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By measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte, you can tell if the battery is fully charged, requires charging, or must be replaced. Many factors contribute to cell variation; for example, if water was just added to that cell, the cell is then diluted with water resulting is a lower specific gravity reading. Squeeze the hydrometer bulb and insert the pickup tube into the cell closest to the battery's positive (+) terminal. All battery chargers operate on the same principle: an electric current is applied to the battery to reverse the chemical action in the cells. Always charge batteries in a well ventilated area, and wear eye protection and protective clothing, such as a rubber apron and rubber gloves. Recheck specific gravity readings periodically, determine if further charging is still required.
Periodically check the battery for excessive heat by placing your hand on the side of the battery. Alpha Batteries - Dealing in Batteries, Distilled Water, Battery Cables, Lugs, Terminals, Industrial Batteries. All Symbols are copyright of Exide & all depicted Pictures are for presentation purpose only. BEIJING - Nine ministries on Monday launched a year-long campaign to rein in illegal lead-acid battery makers in the wake of a string of heavy-metal pollution scandals. Waste piles lie outside a plant of Taizhou Suqi Batteries Co in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, on March 24. In a village near Taizhou city in coastal Zhejiang province, 138 people have been found to have excessive lead levels in their blood because of pollution from a nearby battery plant. Most of the small and medium-sized battery makers failed to run their pollution treatment facilities regularly, nor did they treat hazardous wastes properly, said Zhang, citing the latest inspections of 388 battery plants in 11 provinces the ministry conducted this month.

As well, most plants don't follow the rules about keeping a safe distance from residents, Zhang said. Every year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, and other related government departments carry out a campaign to tackle illegal polluting enterprises. However, Zhang said that 110 out of the 388 battery makers were left out in last year's inspection, suggesting that scrutiny is far from thorough. All provinces are required to release to the media a list of lead-acid battery makers, assemblers and recyclers by the end of July for public scrutiny, said Zhang. In a separate move, the ministry said it will carry out an intensified soil pollution survey in key production areas for grain, vegetables and fruits, as well as heavily polluted regions near mining sites, to better manage environmental risks.
The country conducted a nationwide land survey in 2007, collecting more than 210,000 soil samples and 5 million items of data, which helped to provide a comprehensive picture of the scale and scope of soil pollution problems, said Li Ganjie, vice-minister of environmental protection.
The country will also set up archives to register soil quality for agricultural lands to better avoid pollution and ensure food safety. What symptoms dead cell car battery ehow, If the car stops running completely after you've started it and driven it for a while it's likely a sign that the battery is dead and not holding any of the charge.
How 12 volt lead acid battery toast, I have several car and mower batteries (12 volt lead acid) that appear to charge completely but are unreliable often dead.
A "Hydrometer" or a "Refractometer" compares the exact weight of electrolyte with that of water. If the discharge was slow, then charge at a slow rate; if the discharge was rapid, then charge at a higher rate.
If it is hot (125'F) to the touch, interrupt the charging (turn off) until the battery cools and lower charge rate. Minerals and chemicals that are commonly found in regular drinking water will react with the plate material and shorten battery life.

To avoid permanent damage, make sure the electrolyte level never drops below the top of the plates. Some 138 people have been found to have excessive lead levels in their blood because of pollution from the plant. The site .Italian cars have always been on the wish list of every sports car lover, especially the Lamborghini.
If a lead-acid or lead-calcium cell is discharged and is not recharged promptly, lead can dissolve within the water and the electrolyte.
Strong electrolyte in a charged battery is heavier than weak electrolyte in a discharged battery.
In some cases if a battery that has cell variation slightly over the specification and is only about 50% charge, charging the battery at a slow rate of charge (5A) may reduce the cell variation, thus saving the battery. However, the addition of water may be necessary when the battery has been overcharged, for overcharging results in excessive evaporation of water from the electrolyte. The solubility of lead increases noticeably as the electrolyte contains a larger percentage of water. This will minimize the possibility of damage to the alternator or electronic components in the vehicle. The lead hydrate deposits on the plates and passes through the retainers and separators causing “thousands” of short circuits between the plates.
The battery can be considered fully charged when all cells are gassing freely and when there is no change in specific gravity readings for more than one hour.

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