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Any step by step pictures to demonstrate how to successfully take the phone apart without destroying it?
If other manufacturers could fit big thin batteries like that we could all have big extended batteries that isn’t a friggen hump. Is it still water resistant with that BIG OLE gap sitting on the side telling water “enter here to ruin my phone”?
You are either being hilariously sarcastic, or painfully honest, of which the latter being the case, the only thing that will work for your bionic is swapping it, and its battery for an iphone. Motorola should provide free upgrades from RAZR to RAZR MAXX or maybe top up $50 – $100 for that extra battery capacity!
I asked if this was possible in the Motorola owners forum and was told by Matt (mod) that it was impossible.
I’m wondering if the SD card slot door still closes nicely or does it just flap in the wind? There are a few ROMs out for the RAZR that completely remove Blur (and some that keep the good Blur elements in).
I bought the galaxy nexus and my wife got the droid razr and at my house I had zero bars of signal and she had all five!!!…nuff said!
Good point, but what if you forked over close to $400 for the RAZR, only to have these bastards at Motorola release an EXACT replica of your phone with a bigger battery? It’s people like you who make me seriously reconsider buying a Nexus, I worry that everytime I pick up my phone the idea of you would come flying in like so much volleyed fecal matter and mess up that display. I never said my grammar was impeccable, BUT there is a difference between casual bad grammar and ass grammar. Join the South Park boys on Japan's most ridiculous, humiliating, and totally twisted game show! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with Doodle Jump, the #1 smartphone game of all time! South Park 10South Park 10: The Game is based on some of the most memorable moments from the first 10 seasons. MTV Star FactoryCreate the idols of tomorrow with MTV Star Factory, the game that lets you be the music mogul! Tiki Towers 2Swing into action with an all-new set of primate puzzles in the fantastic sequel to the award-winning hit.
Could you please make some tests with web browsing and watching videos non stop with 100 % charge ?
II understand its cool that they jammed a big battery in a thin phone, but I don’t really see what the fuss about the awesome battery is about.
Huge difference, and I’m glad I upgraded because I got tired of the extra battery in my pocket all of the time.
Just went to get mine today, but they were sold out ?? so it should be at my house in 2 days. Because the camera is awful, display horrible unless Max brightness, network speeds MUCH slower than my work Razr and wife’s Razr Maxx, I wish I could return the GNex. I hope the radio is improved by updates as well as battery life on the GNex, the display,speaker, camera, I just expect to get better on the GNex.
After using the work razr more , now the nexus seems to have a really washed display, birght darks, little color. I hate worrying and running test, at this point i would take a locked bootloader and wait for ics if i could retrun for the razr maxx. Reading that the sprint nexus will be improved really makes me sick too , it is as if they knew this nexus is flawed, since when would they change Nexus’ specs so quickly??? I agree, they should of released the phone with the right specs and not bothered with the slower one.
My friend has an Atrix with a 4″ qHD display and I can easily notice that the pixels on the screen are slightly larger then my Galaxy Nexus. And the RAZR MAXX Quad HD with an Intel chip a couple of months after that, then Droid RAZR MAXX Quad HD Dolby+.
I dont know about the tech catching up (only because the battery is the same, but just bigger), but I am a little upset that Moto can fit this giant battery in the worlds thinnest 4G LTE smartphone and other OEMs (esp HTC) are putting half the size in phones that have the room.
If you guys watch the disassemble show of razr , you will notice the internal battery is so thin, just about 2-3mm. Wanna sell it basically because I’m not a huge fan of Snapdragon processors and since its retail bought, it has never been activated, or even has the plastic taken off. You look like the dumbass right now, and I’m tempted to not correct you, but I guess I will. Isn’t it bad to keep your phone charged all night because it charges then discharges? That’s not what the Motoblur Help app told me on my DROIDX several months ago when I was reading it when I was bored when I was home and stuff.
