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The remaining nineteen subcompact and compact models on the list all increased by a minimum of 20% relative to January. Incentive spending through June is down ~14% for cars and 9% on trucks; this coupled with MSRP increases made the ceiling on used car prices higher. Japanese production disruption puts strain on overall vehicle supply by cutting off new vehicle production which drove up dealer demand for used cars. Since June guidebook values for compact and mid-size cars are declining as strong dealer demand witnessed during the first half of the year has waned. The economy and employment has driven down consumer confidence which in turn has negatively impacted showroom traffic and vehicle sales. Japanese brand production continues its revival and all brands expect to be fully back on line by September.
Manufacturers are being more aggressive in incentive spending in a preparation for the arrival of 2012MY units.For example, Toyota is offering 0% financing for up to 60 months with additional $500 cash back on the 2011 Camry. The Prius has dropped by $1350 or 7.8% since June, while the Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio have dropped by 11% and 9% respectively.
Although fuel-efficient car values are on the descent, on the whole values are still up by 10% since the beginning of the year while the overall market is down by almost 4%.
Looking ahead through the fall, it’s our expectation that used car values will face downward pressure associated with the new model year changeover, and while there are certain models that bear closer watching than others (e.g.
On the truck side, we’re seeing strong interest for certain compact CUV and SUV models, and in fact, the list of models increasing in value from June to August is dominated by trucks. Normally during a recession, consumers have lower prices on everything to look forward to from houses to groceries.
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The reality is that most leaders, managers, and employees within most organizations simply don’t communicate with one another very well. On the same time, new car sales in the UK fell by 1.7 per cent in May compared with May 2010 as sales to fleets failed to offset a decline in purchases by individuals, new data shows.
Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that the “unsettled economic backdrop” was constraining car purchases by private buyers, but sales to fleets and businesses grew, helping to support the overall market.
Sales of diesel and fleet cars were strong in May, both growing by over 10pc, while the Ford Fiesta remained Britain’s most popular car, with 8,135 models sold last month.
For the majority of people the most expensive item they will ever buy in their life is a house. Then there is the second most expensive item they will ever buy and for some that is a helicopter and for others it is a cruiser.
The total cost of the 10 Australian cars was $288,365 whereas the cost of the similar specification cars from England was ?115,029. Here in Australia those same cars would have cost ?149,411, that’s a massive ?34,382 dearer than in the UK! I must emphasise here that specifications will be different but I have tried to match these vehicles as closely as possible. The biggest price difference is for the new Saab, but I have stared and stared at the specifications of both and I can’t see anything that warrants such a huge gap.
My price comparison may not be the most accurate guide you will find but whichever way you look at it there can only be one winner in this particular case.
Get a free copy of my ebook "20 Reasons Why You Should Move to Australia" from my page What's so good about Australia? If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, leave a comment on a relevant page; either I or someone else will try to answer you.
Well, it’s a good idea if you can get 0% finance or a low interest deal, not so good an idea if you pay a high amount of interest or an inflated price for the car. Obviously the big advantage is that you can buy a car now that otherwise you might not be able to afford. Granted our cheapest car is slightly cheaper than your cheapest by something like 100 AUD, but they’re two entirely different cars.
Yes, of course it’s relative, my article only really compares prices tween Australia and the UK. Another interesting point to take into consideration is that cars here in Australia hold their value better, again, that’s only compared with the UK. Sounds like coming here from Denmark may make Australia even more attractive to you than is to some others.
It would be really appreciated if you would ask questions in these comments that are relative for the post, thank you.
Let’s face it, no matter which country you live in, you are faced with hundreds of taxes, most of which are just ways of getting more money out of you.
JUst a wuick abservation: if you guys had as much driving experience as we do here in USA, driving should be a second nature, regardless what side of the road you are on and where your steering wheel is. That’s one of the reasons I will stay in Southern California and ditch 3 great job offers in Australia.

