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A solar bus or solar-charged bus is a bus which is powered exclusively or mainly by solar energy. The introduction of solar buses and other green vehicles for purposes of public transport forms a part of sustainable transport schemes. Initially Kau Sai Chau decided for equipping 205 of their existing Club Car Precedents at the Golf Course with the newly released SolarDrive S2E solar power unit. The distinction between a solar-only electric bus and an electro-solar bus is fluid, as the distinction depends on the actual usage: whether the bus is recharged from solar or other power sources.
Solar-only bus services involve recharging the bus from solar energy, usually from solar panel-covered bus station canopies. Electro-solar buses are powered additionally from electric power transmitted from power plants; hybrid solar buses may be equipped with hybrid engines. Open air low-speed electric shuttle sightseeing buses equipped with a solar panel-covered roof are produced in series and are commercially available. Within the Chinese government's program for clean transport sector, China's first solar hybrid buses were put in operation in July 2012 in the city of Qiqihar. The tribrid bus is a hybrid electric bus developed by the University of Glamorgan, Wales, for use as student transport between the University’s different campuses. Indian government has launched various projects to introduce new and efficient solar power buses and the buses will be launched in the city of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. May 2013, the NRG and Reliant team joined with Houston Zoo's facilities staff to retrofit one of the Zoo's four-seater electric golf carts to solar power, making it the Zoo's first Solar Powered Electric Vehicles. Due to the modular concept of the SolarDrive S2E roof Houston Zoo gets maximum flexibility in fitting the modules they have acquired. Solar Electrical Vehicles is adding convex solar cells to the roof of hybrid electric vehicles. An interesting variant of the electric vehicle is the triple hybrid vehicle—the PHEV that has solar panels as well to assist. Research into what causes genius and mastery is still in its early stages, and psychology offers relevant insights.
Ant, an extremely dangerous Ponerine, here roughly 110 times the size of the natural insect - designed in 1980. If you happen to be in the market for a sensibly designed, all-electric vehicle (no spaceship styling here folks) then a CODA sedan may well be in your future. Shopping for a CODA is easy too, there’s only one trim level – Top-of-the-line, which simplifies vehicle selection. In terms of styling, since there’s no conventional gas or diesel powerplant to deal with, CODA’s front end needed no grille for cooling, hence a nose that’s distinctive without drawing undue attention to itself. CODA Automotive is a privately held company headquartered in Southern California that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery systems, purpose-built for transportation and utility applications. Key features (no pun intended here) CODA operates by turning it on with a simple, traditional ignition key – nothing trick or fancy.
There’s also a Battery Management System that constantly monitors the vehicle’s battery state of charge allowing the driver to always be aware of existing range. In terms of safety, CODA delivers standard features such as ABS brakes,  Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control to provide driver confidence, along with a smart airbag system.
CODA recently rolled the first production car off the assembly line and made its first San Francisco Bay Area customer delivery at CODA of Silicon Valley, the area’s first and only exclusive stand-alone dealership located at 4175 Stevens Creek Blvd. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Igaz a trafo csak 110 Voltot szolgaltat, de egy "segedtrafo" sorba kapcsolt szekunder tekercsevel 124 V-ra emelt feszultsegrol is ugyanaz a hibajelzes. Amerikaban ugyanis az ipari aram nem harom fazisu (120 fokos faziseltolassal), mint nalunk, hanem ket fazisu, 180 fokos faziseltolassal. De hogy mi itt az igazsag, azt mar tenyleg csak akkor lehetne megallapitani, ha az ember szetrantana azt a toltot. Mas: lattam olyan (mas gyartmanyu) univerzalis toltot, amely egyarant hasznalhato 120 es 240 V-rol is. Hat en a proba felelosseget nem tudom atvallalni toled ugy, hogy a szoban forgo termeket meg sosem lattam. A konkret szerkezetet nem ismerem, de soha nem hasznalnak 3 fazist az USA-ban, legalabbis maganhaztartasoknal nem.

