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All product features, images, prices and other information published on our website have either been made accessible by suppliers or been gathered from public-domain sources. Lithium-ion battery prices may tumble 19 percent in 2010, the biggest drop in five years, said Hideo Takeshita, an analyst at the Institute of Information Technology Ltd.
The price drops highlight how battery makers in Japan and South Korea, accounting for 75 percent of global production, may be sacrificing profit for market share as automobiles with no gas tanks are projected to help triple sales of lithium-ion cells in six years. LG Chem, the third-largest maker of rechargeable batteries, expects price drops to persist, spokesman Terry Lee said. At stake is leadership in an industry that Panasonic estimates will grow to 2.5 trillion yen ($30 billion) by 2015 from 926 billion yen last year. While lithium-ion cells are mainly used to power laptop computers and mobile phones, electric vehicles may fuel most of the growth. Panasonic, which has pledged to invest 300 billion yen in energy-related products over three years, started production of lithium-ion cells at a factory in Osaka in April, aiming to double its annual production to 600 million units. Sony anticipates a difficult environment for the battery business because of competition and price declines, said Tomio Takizawa, a spokesman at the Tokyo-based electronics maker. At long last, Nissan begins taking actual orders today for the first next-generation fully electric car from a major automaker, the Leaf. More than 18,000 people who plunked down $99 to stay on the reservations list will have first crack at turning their interest into an actual order for the all-electric, five-seat car. It includes a spoiler with a solar panel, backup camera, the Homelink garage opener system, automatic on-off headlights, fog lights and a rear cargo cover.
This weeks episode of FullyCharged with Robert Llewellyn is a bit of a rant about the BBC story we examined over the weekend. I'm surprised Robert didn't get Brian Milligan on the phone and give him a bit of a grilling to be honest.
The United States used significantly less coal and petroleum in 2009 than in 2008, and significantly more wind power. The significant decrease in coal used to produce electricity can be attributed to three factors: overall lower electricity demand, a fuel shift to natural gas, and an offset created by more wind power production, according to Simon.
The ratio of energy services to the total amount of energy used is a measure of the country’s energy efficiency. Carbon emissions data are expected to be released later this year, but Simon suspects they will tell a similar story.
Proterra today announced the first major deployment of its EcoRide BE35 zero-emission, fast-charge battery-electric transit buses by Foothill Transit, a premier public transport provider that operates bus services in Southern San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, located in the eastern portion of Los Angeles County.
The deployment of Proterra's EcoRide BE35 buses, known as the "Ecoliner" by Foothill Transit, greatly advances the electric transit industry, providing a real-world example of the benefits and ease of deployment of Proterra's zero emission buses and charging solutions. In addition to its unmatched performance and overall cost savings, Proterra's clean transit solutions offers California transit agencies solutions to address the Zero Emission Bus (Zbus) regulation, which requires large California agencies to purchase 15 percent of their annual bus orders as zero emission buses starting in 2012.
Proterra's EcoRide BE35 buses are unlike any conventional or hybrid-electric passenger bus available on the market today.
With up to three hours of operation and the ability to recharge in less than 10 minutes on route, thanks to AltairNano lithium titanate batteries. If you've read about Thorium or perhaps watched the presentations on Google Tech Talks you will be aware of the amazing potential of this dormant technology from the 50s. The only other country active in Thorium research is India who have their own projects - none yet built - dating from days when they switched to thorium because their weapons program prompted a uranium ban. As with all other shifts in the status-quo, it seems the incumbents have the upper hand in closing down any new competition. With so much new investment in developing renewable energy sources it would seem logical that Thorium should get a second look. Just ahead of US sales commencing for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle and the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle the EPA and NHTSA have issued revised Fuel Economy labeling to replace the confusion caused by their previous efforts. The labels cover Electric vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles and Flexible Fuel Vehicles.
For electric vehicles, the new labels will estimate the expected savings in cost over five years as compared to a regular vehicle.
For extended range vehicles, it will still give the range on electric power, the MPG equivalent, charge time and cost per year; but as well give your classic MPG in extended range. Reporter Brian Milligan who works for the UK government broadcasting corporation, the BBC, has written an article to explain why he thinks EVs cost more to run that petrol vehicles.
However it should be noted that the Fiat 500 used in the BBC comparison also depreciates 50% over 3 years. What we think Mr Milligan has done is take a Mitsubishi statement saying depreciation of the MiEV is comparable to a regular ICE car at 50% over 3 years.
The BBC writer further skewed the results by calculating depreciation on the full sales price of the MiEV before subtracting the £5k incentive and not after which is another bit of convenient mathematics. In fact, if the incentive is subtracted before calculating depreciation Brian Milligan wouldn't have anything to write about because the cost of owning the MiEV over 3 years then becomes £1,557 or 16% CHEAPER than the Fiat 500.
