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Before discussing on how to extend laptop battery life, you should know that the rechargeable battery consists of several types. Charging batteries routinely in short time intervals or without having to wait until the battery is empty. If the battery is not used in a long time, store it in a dry and cool with a battery capacity of 40%. With tips on how to extend laptop battery life, it can be increase the performance of your laptop battery. Windows has a Power Options section in Control Panel that can help you optimize your laptop's performance vs. You can also manually adjust the display brightness to suit the environment; you don't really need the brightest setting in a dim coffee shop. To further stretch your battery time, avoid video games, listening to music, watching videos (especially high-resolution videos) and other graphics-intensive applications while on battery.
It's worth noting the difference between Windows "sleep" and "hibernation" modes here, as either can be set in the Power Options plans. When your battery will no longer hold sufficient charge to get your through the day, it's probably time to buy a new one. The information on how to extend battery life is greatly appreciated, as are other tips you have posted, I've just never taken the time to post a comment. It's my understanding that on Windows 7 and later, "Hybrid Sleep" saves the contents of memory to hard disk, just like hibernation, but then "sleeps", rather than "hibernating". The information given on how to extend battery life is greatly appreciated, as are many other tips you have posted, thank you. In a nutshell, transparent to the user, and automatically activated as soon as the laptop is unplugged from the mains, Battery Boost reduces system-wide power to the minimum level where gaming can still be considered smooth. Shield Mobile and Shield Tablet owners can make use of GameStream, which lets gamers stream PC games to their mobile devices. Whether you?re a Mac or Windows user, there are tricks here for you in this helpful resource.
Both settings should be as aggressive as you can tolerate, if extending battery life is your goal. A researcher in the US has developed a new smartphone app that can help you minimise energy consumption and extend the battery life of your cell phone. How to Extend Laptop Battery Life (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Extend Laptop Battery Life.
The most commonly used for general electronic items are Nickel-based (NiCd), and Lithium based (Lithium-ion). Due to the ability to store greater power, Lithium-ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly than NiCd batteries (highly toxic).
You should know that, recharge the batteries at least 8 hours for the initial charge, applies only to the type of Nickel-based batteries (NiCd).

Avoid putting your laptop on a mattress or pillow, as this will interfere with air circulation can cause the laptop to heat faster.
There is a study that compared the battery, which is stored in a battery capacity of 40% and stored in 100% capacity.
Incorrect use can damage the cells inside the battery, so the ability to store energy is reduced. Sleep mode stores your laptop's current state, including all open apps and data files, in RAM before shutting down virtually all of your system. The number of times you can recharge a battery depends on many factors, but just a couple of rules will help maximize your battery's service life. Then it can transition to hibernation by just powering off, or, if power is lost, it's hibernating. Nvidia has upgraded BatteryBoost, which is designed to extend your notebook's battery life.
Few things in life are as frustrating as running out of juice at the most inopportune times. You?ll feast on this buffet of new shortcuts to make technology your ally instead of your adversary, so you can spend more time getting things done and less time fiddling with your computer. Dawson is also a former associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science who co-invented the technology.
Every minute your computer is at sleep instead of idle is (almost) a minute of battery life added. You will have to do some configurations The system files must be modified… do not forget to always do a backup of your files. You can make your laptop run longer on its battery by turning off or reduce all the things that expend power in your computer. Not just a laptop, other electronic devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras also use Lithium-ion batteries now. In fact the results showed that, the battery is often charged when capacity is still 70% – 75%, durability capable of 5-6 times longer than the batteries that are charged when the capacity is almost empty. As a result, the stored battery with a capacity of 100% experience loss of capacity greater than 40%. You can use one of the pre-defined Power Plans that kick in depending on whether you're operating on battery or wall power.
In fact, if charged for too long can lead to overcharging, can make a shorter battery life.
The habit of putting the laptop in the car under the sun should be avoided, if you do not want the battery life is reduced drastically. Cool pad is a simple equipment with low prices, but very useful, especially to keep the temperature of the laptop to keep it cool. Hibernation saves the laptop's state to the hard drive, allowing the laptop to shut down completely when it is not in use.

Moreover after using the laptop, the laptop should be silenced for a while, so the laptop is cold when put into the bag. The CPU accounts for 9 per cent of power consumption, while a graphics processor takes another 8 per cent. Tweaking these plans to fit your computing habits and performance needs can extend battery life significantly.
Your desktop is restored from either mode, but restoration is faster from sleep mode because everything is already in RAM.
Don’t let your battery charged and not used for a long time and don’t let your empty battery not used also. But with proper care, a laptop battery can still carry a sufficient charge until you're ready to move on to a better laptop. You have your camera poised to snap the perfect shot but when you press the shutter, nothing happens. If you have a lithium battery that is not used for a while, it is recommended to charge it to a maximum of 40% capacity and keep it in cold places.3. Hibernation is also safer, because power might be lost during sleep mode and all your data would be lost too.
Although standby mode can save some energy and it allows you to return to the initial state, it does not save as much energy as in hibernate mode that practically saves the exact state of the computer before it is turned off.4. Keep the internal temperature of the laptop low by regularly cleaning the evacuations in front of the fans. When your objective is to save energy, don’t over use your computer, be patient and don’t ask too much of it. The scrolling sound is audible.Wireless Mouse BatteryAs for the battery, both are a huge let down. If your operating system is Windows, maybe the first think you should do is use the so called “Power Plan”.
There, you can select “Maximum Battery Life” and choose the exact intensity of the luminosity you want and the amount of time it takes before entering hibernate or standby mode. In Power Options menu, you can also choose the period of time after which the HDD will stop.10. Most laptops come with a button to activate or deactivate them, but if they don’t, you can always deactivate them manually from Windows Mobility Center menu.11.
A useful software for this sort of thing is AutoRun for Windows, but you can also use MSConfig that comes with Windows.12.
Another important thing is to avoid keeping the laptop on pillows or blankets, making it impossible for the computer to “breathe”.

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