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Full Hybrid Propulsion System - Diesel and Electric STEYR MOTORS, worldwide first engine manufacturer to develop and introduce the STEYR HDSa„? Hybrid Drive System for boats of all kinds in the marine market. The innovative STEYR HDSa„? propulsion HYBRID DRIVE SYSTEM captures and a€?lights up the boating worlda€?. In the lower speed range, depending on dynamic requirements of the driver and the battery condition, the Boost Mode is used and the combustion engine is then supported by the massive torque of the electric motor. Elco Motor Yachts: EP-20 20HP Complete Electric Inboard Marine Propulsion and Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion Systems. Elco Motor Yachts: Elco EP-40 40 Horsepower Complete Electric Marine Propulsion Motor and Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion Systems. But, there were some interesting bits of information not previously shown here — So, listen up class! Competitors were covered: Nissan Leaf, Fisker Karma, Coda Automotive, Ford Electric Focus, Tesla Roadster and Tesla S models, Toyota Prius and Plug-In Prius. Most of the training focuses on a review of GM CSI requirements and how they are even more important for the VOLT. Sport – Electronically reconfigures the accelerator pedal response to provide quicker application of torque in sport driving situations. Mountain – Automatically adjusts the propulsion system to provide needed power when driving up steep long mountain grades.
The VOLT is so quiet that sounds normally drowned out by road and driveline noise can sometimes be heard while driving. Key Fob has buttons for Unlock Doors, Lock Doors, Charge Port Door Release, Remote Vehicle Start, and Panic Alarm. These were the main items shown in this first of several training modules for the Chevy Salespeople. This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 8:01 am and is filed under Features. GM disappointed in a big way on pricing, I hope they don’t do as poorly on CS mileage.
I have one question: Has it been officially established that the ICE gas mileage is 34 mpg? I wonder if the old guard in the service bay is excited or nervous about providing maintenance for the new Volts.
FYI, the handle is one given to me by friends in the glory of my teenage years back in the 70s. I was also very impressed by the Singh Chevrolet website.It looks like you guys have really adopted the VOLT concept whole-heartedly. Trivia, I know, but I wonder if there’s a reason the Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir is placed in such an odd location —up front, right behind the grill?
I hope all these options and geeky interfaces aren’t too much to mainstream the technology. Evolutionary vessel propulsion systems have proved their maturity upon successfully meeting challenges of reliability, efficiency and demanding environmental requirements. These systems are designed to offer a number of propulsion options for vessels of various sizes. A simplified and a substantially flexible solution, which forms a stable operating system with all prime mover designs, has been introduced by Inpower, a company headquarted in Norway. Meloyfjord Fishing Company from Norway selected the STADT STASCHO diesel-electric propulsion system as it preferred choice for its vessel MS Meloyfjord.

