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There is a refundable * core charge of $500, you will need to ship us your core at your expense.
When you purchase your new battery, a refundable core deposit in the amount of $500 will be already included as a part of your order.
Integrated Motor Assist (commonly abbreviated as IMA ) is Honda s hybrid car technology, introduced in 1999 on the Insight. In its first generation, IMA could not power the car on electricity alone, and could only use the motor to assist or start the engine.
The theory behind IMA is to use regenerative braking to recapture some of the energy lost through deceleration, and reuse that energy later on to help accelerate the vehicle. This smaller engine is the primary reason cars equipped with IMA get better highway mileage than their more conventional counterparts. This week found me driving with Green Ontario plates, which means my exhaust pipe is emitting zero emissions.
2009 Toyota PriusEnlarge Photo"Sure, but what do the batteries cost to replace?" is a question frequently posed to hybrid and electric vehicle owners.
It's true that batteries aren't cheap, and at some point down the line they'll have expended their useful life and require replacement.
We've previously looked at the cost of replacing battery packs in the first-generation 2001-2003 Toyota Prius, but with several other hybrids on the market from Toyota alone, we wanted to investigate further.
The first, and most reassuring thing you should know about these battery packs, is that replacement is a rare occurrence. Toyota told us that the engineers consider the NiMH batteries in Prius and other Toyota hybrids to be a life-of-the-car component. That's backed up by stories like the 300,000-mile Ford Escape hybrid taxis, and Consumer Reports recently tested a 215,000-mile 2003 Prius and found its performance had barely diminished. So in a worst-case scenario, any battery failure or significant performance drop-off will be covered by the warranty for up to a decade.

Should worst come to worst and your battery need replacement, there's one final silver lining from Toyota, known as "core credit". This is a sum deducted from the new battery pack MSRP for returning the old battery to be recycled. The only additional cost is that of labor, which varies between cars, and labor rates which vary depending on where you live.
Below is a list of MSRP battery cost details for the various hybrid Toyota models offered since 2001. Each of these prices will be reduced by a $1,350 "core credit" for the old battery pack being replaced, which the dealer then recycles through a long-established Toyota program. Battery replacement costs were not immediately available for most 2016 models, or for the 2012-2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. Labor rates differ from vehicle to vehicle, and vary by location, but the customer will likely pay for more hours than the minimal number of hours for which Toyota will reimburse dealers doing warranty work. Chevy volt prices drop falling battery costs, Lithium-ion battery prices expected to plummet, stated that the price of lithium-ion batteries would tesla over battery costs; chevrolet volt named. Ev battery prices much lower than you think?, Are ev battery prices much lower than i’m finding chevy volt replacement batteries online gm is subsidizing the cost for the replacement battery.. What happens when your volt or ampera battery gets old?, What happens when your volt or ampera battery ampera battery gets old?
Cheap chevrolet volt replacement batteries for sale by much a volt replacement battery would really cost, gm authority also has a. Most consumers don't understand the chevy volt how it really works vs common myths & misconceptions. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Simply install your new Honda Civic Hybrid Battery, put your old battery into the same box and send it back.

This has two effects: it increases the rate of acceleration, and it reduces the work required of the petrol engine.
It could be several owners and hundreds of thousands of miles down the line before the pack requires replacement, at which point the car itself may well be past its prime. In the latter, the only component that had needed replacement was a fan belt, at 127,000 miles. That's not only better for the environment than the battery being thrown away when it gets replaced, but in a car like the Prius, it reduces the cost of a new battery by around a third. As soon as we receive your old battery, we will immediately refund the core deposit back to your credit card. It uses an electric motor mounted between the internal combustion engine and transmission to act as a starter motor, engine balancer, and assist traction motor. The acceleration boost is important as it allows the engine to be scaled down to a smaller but more fuel-efficient variant without rendering the vehicle overly slow or weak. 2 Comments When I talk to potential hybrid and elelctric car buyers, one of their concerns always seems to be the cost of battery replacement. If I had to guess, I’d say that this is because so many people have replaced their standard lead-acid car batteries. February 23, 2014 Reply Mike T # Hybrid car batteries are designed to last about the lifetime of the hybrid vehicle. This means that except under rare circumstances, a hybrid car battery should not have to be replaced by an owner. Ask AAA: Do First-Time Buyers Have To Pay High Interest Rates AND Provide Big Down Payments?

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