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The international version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ships with an ample 1750 mAh battery, which provides decent battery life while maintaining the phone's low profile.
However, sometimes you just need a little more juice, and that's where Samsung's official extended battery for the GSM Galaxy Nexus comes in.
Before we begin, a couple of things to note -- firstly, this is an official Samsung extended battery, as you might've guessed by the logos on the back of the battery door.
The GSM extended battery comes with a larger battery door to accommodate its slightly thicker size, as you'll see in the animation below. As ever, we'll keep you posted with further impressions as we spend more time with the new battery. I get 10 hours of battery life, 4 hours of which are spent with the screen on, wi-fi is always connected and brightness is at 50%.
Edit: I also want to add that my normal battery door is creaky just below the camera, the extended one however is creak-free. It is tough to tell, but the extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus is on the left in that picture. So I just got the extended battery and its not that much bigger (physically) than the 1850mAh battery. So my question is, would wedging (or taping) a piece of paper behind the 1850mAh battery in order to fill the gap and fit in tightly with the extended cover on would be a bad idea? I missed this deal but i could get it cheaper using my corporate discount which isn’t bad. Was able to go to the corporate store and the rep confirmed it was 24.99, went ahead and got one. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Best Buy and Samsung spammed out a set of emails within the last couple days, trying to trick you into buying a Galaxy Nexus by tossing in an extended battery for free. The extended battery comes with a new battery door, which looks nearly identical to the stock door. No that is not a military vehicle on your screen, that is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Seidio 3800mAh extended battery attached to it. Since I sit at a desk all day long blogging away with a chargers are arm’s reach, a beastly battery like this is not necessarily topping my list of must-have accessory. I bought my Galaxy Nexus with a second battery, because the Verizon store I went to was out of the extended(go figure).
I travel from Arizona to Mexico quite a bit where coverage is very bad and my battery never lasts me more than a few hours.
During my normal day of work my phone dies at least once due to heavy use.  With this I might actually make it through a day. Im sorry but if my phone looked like this with a battery i would most likely never bring it out of pocket, what am i saying, this thing wont fit in my pocked, i would need a book bag to hide it. I need the extended battery because I basically carry around a generator to keep this thing charged when I’m not near a plug…kills the battery so fast! I could use this pretty badly… I was at a bachelor party in Atlantic City this past weekend and had to constantly run up to the hotel room to charge my phone for a few minutes. You are standing in a carrier store, staring at a mystery phone on a shelf that sits next to the Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3. Owners of the Galaxy Nexus can pick up a free extended battery and compatible backplate from Sprint this morning, a $50 package for absolutely free.
Big things are taking place over in the XDA forums, as developers are now finding what appear to be updated binaries for the GPU found inside of the Galaxy Nexus. Last week when Android 4.4 was released to AOSP, developers started their task of bringing the latest version of Android to basically every device they could.
According to the official Google support page for Nexus devices, only the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 will see the update to Android 4.4 outside of the Nexus 5 (which is already running it). Last week on the Droid Life Show I mentioned that I don’t think Nexus devices really matter anymore.
Can you believe that it has been almost two years since Verizon partnered up with Google to release the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola to re-vive the RAZR line? But now that we are two years out from all of that hypebeasting, we know that there are some upgrades on the horizon. Here's a great look at the Verizon Galaxy Nexus extended battery that should be available at launch this week, courtesy of forums member reflekt2099.
And unsurprisingly, the battery cover appears to be just a tad thicker than the one we've got on our GSM Galaxy Nexus. We noticed this afternoon that Verizon is still running the Galaxy Nexus extended battery half off deal.
If you own other LTE devices, you may want to cruise around to see if your phone’s extended battery is also on sale.
I was on the fence for a few months before picking it up a few weeks ago and I can go unplugged for more than a day with moderate use when previously I could only manage less than 8-9 hours. The perceived length of additional time is much more than the simple number increase in the mAh.

Is this online only, after going to two local retail stores, where the sticker price was $56.00, and they said,, thats what it costs, I bought mine through Amazon, for $32, shipped. Got my keys, got my extra batteries, got my cradle, wearing my pants with the big pockets…now I can leave the house.
Your right apple does not use LTE, a complete battery killer, and prone to drop out weekly. Well, you won’t get a bunch of hours extra but you get a few and the phone feels better and looks better you this battery on it. The major problem with that is that you have no way to charge both batteries, other than with the phone. We are trying to calculate percentage increase (we are converting from a smaller capacity battery to a larger).
I know this is going to sound stupid but… will this work with the GSM version (recently picked one up on DailySteals)???
It should have been the stock battery but Verizon likes money too much so they did it on purpose.
As we said in our review, most people shouldn't have any trouble getting through a full day of use with the stock battery.
It's a larger 2000 mAh battery pack which gives you a few more hours of use in exchange for a little extra bulk. Secondly, the only way to get hold of this battery, for now, is to import it from South Korea.
This means the phone isn't as ridiculously thin as with the stock battery, but we found that the slightly raised bulge around the back of the phone actually made it easier to hold.
Well, we've been using the 2000 mAh extended battery for around 36 hours, and in that time we've noticed it gives us around 4 to 5 extra hours with moderate-to-high usage.
As a comparison, I only managed to squeeze in a maximum of 3 hours of screen use on the normal battery.
It adds just a slight amount of thickness to the device that is hardly noticeable and will definitely be my daily battery going forward. Waiting for a good phone, did all the research, bought my Gnex in January when my contract ended in september. Starts with someone falling for this promotion, leads to them being marooned on a desert island. It's not quite one of those stock-size extended batteries, but neither does it have a huge humpback. Gives it more of a rounded feel, kind of like the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch, but a tad bigger.
It might look like a tank, but it will certainly power your phone through a full day thanks to more than double the juice of a standard G-Nex battery which weighs in at 1850mAh. I picked one of these up (the NFC version of course), to see how big it really was in person, but also to give one away since they pack a $75 price tag. In the comparison shots below, you can see that the thickness matches up almost perfectly to a G-Nex extended (2100mAh) and standard battery stacked on top of each other.
I’m not going to lie, slapping this on the back of my phone would be the equivalent to someone scratching fingernails across a chalk board. The new back plate has a soft, almost matte black finish and feels a lot like the new Ringke SLIM case that I reviewed last week. I go part way through my normal day with one battery, and switch the battery out at my halfway point.
I need something to keep my phone going cause right now it dies before my day really starts! I do not have time to stop and let my phone charge or leave it behind because it is the only way for my family to get in touch with me.
Like those phones, it has top tier specs, including a 6-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 13MP camera with optical image stabilization, premium metal build, and is made by Motorola. Whenever Google announces a new version of Android and a new Nexus phone, we can’t help buy throw our own little party. With the Nexus 5’s release just around the corner, a lot of readers became very defensive of the Nexus program. That period of time in late 2011 was easily one of the most exciting in the history of this site and Android in general.
It's not a huge boost in available juice at 2100 mAh -- about 13 percent -- but with an LTE radio tucked inside, we'll take whatever we can get.
For $25, you can up your juice to 2100mAh, giving you at least another hour or so on top of the standard battery. You hardly notice the lack of flash on an iPhone, once again battery killer and slows the phone down, another brilliant apple move. Until then you don’t, but enjoy the things Android lets you do all the while sacrificing battery and security.
I’ve been using both batteries with the extended battery cover since I got my G-Nexus. To clarify, this is different to the 2100 mAh extended battery for Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners -- the Verizon and GSM models use different batteries. That's a matter of personal preference, though, and you certainly won't notice the extra couple of millimeters when it's in your pocket.

