If resetting the SMC doesn't work, Apple recommends you take the Mac to your local Apple Store or contact AppleCare.

Log into your account Forgot your password?Recover your password Apple Watch won’t charge battery- how to fix (Solved) Might be problem regarding battery life of Apple Watch and its Apple Watch won’t charge battery. I plug the power adaptor into my Apple laptop and nothing happens - it doesn't hold any charge at all. In this case your MacBook should still work, but the battery has started to age and will no longer hold the charge that it once did. Our 10 Steps to take when your Mac won't start feature has more information on resetting the SMC.
If your Mac isn't covered by Apple's warrantee, you might want to consider replacing the battery. Occasionally, and particularly if the battery has completely run down, the application will not automatically reset and the battery will fail to charge when connected to the phone's charger.
In this feature we're going to look at what to do if your Apple laptop won't charge up or doesn't hold a charge.
DIY USB port fix One of the quickest and easiest, and often most successful, solution is simply to do a little DIY repair on your actual hardware. The problem is quite often that the metallic surface inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not making good contact, either through a manufacturing defect or because of the continual plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. Do so very carefully and gently and then reinsert your battery and plug it in again.Switch cablesThe flimsiest part of a charger is the cable, not the adapter that plugs into the wall socket. So if your device is having charging issues and the previous solution hasn’t helped, you might have a faulty cable.
So before you rush out to buy a replacement, just grab a spare USB cable from another device and try it instead. Quite often the cable will fray inside because it is constantly being curled up, stood on or whatever.
Likewise, if the cable doesn’t seem to be the problem, check the wall plug adapter, that may be the issue instead.
Pocket lint, dirt and other minute rubbish can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies on a Smartphone, so take a look to make sure there isn’t something lodged inside the microUSB port (or in the charging cable either). Also make sure to never charge your phone near water or in excessively hot or humid conditions. Also, do not overcharge your device, charging overnight when your battery only needs 2-3 hours is a very bad idea and can lead to a battery exploding or damaging your phone.

The Flip Video Mino HD is one of the latest in a line of ultra-accessible pocket camcorders by Cisco.
So beware.Replace the batteryIf your device is old, or seems to be acting very strangely where the battery is concerned, you might have a defective battery. If your Android has a removable case then take the battery cover off and ensure the battery isn’t bulging or otherwise deformed or leaking. If your cover is non-removable, you can lay the phone on the table and try spinning it; if the battery is bulging it will spin.
A new battery should last at least two years before it needs to be replaced, although this depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. If this seems necessary too soon, check your warranty and luckily you may be eligible for a free replacement.These are the ways in which you can fix the issues related to charging of your device.
Get info For EU Cookie Consent -> Privacy PolicyThis website uses cookies to improve your experience. Most of the times the tips above will solve such issues but in some cases actual battery or charger replacement is required. We've taken three different camcorders to Africa on three different trips and we've enjoyed the Flip Ultra the most.. We have launched it recently and trying to make it the best Android help guide over internet. We will be soon adding latest Android phones, Rooting Guides, ROM and firmware updates, Flashing tutorials etc. The first thing I noticed about it after picking it up is that it is lighter than I'd expect.
We're not filming the next great Galifinakis film here, it's a Flip so I can film my daughter (upcoming) and dog and send them to family and a few friends who care..

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