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My Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer came new from the dealer with a single 12-volt deep cycle type battery. That’s 5 lead acid batteries in total to keep maintained and operating in tip-top condition. This maintenance is the most often overlooked and causes many of the failures in RV lead-acid batteries.
The state of charge of a lead-acid battery can be estimated from the density of the sulfuric acid solution used as electrolyte.
Before performing the voltage and hydrometer tests the batteries need to be fully charged, then disconnected and let sit for at least several hours.
This test is very easy, just place the leads on the positive and negative terminals and have the multimeter set to DC volts. This test is also very simple but a bit messy and can be dangerous because you are dealing with the highly corrosive battery fluids. Have some sort of type of eye protection – battery acid in the eye sucks big time, mmkay.
Single point battery watering systems are growing rapidly in popularity due to the ease in which they allow the user to fill multiple batteries quickly.  They are also commonly referred to battery filling systems. In a nutshell, as the name implies, single point battery watering systems are a network of tubes, caps and valves which allow the user to fill multiple batteries simultaneously via a single connection point.  Prior to these types of battery watering systems, the only option was to remove the caps from each cell of your battery bank, and fill each individually with a filler bottle or manually watering gun.
There are several notable names in the battery watering systems industry including Battery Watering Technologies (formerly Battery Filling Systems), Flow Rite, and Trojan Hydrolink.  All of these companies make quality comparable battery watering systems for a variety of applications. Let’s back up for a moment, and touch on some of the individual components of battery watering systems we’ve mentioned above.  The valves caps are the most critical component to the entire system. A supplemental component to battery watering systems is the water delivery item.  The valves, connectors, and tubing all resides with the battery bank and in this case stays with the golf cart or vehicle. The squeeze pump is designed for one end to insert into a bottle of distilled water while the other end connects to the battery watering system. The last common delivery item for battery watering systems is a filling gun.  This option attaches to a water hose on one end and the watering system on the other. Single point battering watering systems can be a great investment for your golf cart, electric vehicle or other application.  Not only will you save lots of time in the watering process, but will also make you batteries last longer and save money as well. This entry was posted in Industry Commentary, Product Reviews and tagged battery filling systems, BFS, BWT, Flow Rite, Hydrolink by Michael Williams. Austin, Texas - Take your golf cart to the next level with parts and accessories found on our website.

There are other types commonly used in RV nowadays such as Gel Cell, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and even Lithium Ion. Because we enjoying spending time off the grid I installed an additional pair of higher capacity 6-volt golf cart batteries to use when boondocking. If I see any cracking or bulging out of the plastic casing I would be replacing the battery. A hydrometer calibrated to read specific gravity relative to water at 60 degrees Fahrenheit is a standard tool for servicing automobile batteries.
You first carefully remove the battery filler caps trying not splash any of the battery fluid around.
The beauty of the hydrometer is you get to test individual cells versus the voltage test that only tests the overall battery. That process is time consuming on one golf cart, much less if you have an entire fleet of carts to service. Each cell of the battery bank gets a valve installed down into it.  The valves typically have a float which rides in the electrolyte solution.
The delivery items can vary by manufacturer, but are generally components that are external to the battery bank and allow water to be introduced into the system.  Typical delivery items can include a squeeze pump, a gravity feed tank, or a fill gun.
Once connected, the user squeezes the pump by hand to cause the water to flow into the kit. We lead the golf cart industry in retail, providing our customers with high quality golf carts at extremely competitive prices. Golf Cart Zone LLC has authorized rights with the Textron Company to use the E-Z-GO decal and logos associated with the brand itself.
This article will only deal with my lead acid type which are generally cheaper but require a little more on the maintenance side of things. Also, our big Ford diesel truck is equipped with a pair of large 12-volt automotive starting batteries. Likely something is internally wrong with it and it definitely is not worth having it leak in your engine compartment or RV storage bay. Most auto stores will have something similar or in the past I have even used good old Vaseline. On the battery top, you’ll find removable caps allowing you to check the battery fluid and top up with distilled water. There is an external indicator on each cell valve which moves according to that cell’s electrolyte level.

The battery bank is full when the flow indicator stops moving or the pump gets hard to squeeze. Sit the unit several feet above the battery bank, either on a shelf or the golf cart top.  Since gravity powers this option, some left of drop is needed for the water to flow. Our extensive knowledge allows us to be leaders in the golf cart industry in and around Austin, Tx.
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Luckily maintenance is very simple, you just need to take a few precautions because are dealing with very corrosive sulfuric acid. Anything that is not conductive and stops air and moisture from reaching the metal should work. The fluid level must always remain above the lead plates inside the battery to prevent damage.
This provides a quick visual indicator as to the level of your cells.  The other function of the valves in battery watering systems is to close and stop the flow of water to that cell once it’s filled to a predetermined level based on float height.
Once watering is complete, the inline flow indicator stops moving and the tank can be disconnected. We offer many different services related to the golf cart industry and are not limited to only sales. The hydrometer will measure the specific gravity of the battery fluid to determine if the mix of sulfuric acid and water is right. We also have a very large rental fleet in Austin and arrange leasing options with small or larger corporations all the time.
It is not implied that any part or accessory listed is a product of, or approved by any of these companies. All of our parts from EZGO golf car company are OEM quality that you can only find from dealerships like ours. Please browse our extensive inventory of golf carts for sale and rentals available in our market.

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