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Kmart Tyre & Auto Service stock an extensive range of new generation Exide batteries covering car, SUV, 4WD and light commercial vehicles.
The Exide Endurance range is designed to meet original equipment specification providing a genuine match for the vehicles technology.
This range has been designed to provide genuine suitability for Australia’s harsh conditions when it comes to starting SUV and 4WD vehicles or strong cranking and durability for light commercial vehicles. Our team will also tell you how to look after your car battery to ensure it remains is top condition. At Leyton Service Centre we carry an extensive range of batteries for cars and commercial vehicles which means we are usually able to replace your battery while you wait. Fine Serve Auto – has quickly earned a reputation for offering some of the best deals on batteries in Sydney. With our strong buying power and competitive price structure we are able to beat most advertised prices, we always try! Now in battery industry, duplicates are the biggest threat for buyers with limited knowledge about batteries. Duplicates are everywhere, it’s our responsibility to buy a genuine battery from battery dealers directly.
Here we come up with simple step to verify whether your Exide battery is original or duplicate.
Exide has announced a new online battery registration service to facilitate exide users  to register their batteries online with exide’s official website to simplify the process of warranty claim in case of any battery problem.

Another reason for launching this service is to find duplicates and control counterfeit products in market. 1.First get your original Bill for Battery,  your battery’s serial number will be printed on the bill or warranty card of battery. Hello Admin, today i bought LUMINOUS 875VA and EXIDE IT500, when i tried to register the product online it said its invalid, then i called exide call center, there they took all the information and gave me a registration number.
Yes, Exide guys took batch number and serial number along with my details and dealers details and issued me a registration number, and they have sent an sms with the registration number.
Don’t need to panic, With bill and warranty card on hand, Call Exide Toll free number to Register your battery, they will guide you, its a simple process. From this wide range we will be able to recommend the most suitable battery for your vehicle. This product is most suited to modern vehicles with complex charging and electrical systems. Your car battery is the only way your vehicle can start up so keeping it in tip top condition is very important.
We have the latest servicing and diagnostic equipment to ensure your car battery and the battery charging system are healthy and working efficiently.
People travel from all around Sydney to our shop in Rozelle to get the best price on their car battery needs.
In previous posts we have already said, ‘Avoid third persons or electricians to buy battery for you’, go to battery dealers outlet directly in person to purchase your battery.

If you find difficult to get the serial number from bill or warranty card, you can get it from your battery itself. Fill in your serial number and click ‘validate’ button, if your battery is genuine you can continue with registration process, in case you are a victim of counterfeit product it will show you a message.
Continuing with registration is optional, you can just validate your battery with serial number. Just try to call Exide Toll free Call center and give your battery serial number and dealer details, they will confirm your battery’s warranty and send you a registration confirmation number. As said, website rejected serial number and I called customer care.Currently Exide customer care is not really verifying the battery serial number. If you require a new battery, we will advise you on the best make and model for your vehicle and our competitive prices include full fitting and VAT. Once the batch number ( first 3 alpha numeric characters of serial number ) is confirmed, they tell the battery is genuine. This is of not much use since every duplicate battery maker could easily copy the same from other original batteries.
For some reason, Exide customer care are not really verifying the serial number of battery.

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