If we eliminate the imaginary £300 service charges (what do you service on an EV, washer fluid?) the savings with an EV start to stack up rapidly. The concept that demand for new EVs is and will remain ahead of supply for several years, while the auto industry builds production capacity, never seems to enter the writers mind. Dan Neil who you may be familiar with from the LA Times is a fair EV enthusiast and quite a wordsmith. In this video review of the Leaf, aside from his howling about the headlamps, he's singing praise for the automotive revolution that is the Nissan Leaf. Neil seems particularly keen on how the Leaf represents the thin end of the wedge in turning off the spigot that is leaking $25 Billion a month out of the US economy to import Oil.

Dr Fernando Galembeck told the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston that the technique exploited a little-known atmospheric effect.
Tests had shown that metals could be used to gather the charges, he said, opening up a potential energy source in humid climates. Dr Galembeck and his colleagues isolated various metals and pairs of metals separated by a non-conducting separator - a capacitor, in effect - and allowed nitrogen gas with varying amounts of water vapour to pass over them.
What the team found was that charge built up on the metals - in varying amounts, and either positive or negative. The effect is incredibly small - gathering an amount of charge 100 million times smaller over a given area than a solar cell produces - but seems to represent a means of charge accumulation that has been overlooked until now. Dr Galembeck suggests that with further development, the principle could be extended to become a renewable energy resource in humid parts of the world, such as the tropics. However, while the prospect of free electricity from the air is tantalising, the prospect of harnessing enough of it to be widely useful is still a matter of some debate. Hywel Morgan of the University of Southampton says that a similar effect has been known for some time; he points out that tribocharging - the generation of charge by rubbing wool over amber or water droplets over water droplets - is the origin of thunderstorms. That would result in a charge, but would not be the same as simply pulling the charge from still, wet air. Marin Soljacic, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist behind a wireless power transmission technology, known as Witricity, disagrees. He concurs, however, that the amount of charge gathered in the initial tests suggests the effect may be difficult to put to good use, saying that "at this point it is far-fetched to see how it could be used for everyday applications". Dr Galembeck is familiar with the controversy that this kind of work generates, saying that disagreement about the mechanism behind it forms "the motif for bitter discussions among scientists". After setting a new 300+ Mph record on Tuesday the last attempt Wednesday has ended in a mechanical. There's no video of VBB2.5 on-line yet so we're included a clip of the same car from last year powered by a hydrogen FC. The notion of harnessing the power of electricity formed naturally has tantalized scientists for centuries.
Scientists once believed that water droplets in the atmosphere were electrically neutral, and remained so even after coming into contact with the electrical charges on dust particles and droplets of other liquids. Galembeck and colleagues confirmed that idea, using laboratory experiments that simulated water's contact with dust particles in the air.
In the future, he added, it may be possible to develop collectors, similar to the solar cells that collect the sunlight to produce electricity, to capture hygroelectricity and route it to homes and businesses. Galembeck said that a similar approach might help prevent lightning from forming and striking. CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) and FAPESP (The State of Sao Paulo Research Foundation) funded the study. Both firms have also confirmed that the availability of both cars will be improved; Citroen will ramp up sales of its C-Zero from 11 dealerships to 21, while the iOn will be sold in 23 Peugeot dealerships. Both firms have also introduced new contract hire rates, which cost from £249 per month, based over three years and 30,000 miles. A new and improved battery could allow for lower prices and boost the car’s flagging sales, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said. Although Ghosen provided no details about the new lower cost battery, the long range battery that can store electricity at double the current capacity wasn't expected to reach production until 2015.
Since its debut in December 2010, Nissan has sold more than 35,000 units of the all-electric LEAF vehicle.
Cheaper batteries may lead to lower costs at carmakers such as Nissan Motor Co., whose all-electric $32,780 Leaf sedan is scheduled to go on sale in November.
Analyst Peter Yu cited excessive hype about batteries for electric vehicles as part of the reason, according to his report today. Shipments of lithium-ion batteries are estimated to rise 31 percent in 2010, after a 2 percent drop last year, according to the Institute of Information Technology. Sales of batteries in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars will increase to 1.7 trillion yen in 2020 from almost zero in 2009, according to March estimates at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. The company aims to triple sales of lithium-ion cells by March 2016, Naoto Noguchi, president of Panasonic’s battery unit, said in an interview this month.
Nissan has been having inspectors make home visits and taking other steps to make sure customers will be able to recharge at home and likely be happy with the car.
It comes with a list of standard features, including cruise control and a navigation system. There is only one option: a $700 quick-charge port that can recharge the Leaf on the road in as little as a half hour. If depreciation is calculated AFTER subtracting the subsidy then the MiEV becomes £1,557 or 16% CHEAPER than the Fiat 500. There also was a decline in natural gas use and increases in solar, hydro and geothermal power according to the most recent energy flow charts released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Most of that energy is tied directly to electricity generation and thus helps decrease the use of coal for electricity production. No new plants were added or taken offline in this interval, and the existing fleet operated slightly less than in 2008. Energy services, such as lighting and machinery output, are harder to estimate than fuel consumption, Simon said. 3, Foothill Transit will launch the Proterra EcoRide BE35 buses and related fast charging stations into its existing bus fleet and transit routes with the goal of establishing a full fleet of clean-fueled vehicles by 2011. The bus significantly reduces air and noise pollution for riders and local communities, while dramatically reducing vehicle operation costs for transit agencies.