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) has launched a concept for its Low Emission Hybrid Ferries Project. Siemens has set new standards by further developing EcoProp, a hybrid propulsion system for smaller ships, boats and yachts, securing maximum efficiency.
This concept was unveiled approximately 20 years ago and has been acknowledged as a major propulsion system for luxury cruise liners and ice going tonnage due to its maneuverability, improved performance, reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. ABB has secured a contract to provide energy-efficient power and propulsion systems for two new icebreaking vessels designed to operate under extreme arctic environmental conditions in drifting ice up to 1.7 m thick and temperatures down to -35?C. Posted on February 3, 2012 with tags Compelling, News by topic, propulsion, Systems, vessel. The moment when we finally see unmanned ships in our harbours and seas is still some way off. Wartsila has received the order to supply complete main propulsion systems for six new chemical tankers.
It did not tell us the size of the gas tank or the actual MPG while driving in Charge Sustaining Mode. Walkaround Videos are coming soon to that site, and will have all of the information that I am writing about today.
Instead, let the regenerative brakes help slow the vehicle down while recharging the battery at the same time. POWER FLOW: Displays a series of screens that show the flow of power between the engine, the electric drive unit and the high voltage battery. ENERGY INFO: Brings up screens showing a summary of usage information since the last time the high voltage battery was fully charged.
The generator runs at a fairly constant speed so there is no change in sound with the accelerator, but it may increase at times like when under load in Mountain Mode.
System is pressurized so it takes a few seconds for pressure to equalize, then the door will open to the ______-gallon tank. Is this tank actually partitioned & the coolants kept separate, as the separate filler caps (D & G) would imply? Their affordability is another compelling feature for the market highly interested in the system integration.
Featuring the smallest possible number of components, the PhiDRIVE from Inpower is deemed to be the world’s most efficient electric propulsion system for vessels.
This vessel accounts for the fourth fishing vessel built in Norway based on the STADT solution featuring compact size and low noise that has now become a clear trend for newbuild Norwegian vessels in fisheries and research. The novel propulsion system retrofitted to the 49m double-ended ferry combines PhiDRIVE with the azimuth rim-driven thruster (ARDT) design developed by Brunvoll AS. These innovative ferries will account for the world’s first sea going Roll On Roll Off vehicle and passenger diesel electric hybrid ferries in Scotland.
The system operation can be set to Diesel mode, Battery mode, Electro mode and Hybrid mode. The vessels will be constructed by the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard in Finland and ABB’s equipment will comprise power generation and distribution systems, thruster motors, and two 6.5 MW propulsion systems including drives and the Azipod energy-efficient electric propulsion units.
Switching from EV to CS Mode is usually so seamless and quiet, only the changing gauges actually lets the driver know it happened. This innovation offers a reduced system complexity and downtime risks, increased reliability and extended service life. This innovation will improve reliability largely contributing to reduction of lower maintenance costs, increasing efficiency and operational performance.

This is the first example of rim driven azimuth thrusters used for main propulsion on a ship for commercial service, with an ARDT unit fitted at each end of the vessel.
Some of the most innovative new “clean” technology, such as battery banks ensuring a minimum of 20% of energy for the on board consumption, will be utilized. The overall performance of the ship is enhanced through streamlined operation of diesel engines.
Both newbuilds should be delivered in spring 2013 to the shipping company Sovcomflot, which is going to deploy them to transport supplies to the Sakhalin-1 platform that will host the Arkutun-Dagi field development off Sakhalin Island. This setting can limit EV Range and power, but may be needed to maintain posted speeds above 60 mph and up. These machines are combined between a prime mover and a propeller, with a power cable as their only connection. Sinusoidal voltage and current are supplied to the electric motor and back to the switchboard.
The vessel features advanced design that will also decrease fuel consumption and emissions.
The vessels will feature small diesel generator sets, directing power to a 400 volt switchboard, which will supply power to electric propulsion motors that turn the propulsion units.
The system is more like a “plug and play” solution thus more flexibility is ensured for the ship’s layout.
There are still a few weeks to go before the demo model will arrive in our showroom and more training modules will be sent soon. Therefore, the PhiDRIVE provides a better hull utilization compared to conventional diesel-electric or mechanical systems. This structure marks low harmonic disturbances in the main switchboard and motor, and dispenses with the need for transformers and filters, giving rise to a more compact configuration. A Propulsion Control System (PCS) efficiently directs power produced from the electric generator for immediate use or stores it in the Energy Storage System (ESS), while the propulsion motor provides power to the prop. Two lithium-ion battery banks with a total of 700kWh will be providing power to the units while reducing fuel and CO2 consumption by at least 20%. Siship EcoProp will be installed on a 65m supply vessel set to be delivered in 2012 to the Italian coastguard service by Cantieri Kavali Megande. Reduced use of power electronics and the corresponding energy loses result in a considerable efficiency improvement. Additional efficiency is acquired by utilization of permanent magnet machines including more compact installations.
The hybrid system can be outfitted for accessory power for modern vessels’ complex thruster and winch systems. The vessel design and power configuration will contribute 19-24% savings of power input to the propulsion units by incorporating a conventional diesel mechanical solution reducing emissions. This innovation my initiate utilization of energy derived from local wind, wave or solar systems for battery charging.

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