The battery itself contains an NFC antenna, just like the original, and we confirmed that NFC was indeed functional with the extended battery installed. I bought mine from Gmarket Korea, another guy who bought from eBay confirmed the same thing I noticed.
At 2100mAh, it may not add 4-5 hours of extra battery life or anything wild, but knowing that this is an LTE device, won’t you take any extra juice that you can get?
You can grab the G-Nex for $99 as a new customer (new line too) or $229 with an upgrade at retailers like Amazon Wireless and then pick up the extended battery for as little as $25 directly from Verizon. I’m a minimal phone elitist, meaning I love my phones thin and sleek and without massive, non-matching humps on the back.
He hopes that this tank will get him through sporting events, something his current battery cannot do. As it stands now, I have to turn everything off on my phone that is absolutely unnecessary (GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, screen brightness) and only manually check my email to keep my battery lasting as long as possible.
With that being said, Verizon customers that still cling to a Galaxy Nexus, learned that their devices’ would not be receiving an official update to Kit Kat, and would instead be stuck on Jelly Bean forever. Call me self-absorbed or too worried about what people think about me (I’m working on it), but I read through every comment on our site and YouTube regarding my statements. With unlimited data being taken away and unattractive tiered or shared plans taking their place, you have a big choice to make. Being able to keep my phone running with all it’s benefits all day without worry is worth more to me then being first to have a new operating system. Also, even with the extra bulk around the back, the phone manage to fit its way into the couple of protective cases we tried, including the Case-Mate Barely There case, and the Qmadix Snap-on Cover with Holster.
We've included a few battery usage screenshots after the jump, and given the performance we've seen out of the extended battery so far, we think we'd be hard pushed to run this thing down in under a day. Only, one of these phones has Verizon's 2100 mAh extended battery in it, and the other has the standard 1850 mAh battery that comes with the phone. Basically I’m saying that I have not fully tested this battery, however, at 3800mAh this thing includes more power than the 3300mAh battery tucked into the DROID RAZR MAXX which can last you anywhere from 2 to 3 days.
Would appreciate this giant battery, even though I know it wouldn’t fit in my otterbox case. Those other phones cost anywhere from $599 to $825 without a contract (depending on the carrier), or between $199 and $299 with one. After toying with all three phones for a few minutes, you decide that the mystery Motorola device might be the phone for you. After reading through the comments and listening to our discussion on the show again I’ve decided to try to go into more detail about why I feel this way about the Nexus program. Verizon threw everything they had at these new DROID phones, showing off their kevlar, new version of Blur, and massive battery life. They had sold out for a bit, so for those that missed it the first time around, be sure to jump on this. All there was to do was take tons of pics, record some video, check-in to rides, check facebook. I’m doubting your claim to using NFC and Google wallet daily, not a lot of companies out there supporting it. I’m sorry I have owned so many phones that I can have an honest opinion on the different operating systems.
Now all I need is a good anti-fingerprint screen protector with my incipio double cover case and I should be good to go. It also has a purely black cover which of course does not match up to the coloring of the actual phone. It’s not that I hate Android or Nexus phones, but rather that I believe they could mean so much more than they do today.
You know, regular, run of the mill stuff. Like I said, the only thing, and I mean only is the battery life lol. So not only does this beast stick out a half an inch or so off the back of the device, but it stands out in looks as well. And side loading and downloading apps from  browsers has shown to be great security risk, good thing apple is against that. With all this, the battery life on the nexus still sucks, and that’s why I went with the MAXX. If you are interested, you have to ask yourself if the added weight, thickness, and black non-matching back are worth it to you. With juice defender, we barely scraped by, while they used theirs heavily until the end of the night having 5-9% remaining. And giving people free phones and having very cheap prices givesyou the 53 percent market share. Android is at the top, not because of free phones, but a combination of that, and high-end super phones. You do what every iSheep does, knock features that you lack, then change your tune when you finally get them.

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