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One of Microsoft's Windows 7 hotfixes alters the behavior of Core Parking, preventing AMD's Bulldozer modules from entering a C6 sleep state as often.
Installing Windows 8 does translate to slightly faster benchmark numbers, and without the power spike. Then again, software fixes for hardware problems are only viable when software was the problem originally. I eventually talked the programmer into fixing the hardware problem, rather than doggedly looking for a never-quite-finished software solution. Of particular interest to me is that compilation with Visual Studio does slow down a bit on Windows 8. I wouldn't mind seeing if, with Windows 8 and the 8350, hardware can take full advantage of the software instead of the other way around. Nice to see this finally tested, looks like the performance boost isn't significant enough to matter but at least there is a 1% increase.
As Microsoft releases its latest operating system, Windows users are currently deciding whether to upgrade to the brand new Windows 10. The search tools included in Windows 10 have been significantly upgraded this aspect of the operating system. Windows 10 has also added several new features that are intended to improve the professional productivity of the software.
After the Windows 8 interface was slated critically, it would have been easy for Microsoft to dispense with it completely. A replacement for Internet Explorer is long awaited, not least because most serious Internet users have long since abandoned this often mocked browser. Windows 10 has also made numerous improvements over the previous version of Windows, many of which are intended to ensure that it is a slicker and more user-friendly piece of software.
Microsoft has also included tiling in Windows 10, and this becomes a useful function and not the intrusive and unwelcome addition that it was in Windows 8. Although live tiling sounding like an intriguing aspect of Windows 8 in theory, in reality the pain of looking around for information pertaining to notifications was a massive headache. This new feature of the Windows platform provides all notifications in one easily accessible place.
Firstly, Microsoft has vastly improved the boot up process for Windows over the years since Windows 7 was released, so Windows 10 is extremely fast compared to its cousin. A new feature that debuted in Windows 8 and is now carried on into Windows 10 is Storage Spaces.
In another attempt to mimic existing Apple functionality, Microsoft has built Windows Defender into Windows 10, providing a baseline virus protection that isn’t included in Windows 7. Windows 10 also includes a useful cloud service that wasn’t present when Windows 7 was released.
Massive improvements have been made to Task Manager compared to Windows 7, with Windows 10 having the ability to manage programs considerably more flexibly in this now updated operating system.
Windows 7 had the ability to burn ISOs, but this new operating system can natively mount and run them. Finally, the new file history system included in Windows 10 ensures that archiving is made considerably easier.
The early indications from Windows 10 are that Microsoft has done an excellent job with its flagship operating system. Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. One of the things most people do after upgrading to Windows 8 is to check whether their devices are in working condition. If your Windows 8 was a fresh install (or even an update), you should ensure that you have the latest drivers for audio. You might be able to find some apps provided by your PC’s manufacturer to help improve the overall audio experience. Installing the IDT audio driver and SRS Premium Sound has made my laptop sound better than ever.
To change the default app to Windows Media Player, right-click an audio file, navigate to Open With, and choose Windows Media Player. In the General tab, check ‘Run on Windows Startup’, because we intend to use this utility all the time, and it would be a hassle to open it every time you restart your computer. Speaking of hotkeys, let’s set the hotkeys for increasing, decreasing, and muting the system volume.
You could leave them untouched and memorize their keyboard combinations, but I’ll assign them to the buttons that correspond to Mute, Vol+ and Vol- on my laptop’s keyboard.
Now, click the empty button in front of Key Combination, and press the key (or combination of keys) that you want to use for increasing the volume. Although I set the hotkeys to F7, F8, and F9, remember since I don’t use these keys that much, I can afford to assign those keys to volume control.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. User Experience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts. I'm trying to understand the "buzz" in regards to the "metro" design in the upcoming Windows 8 user interface. Your question essentially says, "I don't like this, why does everyone else seem to like this? I really like where it's going - but I'm also interested in typography and design so this catches my attention. Firstly, I note that the 'funky' new UI and the 'traditional' old UI are going to exist together - you will have a choice to go Metro or go Desktop, albeit a generally improved desktop, building on the success of Windows 7.
We've already seen hints of Metro style design and interaction with apps like the Windows Media Center introduced with XP - clean focused design without the clutter, where the content is king and the user has less questions and less distractions. If you decide to stick with Metro, initially you'll probably only get interaction with Microsoft Windows applications - mail, browser, calendar, pictures, etc, and a smattering of others.
I could easily see the family PC sticking on Metro, but my development PC definitely won't.
The colors: Microsoft has always allowed you to change the UI's colors in the past, and Windows 8 should be no exception. The problem is, what I can see from the screenshot, is that it makes launching applications harder. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged metro windows-8 or ask your own question. Windows 10 has been released and promises to improve your PC experience like never before, but how does Windows 10 performance compare against 7 and 8.1?

