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All batteries in this series are strictly subject to DIN Standard and of high quality and handsome appearance. ALL THE OLD ITEMS HAVE GERMS AND DUST BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE, MICROBES AND  THE DUST CAN DAMAGE HEALTH, FOR THAT REASON IS THAT ALL THESE TOYS OF MY COLLECTION HAVE BEEN A PROCESS OF CLEANING AND DISINFECTION SO THESE TOYS ARE NOT RISK OUR HEALTH. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Japanese firm, Eagle Racing, have released this large carry case for transporting all your model car gear to the track. Called the GP Bag, it is made from a hard wearing black canvas while the case contains 2 large internal cardboard drawers mounted within a thick cardboard frame to prevent the case from collapsing when the drawers are removed. On the outside there are 2 carry handles while the side sports the Eagle Racing and GP bag logos screen printed on the side pocket.

Also new from Eagle Racing are 2 different 7.2V 2200 mAh battery packs available in either straight or stick pack configurations.

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