Tovabba megjegyzem, hogy egy 120V-os harom fazisu rendszerben a ket fazis kozotti 208V lenne. Igen, a legjobban akkor jarsz, ha fogsz egy 2x110V-os trafot es a kozos kivezetese lesz a "neutral", ahogy rajzoltad. Ha a penz is szamit, akkor egy 150-200W-os autotrafo boven eleg lehet, de ez esetben ugyelni kell, hogy ne keruljon a foldpotencialhoz kepest +120V-os "neutral" ra a femreszekre. Illetve ha nagyon mazochista vagy, analizalgathatod a toltike belso felepiteset, mert meglehet, hogy egy sima 12V-os dugasztappal es egy-ket kisebb modositassal is meguszhato a dolog. De gondolom, hogy aki amerikabol behozat egy 7 millio forintos autot, annak belefer egy rendes trafo a budzsejebe. A marka tarsak ismerni szoktak egymast .A tulaj hasznalta az USA-ban ezt a toltot vagy nem volt meg bekapcsolva ?
Electric car has its battery exchanged in under 2-minutes, demonstrating critical technological component of Better Place business model. Better Place today achieved a milestone in accelerating the mass-market adoption of electric vehicles by demonstrating the world’s first battery switch technology along with electric car charging spots.
The Renault-Nissan Alliance is partnering with Better Place in Israel to enable zero-emissions mobility throughout the country by 2011. Better Place is committed to delivering a complete solution to drivers that includes in-car services, management systems and multiple ways for drivers to recharge their electric car including networks of charge spots and battery switch stations powered by renewable energy. The automated switch process, which takes about a minute, is faster than filling a tank with gasoline, providing a cleaner, more convenient experience for drivers. The switch technology featured in the Yokohama exhibit will be further developed into production for the commercial switch stations, which will be deployed in Better Place markets around the world.
The use of the term "solar bus" normally implies that solar energy is used not only for powering electric equipment on the bus, but also for the propulsion of the vehicle.
At the time of the investment the club management had high expectations for this technology and they were not let down.
According to the producers, the solar panels save energy and prolong the battery life cycle.
Its engine is powered by lithium-ion batteries which are fed by solar panels installed on the bus roof. Its powertrain, operating strategy, and design specification were specifically optimized in view of its planned regular service routes. The four carts chosen this time were an E-Z-GO Shuttle six-seater, a Club Car Villager eight-seater, an E-Z-GO ST, and a Carry All 6 maintenance vehicle.
This is the first time in history an electric vehicle (not self sufficient solar vehicle) has gone around the world, covering 50000 km in 18 months and crossing 40 countries.
The rest of the car speaks to simplicity, with clean purposeful lines and no unnecessary frills. CODA’s goal is to reduce global dependence on fossil fuel, with a focus on green technology and quality.
Turn the one-of-a-kind gear knob to shift between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive.  Every CODA also comes with an Alpine® all-in-one audio, video and GPS navigation system on a 7-inch, color touch screen.
The battery is located between the front and rear wheels for optimum weight distribution, as well as optimizing usable interior space, and it’s protected from excessive heat or cold by an Active Thermal Management system.
Actually, since there are fewer moving parts in the CODA compared to a conventional gas-powered vehicle, there’s less likelihood of anything going awry, but to be on the safe side, CODA has developed a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency. Charge time – 6 hours from                                                 220V (30 amp EVSE) [3].
A magyar villanyreszelok ossze-vissza kotozgettek szegeny ugyfel gepet, mert csak annyi eszuk volt, hogy ha harom csavar van, es 6000W, akkor odakossek a 3x15A-t, meg szerencse, hogy a masinanak volt annyi esze, hogy nem indult el vele.
Ha valamely ipari megrendelonek feltetlenul kell valamiert, oda kulon egy-egy bonyolult es hatalmas phase convertert szoktak letelepiteni. This simple range extension technology delivers a cleaner, more convenient experience for drivers. The infrastructure offers drivers the same convenience to “top off” as they enjoy today with gasoline or petrol stations, with charge spots installed where you live, work, and shop, while battery switch stations are deployed for the exceptionally long drives. The technology safely and quickly removes a depleted battery and transfers a fully charged battery into the vehicle.