The thing is that most phones charge in an hour to two and charging overnight would be like 9 to 10 hours or so, and that means it reaches 100 and then goes to 99 or 98 and it will recharge to 100. Moto’s statement is in reference to the charger being removed from the wall, not your phone being removed from the charger.
Don’t forget you have to do a full charge every now and then to recalibrate the sensor that detects how full the battery is. Last year's Droid RAZR paired a revelatory design with a lousy screen and lousier battery life. They're both very rectangular, with 4.7-inch 720p screens, 8MP cameras, and laminated kevlar backplates that feel as sturdy and futuristic as they look . The only only difference between the regular and MAXX versions (aside from that battery, and nominal differences in thickness and weight) is that the MAXX has 32GB of built-in storage, and the regular version only has 16GB. Moto's screens have gotten a lot better since the original Droid RAZR, and they're certainly sharper, but the color is very bad. These phones would feel very fast had we not just tested the LG Optimus G, which uses Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro. Both phones have a microSD card slot, NFC, and a micro HDMI port for pushing video right to a TV.
The phones also have GSM radios in them (in addition to Verizon's CDMA) which means you should be able to use them pretty much anywhere around the globe. The call quality on both phones is great, and the built-in speaker is quite loud, which is an important but often over-looked feature. Most importantly, both new RAZRs serve as a proof-of-concept that all other phone manufacturers should take heed of: It's possible to put a gigantic, two-day battery into a phone and still have it be nice and thin. Also on Gizmodo5 Gadgets Every Audiophile Should Have In Their Armoryprevnext of 55 Gadgets Every Audiophile Should Have In Their ArmoryA Portable Music PlayerA lot of people make the argument that smartphones have annihilated the once-popular Portable Media Player market, but for audiophiles like you and me understand that such an argument is flawed. The FiiO X7 focuses its attention on thing and one thing only- crystal clear, audiophile-grade sound.
The FiiO X7 is priced at Rs 42,299.Wireless HeadphonesNow, owning a hi-fi music player won't be much good if the headphones you use are not up to the mark. The Klipsch Reference X6i is priced at Rs 7,990.Portable Bluetooth SpeakersOkay, riddle me this. The UE Boom2 Portable Speakers are priced at Rs 15,990.Media Streaming DeviceSo you think all your music needs are sorted with the above mentioned devices? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Specs:  When a phone has top-tier level specs, we like to call it out first thing, so that you know exactly what you are in for. Design, Build and Feel:  Motorola definitely has its own unique take on how a smartphone should look.
Performance:  Thanks to the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 1GB of RAM, neither phone has any problems on the performance front.
Notification LED:  One of my favorite features on the RAZR HD is the massive notification light under the front speaker grill. Custom UI:  Motorola came out a week ago and admitted that they are trying to make their custom Android skin as close to being stock Android as possible.
On-screen Navigation Keys:  Thanks to Motorola trying to stick as close to stock Android as possible, they are one of the few phone manufacturers to adopt on-screen navigation keys. Developer Edition:  Motorola is aware that there are tinkerer and developer communities out there that want to do more with their phones.
Motorola has done a great job with the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD of creating a phone with high-end specs (for the most part) and industry leading battery life.

About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. An XDA member by the name wardo5757 has realized that the 3300mAh battery in the RAZR MAXX will indeed fit inside the regular RAZR and work! You could screw up and break something important in your device or you won’t like to deal with the slight gap in between the SIM card door and the new RAZR MAXX back (pictured below). I was mad to say the least about the MAXX but found a site that looks like it has a promising solution.
The screen on the RAZR is more color saturated than the Bionic, but looking further I discovered the reason for the saturation on the RAZR is because it has a blue tint to it.
I use the smart actions all the time, when I am at work it shuts down data to save battery, whe. I just upgraded from the Droid X2 to the HTC Rezound simply because of the lock bootloader. I simply launch at those who buy Motorola, especially when superior devices like the GNEX is out.
I don’t buy phones every 6 months so replacing my OG with the Maxx was the best thing ever.