The climate is the same, perfect pacific mild that is similar to mediterranean, dry and sunny. Our house is 2 miles form the beach in South Orange County (Laguna Niguel), I paid 680K few years ago.
My Ford F-350 diesel pickup that I paid 48K for brand new here in The US, costs as listed around 120K AU$ in Australia and nearly impossible to find. I am not going to list 2 Ducatis, 2 KTM off-road bikes and 6″ lifted, for off-road use only, Jeep Grand Cherokee and some other toys.
Well, we may have to work longer and harder, but I would rather work hard and long, and then spend quality time lounging with my husband in my nice house or exploring outdoors and getting adrenaline rush playing with off-road toys than working easy and then wasting my life hanging out in local restaurants and smoky clubs and not being able to leave the city in the direction I want, not the direction where everyone is directed to go (well, by mass transit if you will). There’s more to life than toys and one thing I have noticed and mentioned many times about living in Australia, is the free stuff. It sounds to me a bit as though your love for your material possessions is preventing you from enjoying a new life experience.
Not me though, so I sometimes wonder why I bought my second hand Jeep, spares are through the roof. The Chevrolet Camaro is imported to China and taxed for more than 50% but the price is only two thirds of that in Australia. Well yes, I have driven a right hand drive car on the right hand side of the road and I thought it was alright. But you can’t beat driving a left hand drive car on the right-hand side of the road and the right-hand drive car on the left-hand side of the road.
My perrents broght a german car here in australia and picked it up in germany at the factroy and try driving a right hand drive car on the right hand side of the road you need a passenger to help you to go on and off freeways for 3 months 18,500 km of driving around europe and they had no problem driving in the uk because they drive on the same side of the road as australia. Edmunds is tracking an $1,800 average increase in the price of used cars, as new-car sales have faltered with the shaky economy. Well if used inventories on large SUVs are low because of few trade-ins and lease returns, couldn’t that be blamed on high gas prices? Maybe the price of new SUVs has gone up, thereby increasing demand (and subsequently price) of used SUVs. Today, demand is up due to steady fuel prices, while the supply is down dramatically for 1-4 year old units because of low 2007-10 new sales during those years. Lower than (historical) average supply and higher than (historical) average demand equals higher prices. Any C4C effect would only affect the lower end of the market, with smaller dollar amounts involved. Conclusion: shorter supply through all price points, and increased demand through all price points equals higher prices through all price points. It took the bottom out of the used truck and SUV, forcing people who would have bought that $3000 explorer into a $5000 explorer or higher.
But, what happened is the Democrats got involved and decided to protect the bloated UAW contracts.
Now, the Asians will quickly bring lower priced offerings that undercut Detroit and this will be the end of Detroit.
Already, Hyundai sales are surging because they are undercutting Detroit prices with products that are as good as Detroit. The end game is the Asians will flood the market with low priced vehicles superior to Detroit vehicles in a few years, and used car prices will decline again. Detroit can not fool the American consumer to overpay for average quality products just so the UAW can be protected. C4C tightened up certain parts of the market (mostly with 8cyl) but should not have affected prices across the board.
Those exorbitant executive salaries determined by the class of folks receiving them is an enormous financial burden so lets allow mega-millions of highly-educated motivated folks cross the border as we look the other way to bring those multi-million dollar salaries down to a more reasonable 50K$ per year with far fewer perks and no Golden Parachutes and good riddance to stock options.
So, this year’s recovery of the pricing of that class of vehicles is more about a regression to the mean than it is anything else. One question that has gone unanswered is how much Cash for Clunkers has benefited the rest of us by killing demand for gasoline.
When you look at US gasoline production, as well as gasoline imports, it is terrifying low.
The people I know who really benefited from C4C were redneck famers, who traded in their SUVs for driving for a sedan, and kept another SUV for practical use. When all you have is a hammer (or anti-union bias), everything begins to look like a nail (or union-caused problem).
Prius), we expect cars in general to retain a meaningful portion of the gains realized year-to-date.