Proterra's buses can easily be incorporated into any transit agencies' existing routes without impacting their schedules or routes while delivering a quieter, more comfortable experience to riders. At a cost of only $100k, one tonne of Thorium can provide 1 GW-year of electric energy, enough to power a city of 1 Million for a year.
With nuclear power, governments play an disproportionate large role due to Nuclear Safety Regulations that place a huge licensing and certification burden on any new installation.
You may recall UK based Glass's Guide released a statement in June saying all EVs would be effectively worthless within 5 years. Glass's themselves say most ICE powered cars retains only 25% of their value after 5 years! For example, the BBC writer quotes the Association of British Insurers (ABI) saying the relative risks for EVs have not been worked out yet, but the writer leads with the assumption that insurance costs could also end up being higher for electric cars than for petrol cars. Due to the extremely cheap energy costs of an EV combined with zero maintenance, the savings clock up with every mile driven. The laws of supply and demand (which they are obviously a bit vague on at the public service run BBC) should ensure a positive effect on used EVs values for the foreseeable future. The only way an ICE car can be cheaper to own than an EV is if it's never actually driven anywhere. Everything was looking great, but midway through the first mile, the Buckeye Bullet broke it's clutch.
Imagine using similar panels on the rooftops of buildings to prevent lightning before it forms.
His research may help explain a 200-year-old scientific riddle about how electricity is produced and discharged in the atmosphere. But new evidence suggested that water in the atmosphere really does pick up an electrical charge. They used tiny particles of silica and aluminum phosphate, both common airborne substances, showing that silica became more negatively charged in the presence of high humidity and aluminum phosphate became more positively charged.
Just as solar cells work best in sunny areas of the world, hygroelectrical panels would work more efficiently in areas with high humidity, such as the northeastern and southeastern United States and the humid tropics.
He envisioned placing hygroelectrical panels on top of buildings in regions that experience frequent thunderstorms. The new battery will be able to power an electric vehicle for 300 kilometers (186 miles) on a single charge, about twice the distance currently possible. Stick that new battery in a Nissan dualis or 370z sports Nissan and watch sales sky rocket. The partners aim to have the new company up and operating within six months.During the first stage of development, three-billion yen will be invested to install automated mass production lines within GS Yuasa's Kyoto head office plant, capable of manufacturing 200,000 cells a year. Shiro Mikoshiba, an analyst at Nomura Holdings Inc., said the worsening oversupply may push prices down as much as 25 percent.
The won’s weakness against the yen also makes Korean products more competitive, he said. The company built a battery plant north of Tokyo in March and is adding facilities in Singapore and China. The EcoRide BE35 contains all electric components, including an electric drive motor supplied by UQM that allows greater acceleration than that of a conventional bus, combined with leading technology solutions that allow for a quiet and smooth uninterrupted ride. Additionally, without the maintenance or fuel costs associated with conventional buses, the Proterra BE35 achieves a 400 percent improvement in fuel economy, and greater than $300,000 savings in total lifetime operating expenses. As a result, despite the usual media driven xenophobia surrounding anything Nuclear, for Thorium to gain traction political will is essential.
Glass's are so well informed they based their expert opinion on an absurd projection that replacement battery costs will rise 33% by 2018.
Once electric vehicles enter the community and word of mouth spreads, manufactures will be flat out to meet demand. Too much torque from the motor ripped apart the half inch steel teeth that keep the motor connected to the gearbox. Strange as it may sound, scientists already are in the early stages of developing such devices, according to a report presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). High humidity means high levels of water vapor in the air ― the vapor that condenses and becomes visible as "fog" on windows of air-conditioned cars and buildings on steamy summer days. The panels would drain electricity out of the air, and prevent the building of electrical charge that is released in lightning. Full-scale operations are slated to commence by 2009.Mitsubishi plans to install the batteries in its next generation EV "i MiEV" (i Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle), which it hopes to have on sale by 2010, a mere three years away. Perhaps this is the reason why Mr Milligan hasn't picked a 5 year time frame for his futile argument.
Famed inventor Nikola Tesla, for example, was among those who dreamed of capturing and using electricity from the air. His research group already is testing metals to identify those with the greatest potential for use in capturing atmospheric electricity and preventing lightning strikes.
It's the electricity formed, for instance, when water vapor collects on microscopic particles of dust and other material in the air.
But until now, scientists lacked adequate knowledge about the processes involved in formation and release of electricity from water in the atmosphere, Galembeck said.

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