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I Requested An Early Delivery Of My Item If It Were Possible And You Managed It Within 2 Daya€™s.
We provide high quality non branded products manufactured as a compatible replacement designed to match the performance of the original branded version. Read battery information from the battery protective plate and then regulate the output voltage and current. Intelligent protection against over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat and short circuit.

Simplify charging process, save your time and keep your laptop in good condition, especially if you own two batteries or more.
Overview This portable AC adaptor supplies consistent power to your appliance via a household mains socket. However, this is subject to minor change by our manufacturer so we cannot guarantee that the details shown on this page will be 100% accurate. The Power Unit The 1.6-inch LCD screen displays the charging and power status with red and blue dual colours.

It comes with a power cable with a UK 3 pin plug and can be used worldwide (with an adaptor, which can be supplied upon request). Built in circuit protection.Provides a more stable power source to avoid loss of data from power failure.

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