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Promotive makes every effort to ensure all prices and vehicle details on this website are correct. Before talking about the Mercedes Benz used car warranty, let us discuss about some of the following.
Mercedes Benz offers an attractive thing for those who want to buy a used car from Mercedes Benz.
In conclusion, if you are looking for a used and luxury car but it has a very tempting warranty, then you can choose Mercedes Benz as your choice.
All the cars that we sell at the advertised price come with a free 5-year drive-train warranty (within the purchase price).
Whether you're looking for a warranty for your car, motorbike or van, cover can include breakdown, manufacturer warranty, independent dealer warranty and after-market warranty.
With our partners Warranty Direct[1] you'll get parts and labour cover from day one of your car warranty policy, there's no limit on labour rates, and you'll be able to choose between using franchised dealers or network garages for repairs. The warranties - also known as mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) - offer protection against unexpected repair bills and cover for wear and tear. The extended warranty and car warranty options available will depend on whether you are covering a new car, a used car, or your current vehicle.
When you click through to Warranty Direct, the easy-to-use quotes process will ask you to provide the make, model and age of your vehicle - please note that it will need to be under 12 years old and to have less than 120,000 miles on the clock.
You'll be asked whether you already own the car, to estimate your annual mileage, for details of any existing warranty, if you have breakdown recovery, and whether there's finance owing on the vehicle. Your quote will then be presented to you, with the option to choose the length of the warranty and for prices based on independent garages or network dealers. If you're struggling with the choices or you just want to learn more, try our car warranty guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.
Find out about options such as manufacturer, dealer and after-market warranties, betterment, the length of policies, claims limits, mileage restrictions, and how a warranty can tie in with breakdown cover. There's more to read about pricing factors and the advantages and disadvantages of car warranties, with information on what you should and shouldn't expect to be covered - remember to look for possible exclusions such as oil leaks and wear and tear, and to consider consequential loss.

Basic manufacturer warranties only cover specific repairs such as air conditioning, electrical parts, fuel systems and stock radios, and are also known as bumper to bumper warranties.
When purchasing a new or used vehicle, remember to check your manual and talk with the salesperson to ensure you know exactly what is and is not covered under your warranty. For more information pertaining to warranties and protection programs, visit PermaPlate today. However, as these are used cars, the standard specification can sometimes differ from that shown. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. In this case, Mercedes Benz offers several services, in which you will get from the insurance Mercedes Benz. This warranty covers all sealed components under the drive train, including the drive shafts, propeller shafts, drive housing, bearings, universal joints, gaskets and seals. The best thing is, you can select the warranty according to your budget and the cover you need.
In case your car suffers from a mechanical failure, the cover provided by the warranty will reduce the amount you will finally pay out of your own pocket. Since the used car dealer has warranted your car, he has a moral obligation to deliver a quality car. To learn more about the different kinds of warranty supplied and upgrades available or to get a free quote, call Formula Cars & Commercials at (08) 9302 1833.
Not only do you need to make sure you are purchasing the right car for your lifestyle, but you also need to make sure that your car is covered from the potential of costly repairs in the future.
Typically, this type of warranty only lasts up to three years or 36,000 miles. Any issues pertaining to your vehicle’s tires, exhaust system, windshields, interior surfaces, exterior surfaces and batteries are likely not covered under a basic warranty, which means it is likely that you will face out-of-pocket costs in the upcoming years.
Other protection programs are available for purchase when you buy a vehicle to help cover costly repairs you may face from any unforeseen issues. Our Automotive Protection Programs ensure that covered damages will be remedied by professionals that implement the latest reconditioning techniques, meaning your vehicle will look its best for years to come.

Please satisfy yourself that a vehicle has a specific feature that is important to you before purchasing, our showroom sales staff will be happy to assist you.
The mean is that you will get a natural protection in driving through insurance offered by Mercedes. The special warranty given by Mercedes is almost the same as the warranty when you buy a new car. Formula Cars & Commercials has tied up with the National Warranty Company, to provide a range of warranty plans and products, for all its vehicles. Keep in mind that the ever increasing cost of vehicle repairs makes warranties and protection programs worthwhile. For those of you who want to buy a used car from Mercedes Benz, you do not need to fear or worry about the warranty. For that, I suggest you to buy a used car from Mercedes Benz as an option in buying used car. If you are a rich people, you probably do not get confused and worried to buy a new luxury car.
In this case, Mercedes Benz said that it will provide the same warranty when they buy a new car from Mercedes Benz.
However, if you are not rich people, you certainly will think harder before buying a luxury car.
Of course, this will attract the attention of some people, because there is hardly any company that would provide the same warranty used car with a new car. Especially if you buy a luxury car like BMW, Mercedes Benz and several other luxury cars, you will spend a lot of money to buy it.
But for those of you who do not have much money, you have to think a lot before buying a new car.

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