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Just in time for Earth Day, a solar-powered charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles has been installed on the Embarcadero at Green Street—handily and not coincidentally, right across from the Exploratorium, that bastion of fascinating science fun that also happens to have a solar-paneled roof. While the museum had nothing to do with it, the people in charge did choose the spot intentionally, "We’re trying to find places that are diverse, that are highly visible, where people either walk by or drive by,”said Maureen Blanc, director of Charge Across Town, a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting electric transportation in the Bay Area. So if you see a large canopy over a parking spot that has a heavy steel gauge plate on it, that's what it is.
Unveiled at a press conference at 10am last Friday, this is one of three solar charging stations in the "Driving on Sunshine" pilot program. Charge Across Town received a $200,000 grant for the three stations from the 11th Hour Project, a program from the Schmidt Family Foundation, and worked with with the San Francisco Department of the Environment on putting them in.
Bob Hayden, manager of clean transportation programs at the San Francisco Department of the Environment, said there are already about 300 electric charging stations throughout the city and the airport; of these, the city owns about 100.
If you're concerned about giving up conventional parking spaces so electric vehicles (EVs) can charge up, don't be: Hayden said based on government rebates his department tracks, there are at least 40,000 plug-in vehicles in the nine-county Bay Area.
Events highlight everything from the 100th anniversary of the Preparedness Day Parade bombing to the plight of modern-day rideshare workers. There are plenty of events, leading up to Monday's fireworks show, to enjoy around the neighborhood. The committee voted 3–0 to recommend that the full board vote on a term sheet for the circus dinner theater's anticipated return to the Embarcadero. This type of build might be out of your price range but there are dozen’s of applications power tool batteries do prove very useful. Jesse James and the Monster Garage re-power a 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air with Milwaukee V28™ Lithium-Ion batteries! The car made its first public appearance at the International Builders’ Show held recently in Orlando and will be featured on the cable TV show, Monster Garage on Monday, April 10, 2006. The car was designed and re-built in five days by cable TV’s car-star Jesse James and his crew at his Monster Garage in Long Beach, California.
The batteries in the car were connected in series to produce about 336 volts at 3,000 amps. Milwaukee will introduce a V18™ 18-volt Li-ion tool system later this summer that will retrofit on existing Milwaukee 18-volt NiCd cordless tools.
All over the world, scientists are finding new ways to save energy – and make energy. Electricity, the same energy that lights your lamps and runs your TV, is stored in batteries on an EV. The batteries can be lead acid batteries, like the batteries you find in our flashlight or in regular gasoline cars.
In the present day scenario an electric car is a smart and modern buy and is also being promoted by governments of many countries and other organization as it plays an integral role in keeping our environment clean.
To understand the functioning of an electric car one needs to know the working of the conventional vehicles. Electric cars are not only affordable and low costing as compared to conventional cars but are also fuel-efficient and easy to produce while being eco-friendly to nature.
But in the past few decades there has been an exponential rise in the amounts of pollution and among the contributing factors are harmful gas emissions from the conventional vehicles. To tackle such environmental issues and depletion of natural resources, many car manufacturers have come out with innovative and futuristic alternatives which are eco-friendly as compared to primitive internal combustion technique.
Variable potentiometers are connected between accelerator and controller so that variable power can be supplied to the motor. Usually electric cars use batteries as their source of energy or hydrogen fuel cells or some kind of solar power device.
Though most of the work is still in progress but electric cars comes out as the best and most feasible solution to the problems being faced. Disclaimer : All the images on this blog are neither our property nor under our Copyrights. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Politicians, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and some car manufacturers continue to drop strong hints that the all-electric vehicle is cost-competitive alongside its petrol or diesel counterpart. Despite categorical assurances from Nissan that its A?25,990 Leaf (which includes the A?5,000 Government subsidy for purely electric vehicles, as do all the prices quoted below) will, at safe and sensible speeds, cover 109 miles on a single charge, during a test I've discovered otherwise.
COLUMBIA — The Missouri baseball team announced the hiring of Steve Bieser as the team's new head coach Thursday. JEFFERSON CITY - A new wave of technology allowing cars to run completely gas free is finally hitting mid-Missouri roads.
Popular models include the Nissan Leaf, the Mercedes Blue Zero, the Chevy Volt, the Mini-E, and the Ford Focus Electric. The company promotes the car's silent engine, high amount of torque, and relatively maintenance-free operation. The car takes about four hours to charge, and must be charged after every 80 or so miles driven. Regardless of your reasons for wanting one and no matter which car you choose, these cars help reduce our dependency on petroleum and make an environmental impact through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with an electric motor and a battery pack.
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) combine HEV technology with a high-voltage storage battery similar to that used in a BEV.