Now, Windows 8.1 certainly scored highly when it came to outperforming Windows 7, but the flat design aesthetics certainly riled a few consumers in terms of looks an usability. Windows 10, therefore, presents the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to push the performance of Windows that little bit further and improve on its aesthetic appeal. To get a better understanding of what Windows 10 can offer consumers, we’re going to compare it against its two predecessors. Waiting for a PC to boot up used to be an agonizingly long affair where you had enough time to go and make a coffee! The speed in which a PC can boot up is always going to depend – to some degree – on the hardware involved, but operating systems also contribute towards this result. And whilst it’s no surprise that Windows 8.1 boots up in 4 seconds compared to Windows 7’s 5 seconds, you may be surprised to find that Windows 10 is the slowest of all three with 6 seconds. Due to the energy conscious world we live in, the sleep option for PCs has been widely celebrated. Finally, waking up from hibernation tells a similar story with Windows 10 taking 21 seconds as opposed to 23 and 27 seconds Windows 8.1 and 7 respectively. The digital world is an incredibly busy place these days, so any time saving benefits are welcomed with open arms by all PC users. Windows 10, therefore, you would expect to take note of this modern ire and build on its predecessors’ performances. Somewhat bafflingly, though, Windows 10 does not take the initiative of improving the application experience with a significant increase in speed. Everyone wants to have their hard drive working as quickly as possible be it either reading or writing data, so how does Windows 10 perform in this arena? In terms of synthetic performance such as CPU and graphics card performance, Windows 10 performs very strongly against Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.
Again, though, Windows 10 doesn’t always outperform Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, but certainly matches and holds its own in comparison tests.
Whilst we can’t state that Windows 10 bursts out of the starting blocks into an unassailable lead, we can tell you that it’s quicker than its predecessors in some key areas such as waking up, storage and entertainment options.
Sure, it’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a very new release and previous versions of Windows have always gone on to improve and optimize their performance with the latest updates. If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, though, it’s fine to carry on running with these systems for now as they will deliver solid performance, but the more bleeding edge user will be looking to upgrade to Windows 10. For more ways to secure and optimize your business technology, contact your local IT professionals.
Defragmenting places relative data closer together so the hard disk can run more efficiently.
Lots of web browser windows or tabs and open email  messages can particularly bog things down.
One of the most common causes of a slow Windows system is having more than one antivirus program running.
By selecting Open Action Center, Windows can help you remove one of the antivirus programs.
For more ways to speed up your home or office systems, consult your local IT professionals. To open the Performance Troubleshooter, click the Start button and then click Control Panel. Programs that run in the background that you don’t need waste memory and slow down the startup time for Windows. By clicking the up arrow, you can see the hidden icons, showing some of the programs that are running in the background. By un-checking a box next to the undesired startup program, you can prevent it from running when the computer starts.
Another way to examine and remove startup programs is with the System Configuration Tool.  To open this, click the Start button, type msconfig in the search box, and click the the same- named icon.
Click the Startup tab and sort through the programs to find the ones you want prevent from starting. If you are not sure whether it is safe to remove the program, perform a Google search of the program name. For more information on speeding up a sluggish computer, consult your local IT professionals. Applying that patch has a quantifiable impact on power consumption, which, in turn, negatively affects the efficiency of FX-8150. After all, everyone who bought a Bulldozer-based CPU (and anyone now in the market for a Piledriver-based FX) is hoping for sizable gains. In today's comparison, our baseline Windows 7 machine is loaded with a lot more patches from Windows Update, and they cumulatively seem to have a larger impact than the two manually-installed tweaks specific to AMD's Bulldozer architecture.
But Microsoft's latest certainly cannot be expected to uncork results that many enthusiasts were hoping might have been bottled up by a poorly-optimized operating system.
But now that we know Microsoft plans to roll out performance- and power-altering updates to Windows 8 right away, rather than waiting for a service pack, there's renewed hope for even a small nudge forward.
I was a little dubious about blaming Microsoft in the first place - this isn't quite the Vista scheduler and Phenom all over again.Good article. Any patching or hot fixes is the same as giving someone who is crippled a pair of crutches. This was a relatively low-key software release from Microsoft, certainly compared to the Windows unveilings of the past. Well, firstly Microsoft has included some nifty new aspects in this latest operating system, so let’s outline these aspects of Windows 10.
Microsoft has included machine learning in the search facility based in Windows 10, and this enables the by now infamous Cortana digital assistant to deliver tailored search results that are truly individual to you.
This lacks the flexibility that is offered by a full windowing system, and was much criticized at the time. Perhaps the most notable of these is Task View, which presents a visual summary up all open apps. Instead, the software giant has opted for a more versatile approach with Windows 10, which brings up the tablet user interface to appear only when it is required. So it was common sense for Microsoft to relaunch its Internet browsing software with Edge, and this seems to have received a favourable reception thus far. Thus, in Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced the so-called Action Center, which users of Apple machines could hardly help noticing is extremely similar to Apple’s Notification Center from OS X. It also gains credibility for being fully customizable, akin to Apple’s Notification Center, ensuring that this can become the ideal notification platform for your specific needs.
