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The reason the battery was draining with ultrasn0w prior to this SAM tool is because the iPhone was constantly sending out activation attempts, thanks to SAM this no longer happens and you will get a large boost in battery life, plus you can re-enable push notifications (which some people disabled as a temporary solution to the problem). My battery used to last 30-40 hours, now I can’t even make it through an 8 hour work day!
Im not a computer or cellphone guy really so i dont know what you have all been talking about.
MC, odd question and i guess its goin to be followed by some smarta**comment, BUT YES, i have NEVER RECEIVED any help from the dev team to fix my gps problem which they have created. Although my iphone has crashed and i have had to jailbreak with different scenarios over and over again for last whole week, THIS FIX WORKED perfectly at the first try, without any problem. I want to unlock and maybe willing to take the risk BUT I do not know how many are successful versus how many are not.
SEVERAL hacker groups, such as the dev team, have actually been paid large amounts to release broken software!!
Taner selam, son gunlerde gevey denilen bir olaydan bahsediliyor, bunu bir arast?r?r m?s?n baseband dusurmek icin de ise yar?yor mu. Now a permanent fix in the form of a free Cydia tweak is available, called SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module). Perhaps a stupid question, but I have followed the steps above to prevent de battery drainage. Thank you for your help, I have already installed the activation tweak you have recommended, and this is solving my problem, only all data has to be switched off which is unpleasant. The phone seems to work perfectly now (reachable, am able to call out and the drain seems to be ok now). Kwame, I too have followed all of the instructions my phone is unlocked and SAM shows me ActivationState: WildcardActivated. Go into your iphone general settings and scroll down to SAM ( it is the next block below that General is in). Plug your phone into iTunes and at the top of SAM you will see the ActivationState: turned to Wildcard Activated.
It will use some data, but not get hot, however if you go into Settings – General-Network and turn Cellular data off it will not use any. I have been doing this research with my iPhone 3G from past three days and I found out that SAM doesn’t solve your battery draining issue like there is no tomorrow!!!

Option 2(RECOMMENDED)- Reinstall the iOS and jailbreak it by unchecking the ‘Enable battery percentage’from redsn0w. Now delete all music and social networking apps that run in the background yahoo facebook pandora etc. The problem is during the update the mail client or apps don’t fully restore and they keep trying to connect to a bad certificate. Check – Observe data usage when notifications are ON even though none of the applications are running. Apple offer solutions - 9to5mac: apple iphone, mac, A small number of early apple watch users are reporting problems charging the device, as well as excessive drain of the paired iphone’s battery. The ultimate guide solving ios battery drain, I worked genius bar years, difficult issue solve short battery life. 6 tips stop facebook iphone battery drain cult mac, Tired facebook app constantly killing iphone' battery? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you want fix this probleme about the battery just turn OFF WiFi beafore you sleeping or whene you dont use it. But its really annoying who ever released this update did so without checking these things first. The dev team was offering profit sharing with engineers if they create a software that messes up everyones iphone, everyone would need a fix, the online engineers would suddenly know how to fix it and pass on half their profits to the dev team. Good to hear the 5.08BL people have an option now though, that gives hope that it is fixable.
If readers out there can reply as to if they succeeded or not, then it would give us all a better idea of the odds for 3G or 3GS users.
This is an attempt by apple to put people off using jailbroken software and a very good attempt at that as i wont be jailbreaking from now on if it means messing up my phone!
We have already told you about a temporary fix for the battery drain issue given by Sherif Hashim. With that said go to your mail exchange account or accounts and turn them OFF all of them I’m not talking about push notifications turn the mail account OFF. While connecting you’ll see activation state change from de-activated to Wildcardactivated.

I ignored download new carrier settings as dont trust itunes installing anything(ill check these later)..
Every guide i came across says first to update BB to iPad BB, but i dont want to do it, since im not stuck. If not, you’re sharing a certificate with others and push is not working like it should.
My engineer friend who knows the dev team was made a direct offer from the dev team to do this!!!
My GF was worried that playing around with the software etc would lock her phone again, but she did it anyway, and its still unlocked after downgrading and upgrading the software. If iTunes says invalid SIM, you will need to manually select the appropriate carrier under one of the methods besides ‘Automatic’ and click on a SMID. It is possible to downgrade your version, which ive spotted on a forums that it fixed their GPS issue, but by the looks of it for 90% it did not fix the issue. When I check the usage than I see that my phone is still sending and receiving data but all apps are switched off and removed from multitask bar.
Im not a computer expert or iphone, so i did not know i had ne risks wot so ever when asking the guy in the computer shop for a unlock. However if upgrade or downgrade your software you will usually need to re-jailbreak if you have a jailbroken phone. Ardindan Mark’in yukarida yer alan yorumunu oku, orada cozum icin detayli anlatim var. If you manage to downgrade the 6.15.00 firmware they are saying you will still be unlocked, but im not sure about that?
So I won a lucky new orange prepay sim card with ?20 preloaded credit – on eBay for ?7 delivered!!!

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