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This simple to use Lead Acid battery charger has many features not found on more expensive units.
Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations. For the cell phone to charge, charger output must be above 4V and can deliver a maximum current of 500mA. The feedback winding F is composed 5 turns of #30 AWG magnetic wire and main winding P is composed of 6 turns of #24 AWG wire. Pls I bought a battery bank,but it no longer charges my phone,,,,but it lights an led what do I do?
Sir Jayson, were you able to work on your project which uses a 2n3055 transistor as solar panel to charge a cellphone??? Hi Heena, the normally available 9V battery will not give you enough POWER to run your mobile for any length of time. Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC?

Next you need to know the output voltage of the solar cells, and know that a lead acid battery will need about 14.5V to be charged. A transistor is required to measure a current sense resistor and pull the adj pin on the LM317 low when an excessive amount current is drawn. This charger circuit will step up the voltage from 1.5V to 5V DC to reach the cell phone charging requirement. The 5.1V zener diode and 2200uF capacitor regulates the output voltage to ensure proper charging. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. I have designed the charger circuit and when i simulated it, it worked and when i constructed it, it failed to charge the 12V battery. I think that solar cells have a V-I curve unlike that of a battery or an ideal voltage source. A battery that is completely run down, will draw a large amount of current which will cause the battery to overheat.

Do not exceed the manufactures charging specializations in terms of charging voltage and current. Nowadays batteries for charging cell phones for emergency purposes are available, these are called Power Banks, you can check in any online shopping website. The solar cell outputs maximum power at a particular voltage and current demand and if either voltage or current demand is too high, the power supplied by the solar cell drops.
Depends on the capacitor technology, but most polarized caps will be destroyed the way you have them. So the solar cell output must be more than 14.5V plus the linear dropout voltage, which is about 2V for the LM350, plus a bit for drop across the FET.

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