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Many z-wave products use AA size and it's important to be using quality batteries for reliability and minimize on constant battery changes. Long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can now be charged and discharged even up to 1800 times. Considered the best rechargeable battery in the world since its launch in November 2005, eneloop has revolutionized the consumer-use rechargeable battery segment with its unique features. The batteries can hold 70% of their charge up to 5 years and can now be recharged up to 2100 times (versus 1800 times  for the old set).

Costco does not carry Eneloop batteries year round so if you need them, get them now…. It’s very slow in self-discharge, where it can still maintains about 85% of the capacity after 1 year of storage.
Eneloop batteries are high capacity, long life and low self discharge chargeable batteries which can be recharge up to 1800 times. With good quality batteries like the Eneloop you will get better and more consistent performance from your battery operated z-wave and INSTEON products. The best of all, Sanyo Eneloop batteries are rechargeable up to 1,000 times of charge without experiencing memory effect.

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