Both BEV and PHEV propulsion systems also incorporate regenerative braking systems to capture kinetic energy from braking to recharge their batteries. The 2012 Chevrolet Volt PHEV four-passenger sedan can run about 40 miles on its electric batteries before switching to its hybrid-electric extended range propulsion system, for a total range of about 350 miles before recharging its batteries or refilling its tank.
Coda has just begun delivering its five-passenger BEV electric sedan promising an EPA rating of 88 miles on a full charge of its lithium-iron phosphate batteries and a charge time of about six hours from a 240-volt charger.
Fisker has long been promoting its Karma PHEV sedan, but only a few hundred have been delivered to buyers and its production run is already sold out for 2012.

The little 2012 Mitsubishi i BEV five-door hatchback seats four tall passengers, promises a 75-mile range and can recharge in seven hours from a 110-volt power supply, four hours from a 240-volt power supply, and as little as 30 minutes from a quick charging station.
The 2012 Nissan Leaf BEV requires about seven hours to fully recharge on a 240-volt charging station and promises a range of about 62 to 138 miles before recharging, depending on terrain, driving style, and accessory use.
It landed grants to buy the stations from San Diego-based Envision Solar and worked with the city to place them. The canopy will turn in the direction of the sun, so you'll see it arching toward the East Bay in the mornings and back toward the city as afternoon settles in. The others are located at the Stonestown Galleria Mall, parking lot D, and at 17th and Shotwell streets in the Mission at a City CarShare Pod near the 16th Street BART station (this one is exclusively used by a City CarShare vehicle for its members). Those are at more than 20 city-owned garages, and the other public ones are distributed around commercial parking lots, hotels and shopping centers, he said. Jerry Brown's executive order to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on the road in California by 2025, said Renee Dunn Martin, public relations manager for the Port of San Francisco. We do however get many questions about the Monster Garage episode which ran a few years ago where Jesse James and the guest crew turned a 1962 Chevy Bel Air into an electric car drag racer which ran solely off Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Batteries.
The Milwaukee V28 ($150) and Bosch 36 volt ($142.50) are good candidates, also there is a Milwaukee V18 kit with 2 batteries and charger for $179.
V28™ users can expect up to 40-50% more power and up to twice the run time when compared with 18-volt NiCd batteries. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. In a few years, you might even be using some of these new energy-smart inventions in your home or school.
In the early 1900s, there were more electric vehicles than there were gasoline-powered cars.
In the picture to the left, an Impact test vehicle is plugged into a special charging unit attached to a house. Or they can be ni-cad (nickel-cadmium) like the kind that run portable video recorders or a portable video game player -- only much larger. In 2001, by the time today's fifth graders are ready to drive, electric vehicles should be able to go 150 to 200 miles before recharging. The picture on the right is the solar car from California Polytechnic University in Pomona, California -- CalPoly Pomona for short. It produces no emissions, run the vehicle silently and are mechanically simpler as compared to internal combustion engine. While for most of the cars the standard fuel used is gasoline, which is used to create a series of explosions. Since there has been a hike in number of cars on the roads has caused many environmental concerns. Rechargeable batteries installed inside the car are the main source of power for an electric car.
When the electricity is supplied to the motor leads to creation of magnetic field which in turn spins a coiled wire. For this purpose solar panels are used but this method isn’t that popular as it would be feasible only at places with lot of sunshine and is weather dependent. It is a great alternative to reduce the pollution and yet be priced at such price that it suits the pocket of every person. Electric cars are now being mass produced by several companies with a promise of availability by the end of the year. Ford claims the car can get the electric cost equivalent of 110 miles per gallon when driving in the city.
It may not seem like much, with these 20,000 cars representing only about one percent of all new cars sold last year, but the choices are expanding for buyers who desire to purchase a pure electric vehicle in 2012. Depending on the hybrid system, electric power can be used for vehicle launch, lower-speed operation, or to boost horsepower when needed, and the internal combustion engine (ICE) takes over for higher-demand operation or when cruising at highway speeds, and can help charge the battery. Instead of an ICE, the BEV features a high-voltage electric motor powered by a battery pack. PHEVs run using the charge of the battery first, and then continue in regular hybrid mode once the battery is depleted, offering a much greater range than a pure BEV. Plug it in at home or work using either a standard level-one 120-volt outlet (slower charging times) or into a specialized level-two 220-volt outlet (for faster charging times). Waiting to buy the 2012-model-year Volt brings an advantage early adopters did not receive: 2012 Chevy Volts can be ordered with a low-emissions package giving them access to California carpool lanes.
The entry-level Coda Electric Sedan features a 31kWh battery; a 36 kWh battery option promises additional range of up to 150 miles. The boutique manufacturer promises its luxurious four-passenger sedan will offer a 50-mile all-electric range from its 20-kWh lithium-Nanophosphate battery pack, and a total range of up to 300 miles from its hybrid powertrain, with estimated charging times of 10-12 hours with a 120-Volt charger, or six hours with 240 volts, for this near-$100,000 boutique vehicle.
