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Whether she is your daughter, granddaughter, niece or your best friend’s baby, you need to give her something cute and special!
I created this fun 1 year old girl gifts list to help you find the best gift for 1 year old girls you can get! I LOVE choosing gifts for toddlers and gifts for 1 year old girls are my absolute favorites! But there are so many cute gifts for little girls out there that I just couldn’t resist! On this page I selected the top best gifts for 1 year old girls, that most parents and grandparents LOVE to give to their precious princesses! The number one most bought and most fun gift idea for any toddler, boy or girl, is a ride-on toy! My mom gave a cute yellow riding car to my daughter when she turned 1 and she would spend her whole day sitting on it! She would ride it every where in the house and it was her most favorite toy in the whole wide world! That’s why I HAD to show you this cute purple Dora the Explorer quad for toddler girls too!!
The fun storage space can be used for them to carry their favorite dolls and stuffed toys inside! Most parents and grandparents will agree that it is the perfect 1st birthday gift idea for their little girl! Second on my list of favorite gifts for 1 year old girls, after the riding toys, are the plush rocking toys!

Its best feature, besides the fun rocking motion, of course, is that it will make horse sounds when you press on its ear! This colorful butterfly plush rocker is also absolutely perfect for a litle girl’s 1st birthday or Christmas, isn’t it? This All-in One pink trike for toddler girls is not only an excellent gift idea for 1 year old girls, but also to their parents! Parents and grandparents love this kind of toddler trike because it will ‘grow’ with their children! My daughter got a fun yellow trike from my mom when she turned 1 and it was her most favorite toy for many, many years! This is also a very popular and one of the most gorgeous doll strollers for 1 year old girls being bought! The minute they assemble it, their little girls start taking their favorite dolls and stuffed animals for a walk around the house! My mom used to give lots of soft dolls for my daughter when she was a baby and she loved grabbing them! This cute slide can be used indoors or outdoors, whenever you want your child to catch some sun!
Imagine her face when she discovers that something really fun happens every time she touches or presses something! You can’t go wrong by giving a 1 year old child a musical educational interactive toy like this one!
How about having them drop the balls on a very cool and colorful ramp and watch them all go down while they see cool flashing lights and hear cool sounds too?

It keeps them entertained for a very long time and it’s so much fun that even the adults will want to play too! This cute roll-along pink musical pony is one of the most bought gifts for 1 year old girls by parents and grandparents! The great thing about this cute Cozy Coupe for girls is that mom and dad can also push her princess while she learns how to ride it by herself! Any Barbie lover will be making a smart choice driving the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Battery Operated Barbie Smart Car.
The Barbie Car Fisher Price battery powered Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle is THE car to have, just ask your daughter!
The hardest part parents say is putting the decals on, there are many and can easily get bubbles, but are thick and strong so you can take multiple stabs at it until you get them just right. There is also a boys model available if you have another little one who perhaps doesn’t want to drive around in a Barbie theme, visit Power Wheels Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle to check that model out. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
The riding toy can drive on hard surfaces and grass up to 5 mph in both forward and reverse.

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