Many PC users decided that this apparently disastrous operating system was not worthy of their time, and instead stuck to the existing Windows 7.

Even early users of Windows 10 have already reported that going back to Windows 7 once one has used Windows 10 is extremely frustrating, simply owing to the longer amount of time it takes to load up. The new refresh and reset system enables you to wipe your PC back to factory condition while saving personal files easily. Whether or not you consider this adequate protection in the hostile world of the contemporary Internet will undoubtedly be highly debatable, but it is at least a step in the right direction.
This enables the operating system to sync system settings across any computer that you may choose to utilize using your existing Microsoft account. Every aspect of the Task Manager has also been improved cosmetically since Windows 7 was released, and it is certainly an improved aspects of the Windows 10 package. With the ability to designate a backup drive for the system, this new setup will automatically create continuous backups of all designated files.
You might ask why that is so important.  Without the proper (and complete) audio drivers, you might be missing out on a lot of functionality. So if your laptop supports such an extra functionality, make sure you try it at least once! You might’ve noticed how mp3 and other audio files have the new music icon on them, and opening those files fires up the Music (Xbox Music) app. Maybe when the music that’s playing decides to go louder, and you have to act before your ears get hurt. You might want to uncheck ‘Play Sounds’ in case you don’t like the sounds it makes when you change the volume using hotkeys. No matter how good your computer is capable of sounding, you won’t be able to enjoy it unless the output devices sound good as well! We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. And of course it's the UI for Windows Phone 7, which has been a good place for Microsoft to gather feedback. But until software providers really get on board with Metro, the more niche apps are not going to be available unless you load the desktop. Instead of having many application launchers on the desktop, you now have many different informations on the desktop.
And it's quite important for desktop operating systems to be able to launch applications fast.
Boot up speeds, thankfully, have improved, but still aren’t perfect and consumers are willing to invest in anything which speeds up this process. It’s here that Windows 10 really starts performing by taking just 10 seconds to wake up compared to 12 and 17 seconds for Windows 8.1 and 7 respectively. To open it, click the Start button, type Disk Defragmenter in the search box, and click on that icon when it comes up. There is a possibility that the program you are removing is an essential process or one that enhances the functionality of the operating system. Rather than swapping it out, he charged in with determination to create a software-based solution. And as the article pointed out; it is asinine to expect software to fix a hardware problem.
But this in no way reflects the importance of this piece of software for Microsoft, as the success of Windows 10 will be critical for the entire future of the corporation. This certainly makes searching for information using Windows 10 considerably more convenient and personalized. This new feature on Windows 10 also makes it possible to create a virtual desktop, without the need to download third-party software that was a requisite previously. Performance with Edge has been encouraging, although the lack of extensions is a disappointment.
This was publicized very strongly by Microsoft, owing to the fact that the removal of the Start menu from Windows 8 was an incredibly contentious and unpopular decision. This is certainly a massive step up from Windows 8, and a feature that will doubtless prove to be one of the most popular aspects of the new Windows 10 operating system. This might sound like something of a gimmick, but the ability to utilize a computer for the first time ever and find all existing settings intact can be extremely useful.
This is easy to set up and customize, and provides significantly improved functionality over older versions of Windows. While some devices (like Audio) apparently start working without drivers, some might require drivers to be installed before they’re functional. If you know about ‘Stereo Mix’, you might be surprised to know that it’s not available unless you install the audio driver. Mine came with ‘SRS Premium Audio’, which is essentially the same thing as Beats Audio (or maybe it’s the other way around, since the SRS and Beats’ control panels look the same).
At first I thought Microsoft had ditched Windows Media Player, but it’s still there and there’s a very simple way of making it the default program for playing audio files. Fortunately, most laptops now come with hotkeys for controlling the volume (sometimes bundled alongside the ‘bloatware’ that’s shipped with the laptop), or sometimes, the option has to be installed manually after downloading from the manufacturer’s website. As a result, some of the improvements will come from better performance, faster reactions, less memory used, longer battery life for laptops, less hardware dependency - all the things which were originally targeted at the mobile touch experience. This means that it depends what you use your PC for as to whether you use the Desktop or not.
Action Center can be accessed from the flag icon on the task bar to the lower right of the screen.
Had he identified the bad memory cells and kept his system from accessing them, he might have enjoyed about as much success as AMD waiting for Windows 8. If you think it should or can, then you are not qualified to give an opinion.Just calling it the way I see it. All Windows apps now run in familiar resizeable Windows, providing functionality familiar to users of the Windows software.
But did you know that Audio is one of the things that require proper drivers in order to perform efficiently? For example, in Windows 7, you press the "Windows" key, enter the application name, or a part of it, and press enter.
It’s called 3RVX, and what’s special about it is that it perfectly mimics the OS X (and iOS) on-screen volume indicator.
In what follows, we’re going to show you how you can make sure it delivers the best audio experience!

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