Come on my friend if your going to take on the job of grammar police then please at the very least check yours. The first was a typical first day with a phone meaning it was nothing to write home about, while day 2 was impressive, to say the least. Day 3 was just so sporadic with no time for a full charge that the shots of battery status would not have made much sense.
My Bionic with the extended battery is a brick but the extended back cover is more comfortable to hold than the stock battery cover. I went into the Verizon store the other day while my wife was getting her hair cut and picked up the original Razr and the screen just doesn’t do it for me. Its crazy I know, but there is no point in having a 3G phone as a backup with the major pain VZW has made it to swap between devices. Did you check the settings on the Razr display to be sure the brightness hadn’t been turned down? Too late to return it, don’t really even want too but really, really envious of that battery, regardless of how much harder it is to tweak. I have the extended battery which has helped tremendously but still I get a good 8 -11 hrs sometimes more with around 2-3 hrs of screen time usually.
They need to fix the bugs in the phone still, or at least send the OTA update that they already have. My rezound with the extended battery makes it ugly but it lasts through my 12 hour shift with moderate use and when I get home its on 60%. With lithium ion and polymer batteries, it’s better to do partial charges than full charges.
The RAZR HD packs a huge 2,530mAh battery, whereas the RAZR MAXX HD has an elephantine 3,300mAh. Next to LG's Optimus G, the whites look yellowish-brown, and it's no where close to the HTC One X display's quality.
It is also the first Android based Digital Audio Player and has an Rockchip RK3188 SoC for audio processing and that makes this one of the few devices to support 32bit-384khz audio files.
You have your music needs sorted for both when you are at home or while you are commuting, but what about those times you are outdoors vacationing with your gang and suddenly everyone's in a mood to groove?
The rugged, stain and shock resistant and waterproof offering from sound veteran Ultimate Ears, is a treat to the ears.
Wait till you are stuck inside a room with ancient wired soundboxes and you desperately need make everyone listen to that obscure Led Zep song, you have always rated to so high. We advise you to go get the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter and turn just about any speaker into a wireless music streaming monster that they should be. After having the LG Optimus G for a couple of weeks with its HD IPS+ LCD, I would be lying if I said that the RAZR HD’s came even close to that device.
It’s multi-colored, and manages to glow wider than almost any other notification light in the business. The external speaker on the backside of the RAZR HD is hands-down, the best speaker in the business. Unfortunately, carriers want skins to differentiate between phones, but that hasn’t stopped Motorola from keeping theirs super minimal.
In fact, when they announced the new RAZR family, CEO Dennis Woodside said that the RAZR M, RAZR HD, and MAXX HD would all receive Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) before the end of 2012. I personally enjoy them because they eliminate the need to add room onto the chin of a phone for hardware navigation keys.
By the time you get done reading it, I wouldn’t be surprised if another dozen markets were lit up. They want to install custom software, remove bloatware, and feel like they fully own a device they just paid hundreds of dollars for. There should be one phone called the RAZR HD, and it should match up exactly to what the RAZR MAXX HD is. In their last couple of phones, these weren’t as much of a sore spot because you could go in and disable or uninstall most, thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are the type of consumer that finds yourself without access to an outlet or charger for much of a day, these would probably be your best options. Motorola’s competitors are all ready to introduce the future of smartphones over the next couple of months, which means doubling of RAM, moving onto quad-core processors, and even better display tech.
In fact, these phones very much feel like some of the more complete smartphones I have used in some time.
This revelation pissed off a ton of original RAZR early adopters as they forked out $299 to get it early, all while being kept in the dark about a possible battery behemoth coming just 2 months later. So if you are handy with the steel and want double the battery life, you may want to start replacement part shopping. And this is coming from someone that was sooo excited about the galaxy nexus!!!…epic fail samsung!
Day 3 was pretty much like day 2 in that battery was never a concern even though I had to kick things off at around 60% charge.
