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Then, you may immediately notice the absence of any information in the Table other than the proper shipping name in column 2 and the Special Provision (130) in column 7. Differentiated from non-spillable batteries in that they are unlikely to generate Hydrogen or Oxygen when overcharged. Dry batteries that are specifically covered by another entry in the Hazardous Materials Table (eg. Dry batteries not specifically covered by another entry in the Table are covered by this entry.
HazMat Incident reporting pursuant to 49 CFR 171.15 is required for dry batteries transported by air.
HazMat Incident reporting pursuant to 49 CFR 171.16 is required for all modes of transportation (air, vessel, highway, or rail) of dry batteries. Batteries and battery-powered devices containing batteries must be prepared and packaged for transport in a manner to prevent a dangerous evolution of heat, a short circuit (packaging and separation methods are indicated), and damage to battery terminals (methods to protect terminals are indicated).

There are additional requirements for the transportation by air of batteries whose voltage exceed 9 volts. May be combined in the same package without inner packaging or other separation within the package. Dry batteries subject to a different entry in the Hazardous Materials Table may not be transported in the same package as dry batteries subject to this exception. Dry batteries with a marked rating of greater than 9-volt may not be transported in the same package as dry batteries subject to this exception. Question:  Does Special Provision 130 apply to the transportation of spent alkaline dry cell batteries? While the transportation of batteries, particularly lithium batteries, can be complicated and restrictive; the transportation of certain dry batteries (eg. My training for personnel involved in the transportation of hazardous materials or dangerous goods, by all modes, both international and domestic, will provide this understanding and ensure compliance with the training requirements of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration of the USDOT, the International Air Transport Association, and the International Maritime Organization. When Column 7 refers to a special provision for a hazardous material, the meaning and requirements of that special provision are as set forth in §172.102 of this subpart.

Used or spent dry batteries of both non-rechargeable and rechargeable designs, with a marked rating up to 9-volt that are combined in the same package and transported by highway or rail for recycling, reconditioning, or disposal are not subject to this special provision or any other requirement of the HMR. The rechargeable (and some non-rechargeable) types have gelled alkaline electrolytes (rather than acidic) making it difficult for them to generate hydrogen or oxygen when overcharged and therefore, differentiating them from non-spillable batteries.
For all modes of transportation, a written report submitted, retained, and updated in accordance with §171.16 is required if a fire, violent rupture, explosion or dangerous evolution of heat occurs as a direct result of a dry battery or battery-powered device. Dry batteries specifically covered by another entry in the §172.101 Table must be transported in accordance with the requirements applicable to that entry. Note also that this exception does not apply to batteries that have been reconditioned for reuse. For example, nickel-metal hydride batteries transported by vessel in certain quantities are covered by another entry (see Batteries, nickel-metal hydride, UN3496).

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