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When you consider the labor and time involved in laptop battery repair and buying a new one, it is better to just buy a new one. Hey es de mala educacion desenterrar temas que hace mucho descansan en el cementerio del foro, las normas de etiqueta dictan que si el tema lleva mas de un ano sin actividad es porque ya murio y fue enterrado, en tal caso solo lo ves, presentas tus respetos y pasas a otro tema, es de muy mal gusto desenterrar temas que llevan tanto tiempo muertos que ya huelen a una epoca pasada. This step is essential because you will be able to notice any missing pin or power pins going back to the laptop. Panasonic and its subsidiary Sanyo have agreed to plead guilty to price fixing conspiracies involving laptop battery cells and automotive parts. LG Chem, a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, has also agreed to plead guilty and to pay a $1.056 million criminal fine for price fixing involving battery cells, the DoJ said.
Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable and are often used in groups in more powerful battery packs for electronic devices. Sanyo, LG Chem and their co-conspirators agreed during meetings and conversations to price the battery packs to customers at predetermined levels and to issue price quotations to customers in accordance with those agreements, according to the charges. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. If you test the laptop battery using this method and you find that it drains power faster than it says on the package it came with, then it is time to purchase a new one. Finding an outlet that sells new laptop batteries is faster than repairing the battery yourself.

A short circuit in a laptop is a clear indication that there is a low resistance connection between electrical nodes. This is attributed to the fact that any electrical, physical or other damages can cause a short circuit in a laptop. Basically, a short circuit that occurs as a result of wet liquid will go away after the liquid evaporates. Sanyo and LG Chem were involved in a battery cell conspiracy from about April 2007 until about September 2008, it said.
Both companies conspired to fix the prices of battery cells sold worldwide for use in notebook computer battery packs, it added.
While flat, or prismatic, cells are more common in cellphones or thin-and-light laptops, cylindrical cells are used to make up most removable laptop battery packs. Purchasing a laptop battery is generally much cheaper than repairing it yourself because it comes with minimal risks. Basically, when a laptop short circuit occurs, it is vital to check it because there could be a problem inside it and it mostly occurs if there is improper connection.
You will also need to unplug the laptop so as to open it and incase there is any dust on the laptop, get rid of it by blowing it off. Measure the resistance between the sides of power being transferred into a short circuit using an ohm-meter or a multimeter.

Remove anything that may be a short circuit as well as the battery, DVD, hard drive, USB devices and mini PCU and check if the system works. Dried liquid residue, corrosion and electronic component short circuits means that you have to turn off the laptop, turn it upside down and remove the battery. First of all, it still might not go back to being the way it was when you first bought it, and then secondly, you might cause considerable harm to your laptop, or even worse, yourself when you repair the battery yourself.
In addition, you can always replace your laptop battery with original or compatible versions of it. There is a greater risk of chemicals leaking from the batteries in the laptop and causing irreversible damage or the battery dying all together. You can also remove components such as the keyboard and clean it to fix the short circuit completely. For instance, to repair a Dell 1545 battery, it would cost you an average of AED 246 for the repair parts and an additional AED100 for labor while purchasing one would cost AED219 on average.

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