What I mean by that is, I woke up to a battery that had around 30% charge left, but was then only able to charge it for about an hour before heading out for the day.
I have yet to turn on WiFi during the last 3 days and have never once had to worry about battery issues. The rest of this phone is great including the build, feel in hand, even Blur looks ok, and now this bigger battery.
Personally I like high resolution displays so I am geared towards the higher resolution but for the average consumer it shouldn’t matter that much. Also, angermeans, you undersold the Nexus battery, its 1850, which means with two we get 3700, which is, as you said, significantly more capacity.
Even if they had an upgrade they would be paying less if the phone sells at 70 bucks which it is right now! Not sure how low it would have to get to start charging again but I’m definitely only doing a single charge cycle every night. It’s leaving the battery in storage at a very high or very low charge that can harm a battery. However, I have the extended battery, although it isn’t much bigger than the standard battery. They're powered by Qualcomm's dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and run a skinned version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which Moto promises will be updated to Jelly Bean by year's end. I tracked two hours of exercise via GPS, went on two long Navigation-led walks, all the while streaming music and leaving the screen on at full brightness. Contrast is inconsistent (though the built-in HDR mode helps with that some), and white-balance is all over the place. This is the phone you should take with you on business trips or long vacations, because you'll know you can use the hell out of it and it won't die. You're buying either of these phone primarily for the juice, so it's worth ponying up the extra hundred for more.
Smartphones, while paying attention to a lot of features, does not go deep into a single feature and that's where PMPs come into play. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes equipped with active noise-cancellation to block off any and every bit of ambient noise.

It is bass-heavy but fits comfortable inside the ear because of Klipsch's patented earbuds.
The UE Boom 2 can be taken just about anywhere and trust it to fill the surrounding with rich, dynamic music.
Stream all your music from your smartphone or tablet to any speaker with a 3.5mm or an RCA jack. Bigger and better displays, long battery lives, and closer-than-ever-to-stock MotoBlur are all a part of the theme. The RAZR HD has a 2530mAh battery, while the RAZR MAXX HD has a whopping 3300mAh battery tucked inside.
However, it’s still HD, brings the colorful ambiance that is a Super AMOLED, and looks great while watching videos or thumbing through a recent batch of pictures. It seems silly to be so excited over something so small, but this is one area where Motorola really hit it out of the park.
When watching videos, listening to music, and playing games, it almost sounds like surround sound. As you can see in the pictures below, MotoBlur (yes, I’m still calling it that) looks fairly close to stock, with subtle accents or OS design tweaks here or there. For those keeping track, that’s a major update from what they were released with in about 2 months time. But going forward, with Jelly Bean, they also allow for easy access to Google Now at any time and any place with the simple swipe up of the home button, something you will never be able to do with a phone that doesn’t have on-screen navigation keys.
Pictures come out fine at times (I lied, and really meant rarely), but mostly, they are a noisy and blurry mess. The price of $299 for the MAXX version is a bit ridiculous, knowing that you are only getting a battery with an extra 800mAh, along with 16GB of extra internal storage. Unfortunately, Verizon and their partners have decided that they don’t want you doing that any longer, and have made most of these apps permanent fixtures. While testing the MAXX HD, I was able to cruise into a second day of normal use with plenty of battery to spare.
While the RAZR HDs have nothing to be ashamed of, they don’t necessarily even top the Galaxy S3, a phone that was introduced 3 months ago. So with a 60% charge on me, I ran for almost 6 hours before the phone dropped to around 27% with moderate use. I would however, recommend that you make sure to plug this phone in at night because of the amount of time that it takes to charge. Again though the screen looks like garbage and it looks even worse after using the Galaxy Nexus for so long. I also got the one with the charger so its no thing tobcharge it as well and i have more than enough power to get me through the day even with heavy use. Both look very nice and certainly not enough difference to be a deciding factor on either phone including the iphone. I have WiFi turned on and I’m always connected to cell towers to get texts and calls and my brightness is set to auto. Even though I prefer my GNex with an extra battery (1800 + 1800 (or 2100 with extended) = 3600), the Motorola Razr Maxx is doing something right especially since 4G LTE is eating through my battery even faster. I downloaded several gigs worth of data over LTE, left Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the entire time.