A 22.5-kilowatt lithium ion battery stores the energy and delivers a charge that lasts for about 150 miles. After that, it'll donate the charging stations to the city to place at the three sites that had the most impact.
The rest of the grant is being applied toward educational signage, service and maintenance, consultants and insurance, Blanc said. This program will allow the city to see if it's feasible to place solar charging stations in places like surface lots that aren't wired for electricity, he said. The charging station on the Embarcadero is on Port property, and the Port is making more efforts to "go green," Dunn Martin said. With racing tires, he says the Milwaukee-red, cool-looking car could do the quarter mile at over 100 MPH!
The less air resistance or drag, the less energy is needed to power the car at freeway speeds. It's not strong enough to be in traffic and protect a driver in an accident with another car or truck.

Most of the top car manufacturers have introduced at least one of their hybrid or electric car model in the market sector and are trying to improve more on their future models.
Another problem with using traditional internal combustion engines is that they require fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel and due to its shortage the costing of it is really high and a matter of concern. They not only power the vehicle but also used by wipers, lights, air conditioner and radio for their proper functioning. There are many batteries to choose from,  ranging from Lithium ion to Lead acid and Nickel metal. This coiled wire is attached to the axle of the car and thus rotates it resulting in the motion of the car.
Since most of the work in this field is still in experimental phase, it would require some time before large scale production of such cars starts happening. These battery packs can charge in up to 12 hours when plugged in a 110-volt outlet for Level 1 charging, about six hours from a 240-volt outlet (or Level 2 charger), or even faster with a Level 3 CHAdeMO fast charger. PHEVs are silent, and do not emit greenhouse gasses while operating in electric mode, but do make some operating noises and tailpipe emissions when running on their hybrid powerplants.
Chevrolet also has created a handy site to help new car buyers determine what incentives are available for the Volt on a state-by-state basis. In fact, tomorrow, we’ll have another article sharing additional information about those cars. Are the “evil” oil companies really buying up all the new technology, slowing the progress, so they can keep oil above $4 gallon?
Here is Milwaukee’s short clip of the show (If anyone knows where the full show can be watched online let us all know). Though most of the people know about the electric cars but the technology and the functioning of the car still is mystery for many.
This type of system used is referred as internal combustion engine and has been used in all the conventional cars. When the accelerator is pressed, controller produced full power, when releases, it comes to rest. When brakes are applied, the electric car uses forward momentum of the motor to recharge the batteries.
Electric vehicles have a major hand over conventional vehicles due to which transition to new era of vehicles running on electricity is unavoidable if we have to preserve our environment and natural resources. Pure BEVs currently offer operating ranges around a hundred miles per charge, and are favored for their lack of tailpipe emissions, as well as for their ghostly silent operation and consistent acceleration throughout their speed range. If you’re out and about, you’ll need to find one of about 2400 public electric-vehicle charging locations located across the United States, though more than 500 are located in California, according to the Department of Energy. We’ve got three years to put nearly a million electric cars on the road — will we make it?
The official trademarked name is the Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger (EV ARC). It also was hard to start a gasoline engine; you had to turn and turn and turn a crank in front of the car to get it to start. Others need a larger outlet, like the kind that a stove or electric clothes dryer plug into. In the last 10 months the number of charging stations across the United States has expanded to offer more than 5000 public electric chargers, according to the U.S. I will tell you there are many people, tired of waiting for Toyota or GM to figure it out, are building their own electric cars and motorcycles. The controller’s job is to take current from the battery and pass it to electric motor.
You may have to shell out some extra bucks to get regenerative braking installed on your EV. Yet this doesn't mean that 10 per cent of my mileage has been powered by electricity, because a high-mileage EV doesn't exist. As a family car for four or five people it's as good as, if not better than, the Nissan hatch. The converter converts the 300V DC to 240V DC before passing it to the motor, using a set of transistors. That's because the batteries will run out of juice in an hour or two – less if it's driven at high speed.
So, electric vehicles were a BIG hit!How Do Electric Vehicles Work?Electric vehicles (like the Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle above on the left) don't burn gasoline in an engine. The electric motor converts the electrical energy to mechanical energy which is then used to drive the vehicle forward. Just like a remote-controlled, model electric car, EVs have an electric motor that turns the wheels and a battery to run that motor. But it suffers from the least practicality because it only seats two and there's no luggage space, while its real-world range will limit you to just 30-35 miles – or under one hour's driving.
Such shortcomings are inevitable, because the Twizy is essentially a motorised toy and lacks the security people expect in a car. More importantly, Renault claims that the Zoe's real-world range should be in the region of the psychologically important 100 miles. After all these customer-unfriendly years, some motorists are finally in a position to turn their backs on the oil giants… only to put themselves at the mercy of the electricity suppliers.
And at the same time some electric vehicles consume nearly the same amount of electricity every time they notch up a mile.

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