One battery shuttle holds the fully charged battery, which will be inserted into the vehicle, while the other shuttle simply removes the depleted battery from the vehicle.

Already when the first year had past it was decided to extend the use of solar power to the fleet of 4 and 6-person cars at the Jockey Club. The implementation of a solar bus service benefits from an optimization of over-all requirements for the specific bus service. It uses 100% solar power, is equipped with a regenerative braking system and air conditioning and can carry up to 40 persons, 25 of whom are seated.
It is a road-worthy electric vehicle hauling a trailer with solar panels, carrying a 6 m? sized solar array.
There are many applications of photovoltaics in transport either for motive power or as auxiliary power units, particularly where fuel, maintenance, emissions or noise requirements preclude internal combustion engines or fuel cells. This schedule may be carried out at any of CODA’s certified dealers in the network, and while your vehicle is being serviced, CODA will provide a courtesy loaner vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. A USA ban van a lakasokban ugynevezett "dryer connector", ami kimondottan a nagy aramfelvetelu szaritogep vagy szerszamgep csatlakoztatasara hasznalatos.
Itt egy kep a forgalomba levo labkiosztasokrol 1996-ban valtoztattak rajta, ezert van regi es uj kiosztasu is forgalomban. Egy proba idejeig lehet arra ugyelni, hoyg ne fogdosd meg, es ha megy, akkor mar rendelheted is hozza a kozepleagazasos levalasztotrafot, aminek a szekundere kozepleagjat mar lefoldelheted. Az elektronika az uzembehelyezes utan ellenorzi a vedovezetot es ha nem talalja rendben akkor piros jelzest ad. De adott esetben ennek semmi ertelme nem volna, hiszen -gondolom- ugyis egyeniranyitjak es valami kapcsolo uzemu bigyora vezetik a feszkot. Better Place was the only foreign company invited by the Japanese Ministry of Environment to demonstrate its switch technology, which provides a viable solution to make electric vehicles a reality by offering drivers virtually unlimited range. The project and the teams have been working closely together for the past two years and are excited about seeing the manifestation of their efforts in today's demonstration of the battery switch platform.
The process is seamless and automated, and the driver remains in the vehicle the entire time.
At the end of the process, the track system returns the removed battery to a storage bay for recharging and preparation for use in another electric vehicle. Due to the limited area available on each vehicle either speed or range or both are limited when used for motive power. CODA’s base price is set at $37,250 with an $895 Destination and Handling charge, which brings the total sticker to $38,145.
CODA depends upon more than 30 suppliers on four continents, allowing for the development of affordable EV technology. Bluetooth® provides hands-free calling, along with MP3, iPod®, iPhone® and USB connectivity.
The battery shuttles are designed to work with a wide variety of battery enclosure sizes and shapes for universal application to a range of electric vehicles. CODA actually recommends a wall-mounted WattStation™ by GE as the preferred home charging system, based on 30 amp output to ensure faster charging.
Szerintem a te eseteeben a levalaszto transzformator miatt nem tudja a foldeles megfeleloseget ellenorizni ezert tilt. Hailed as the world's first bus service powered exclusively by solar power, the bus service connects Adelaide City and North Adelaide as part of Adelaide City's sustainable transport agenda.
Other chargng sources are publicly available and may be located  via PlugShare – a down-loadable mobile app. The Tindo is part of the 98A and 98C bus service (until recently known as the Adelaide Connector) which is offered as free public transport.
According to initiator and tour director Louis Palmer, the car in mass production could be produced for 16000 Euro. Solartaxi has toured the World from July 2007 till December 2008 to show that solutions to stop global warming are available and to encourage people in pursuing alternatives to fossil fuel.
Palmer suggests the most economical location for solar panels for an electric car is on building rooftops though, likening it to putting money into a bank in one location and withdrawing it in another.

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