You'll take three horrible pictures of the same thing in a row, then suddenly you'll get a great shot and you'll scream, "Why can't you do that all the time, you stupid phone!?" In a lower-end handset like the RAZR M, that's forgivable. Some of this is definitely Motorola's skin, which seems to trip up the lock-screen and keyboard. It has a long battery life of 15 hours and can also be paired with a second UE speaker to enable a stereo sound experience. Plug the device into any stereo, boombox, AV receiver, TV or even that old pair of PC speakers you have lying around. There may be phones already available and new ones around the corner that have slightly better specs, but these are nothing to be ashamed of.
Using an app like Light Flow, you can turn this light from light blue to green to purple to yellow depending on the application that wants to use it. It’s incredibly loud and clear, and makes any situation that requires sound, so much more enjoyable.
It would have been nice to see them launch with the latest and greatest in Android, but we’ll take a holiday update.
This phone can only be purchased through Motorola directly and at full retail, which means you’ll have to fork out $599 to have full Android freedom. The camera app darkens or lightens sporadically to extremes, sometimes in the same location and under the same lighting. Motorola appears to have listened to consumers when it comes to performance and all-day-usage. I then had some free time and plugged it in to see how long it would take to charge on the Motorola charger that it came with and it still took roughly 3 hours.
I dont see why Motorola didnt update this on the MAXX as the Droid Razr in China includes the 720p screen.
Razer max Sized batteries would be awesome though seeing as we have all been asking for it since Motorola invented the cell phone.
It’s also not good to charge the battery to 100% all the time so some manufacturers show 100% charge but the battery is actually just below that. Pair the adapter with your smartphone or PMP and play your music sitting from the other room, guerilla style. But at this point in the HD display game, there are so many pixels per inch that the naked eye won’t be able to pick this up.
If there was one knock against it, it’s that the notifications are almost so loud and violent, that they come off a bit distorted at times. My favorite new Blur feature has got to be the Quick Settings panel that can be accessed with a swipe to the left from your main home screen.
The Galaxy Note 2 will likely drop in at $299 as well, yet it has a bigger, more advanced, and beautiful display, the same amount of storage, has twice the RAM, and includes a special pen. If i were to leave my Galaxy Nexus on in airplane mode over night it would drop 20 – 35%, hence why I use my Droid. And I’m pretty sure kellex and 95% of people charge their phones besides their bed every night. As expected, they are both battery monsters, easily getting you through 10-15 hours on a single charge with the RAZR HD and much longer than that with the MAXX HD. Rather than cluttering the notifications pulldown, Motorola went a different direction by giving these options their own hidden page, a move I fully endorse. Poor move here, something that was probably forced by Verizon after seeing the success of the original RAZR MAXX.
In fact I thought that it was as I swore  I read a post about the China Razr on Droid Life sometime around the launch of this phone and then I swore I read that the MAXX would include the 720p screen. Android OS is the cause of it eating up anywhere from 20 – 35% making it the second biggest battery killer. Hopefully now that Google is in charge, there will be a bigger focus on creating software that produces great stills. Call me a geek, but I’ve been dying for a screen that matches up with my wives iPhone 4 for 18 months now and it is the single best thing I love on the Galaxy Nexus (yes, even more than I love ICS).
With my normal usage (which is still relatively heavy) I got through most of two days without a charge. In fact, I found myself religiously checking the MAXX HD’s life, because it seemed like it should have been dead hours ago.
Overall, this phone reminds me a lot of the last year or so of Motorola phones, but kicked up a notch on the refinement level.
Open GOOGLE-MAPS and it’s obivious that the clarity and color is better on the Bionic.

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