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The battery on my 2004 Dodge 2500 Sprinter is finally wearing down to the point where it is no longer able to reliably start my van.
Given how long this battery has lasted, my question is where I can find another battery just like this one. Could anyone please tell me what the best course of action is to get a battery as close as possible to the one I currently have? I have an old Interstate battery from a different vehicle that I use as a portable power source or jump starter with jumper cables.

People may chime in about Optima or other AGM batteries, but lead-acid is probably the best for a starting battery. The free replacement replacement has been good for over a year; when it fails I will buy a different brand.
I'm in Southern California so it's not quite as surprising as your battery in a colder climate. I'm driving to Alaska this summer and I feel funny going with an 8 year old original battery.

I know a bit about batteries and though I love AGM batteries, (I use an Odyssey in my race car), I'm hesitant to use one in my street vehicle.

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