I have checked out the prices of five new (in blue) and five used (in red) cars both here in Australia and over in the UK. Go to the Google search box, it's near the top on the right hand side, and search the site for whatever you are looking for. I sold my lovely high spec leather seats all whistles and bells 2006 Toyota Aurion Sedan for a poulty $8,000.

I think someone else pointed this out earlier, cars here in Australia seem to wear much better than in the UK, they stay in good condition much longer. So for those who do appear to be paying more, when you come to sell that car, you usually get more back. I think Aussie cars hold their value very well on a global level, but I wouldn’t like to meet the man who had made that into a study. It would cost at least 2-2.5Mil in Sydney North Shores and beaches (Orange County of Australia).
Yes, even someone without trust fund, Daddy’s money, someone who has to work for living, can afford all that! Some of the best things in life are free and Australia is full of things you can enjoy for free.
By the way, I know one very sweet old couple who moved here from California many years ago, because they couldn’t stand the rise in violent crime in that part of the USA. So there is someone who thought it was a great idea to move to Australia from your part of the world, I suspect there are many parts of the world where this country is a very attractive prospect. But the increase in prices isn’t solely due to Americans tightening their belts and buying used instead of new. It’s believed that the program delayed purchases prior to the program and also pulled sales forward while in place.
Prices in the US for cars are already much lower than say Europe and Japan, and the Dollars weakness (against the Yen especially) will drive new prices higher. First to go was optics, then electronics, steel, appliances, heavy machinery and very soon, autos. I have a business acquaintance who practically gave away a paid off late model Ram 1500 in perfect condition and rushed to his local Nissan dealer to part with way too much money for some four cylinder shit box. Start by re-reading JPs economics-based post which fits the facts far better than a tired, over-used and largely fallacious argument about the UAW. Now I am back in the UK with my money trying to find a car and the secondhand market here is full of damaged and poorly appointed cars at this same price point. Some makes are more competitively priced than others and I think that may be down to the import duty deals federal government have done with various countries. Bringing the hard yakka into it will again make some difference, depending on which country you’re coming from. Personally I don’t think you can put a price on the glorious weather we get here in Australia and the general outdoors lifestyle it allows us to lead.
Besides, try to find 3000 sq ft with pool, 4 car garage and nice yard house in North Shores! Are people here rich enough who don’t mind throwing money away for an overpriced American car? Here in Australia you can drive a left hand drive car but it has to be around 30 years old they are normaly american cars but they can be converted to right hand drive.
The biggest price increases by nameplate appear to be for large SUVs and vans like the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Suburban, Dodge Grand Caravan, BMW X5 and Acura MDX.
The program also eliminated inventory of older vehicles that were traded and then scrapped… Now, those who need trucks and large SUVs are buying them and in many cases are turning to used vehicles as a way to save money. Clearly something is affecting the price of used SUVs… if it’s not Cash-For-Clunkers, what is it? Even if the manufacture builds in the US the commodity price of the raw materials will increase in USD terms. Of course this was called out in the late seventies by a railroad industry columnist, John Knieling, who observed all the raw materials being shipped overseas to make steel while the domestic steel industry went belly-up. He will never admit to it but his outright refusal to ever discuss this not well thought-out transaction speaks for itself. I would much rather get a secondhand car in Australia as they are more likely to be garaged and dust and dent free than the UK and much better specs inside.
I checked, the Aussie hard yakka is stronger than the Danish, which actually surprised me a bit. A long time habit of driving large SUV helps to navigate that rig through any traffic and clear spaces within an inch or two to spare.
Prices are high because this demand comes at a time when inventory is low as a result of the current shortage of lease returns and trade-ins for vehicles of this type. I bought my 2000 Eddie Bauer, about 135K miles, for $9,000 and about a year later I could have gotten a similar one for around $5 – 6K. For me this really does not tell the reader the whole story, Japanese cars and Asian cars tend to be better value in Australia as they are closer to ship to than European models.
A few years later now they are back up to around $7K with some dealers wanting more than that.

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