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When the vehicle is off, power will come from the energy stored up in your vehicle’s battery.
Though the individual affects are small, according to the report, it adds up significantly when all drivers are considered. Although charging a smartphone in your car may not add up to much cost to you individually, if you’re concerned about the collective effect of in-car charging, there are some other options to consider. Transport for London has recently announced plans to increase the congestion charge to A?11.50. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. For many Brits, driving is one of their biggest monthly expenses — but how much does running your vehicle actually cost you? Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or working out your monthly spends, Motorparks is here to help. From filling up to road tax, insurance premiums and breakdown cover, pop in your stats and see how costly your motor is. Have you ever found yourself hovering on the edge of an online catastrophe, trying to resolve some issue at work via your VPN link, while your laptop’s battery level continues to sink down to 0%? There are a number of different aspects to consider when you’re looking to prolong the battery life of your laptop when you’re using it on the go.
In this article, I’m going to explain how the charging process works when you’ve got your laptop plugged into your car’s battery (lighter socket), and how you can manipulate that setup to reduce the amount of fuel you use to recharge your car battery, and increase the amount of time that you can use your laptop while running off just the batteries that are available to you. It’s nice to have a 350 Watt inverter, which would be powerful enough to charge two laptops and then some. To understand how such a mobile charging system works and how to make it function more efficiently, it’s important to understand each component of the system and the part that it plays. The electrical supply system of a car actually isn’t all that complicated, so long as you’re not talking about the engine timing system or the computerized chip that runs it – that stuff can get a bit intense. Here is a very simple layout of the car’s power supply setup with an inverter hooked up like the one I have pictured above. This is an extremely over-simplified layout, but the main point here is to recognize what the major components are and what they do. The alternator is connected to your battery – a 12 Volt powerhouse of electrical current that feeds all of the systems inside the cabin of your vehicle, through a bank of fuses (not shown in the diagram above). With an alternator to work with, there are some steps you can take to cycle through charging and discharging the battery – taking advantage of the life of your own laptop’s battery as well – to reduce the time that your car has to stay running, and to increase the length of time you can use your laptop without the engine running. There are basically two modes of operation we’re going to play with when you’ve got your laptop plugged into the inverter, and the inverter plugged into your lighter jack. Once your laptop batter is at 100%, go ahead and turn the ignition of your car to the half-way position, so that the electronics in your car – like your radio, for example – still work. In this key position, the alternator is no longer turning, so while you’re saving gas, you are now running completely off your car battery.
If you have a smartphone that you’re using as part of your work in your mobile office, don’t forget that some cars have a second port inside of the center console between the two front seats. So, you might have run the car for a good 20-30 minutes while the laptop battery was charging. To extend the time that you can run in battery-only mode, make sure you’ve enabled the “battery saver” power option on your laptop. If you want to increase the time that you can run off your car battery, manually switch your laptop to power saver mode even though it’s plugged in. During this time, you’ll maintain 100% power on your laptop battery, but in the process you’re slowly draining power from your car battery.
A quick test to see how much power your battery has left is to quickly turn on the overhead light.
When you notice a change in the strength of that overhead light, it’s time to completely turn off the car ignition and switch completely to laptop battery. The cool part is that after performing this slow stepped-drain routine that allowed you to work for 6 to 8 hours before draining all available power, all you have to do is turn on the car ignition again, let the alternator perform its magic and recharge both your car battery and your laptop battery in less than 30 minutes, and then you can start the process all over again! Ummm, using DC from the battery, converting it into AC and using the laptop’s adapter to convert it into DC again for the laptop is the best way to prolong the car’s battery?
Anay – I’m not sure where you got the idea anyone was trying t prolong the car battery? At the same time, I do like your idea of using a 12 Vdc laptop charger and making the whole setup more efficient – that would definitely lengthen time available to be productive while mobile.
Hm, interesting idea but that is not enough energy for a laptop, it can just damage the batter IMHO.
Awesome tips Jim – although you might have misunderstood the discharge rate I was referring to. As someone who has been doing field communications and adding laptops to the mix for sustained camping and emergency (Code 3 vehicle and off-grid) operations, you do NOT want to do this with your car battery. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. The battery life of a laptop is an obviously important part of the laptop's overall performance. A laptop with a short battery life is a nuisance, especially when you're on the road and nowhere close to a power socket. I don't have a Print Screen button on my keyboard, which means I can't take screenshots using the normal method -- hitting Print Screen, pasting the image into Paint, and saving as a PNG.
At some point, Microsoft picked up the annoying habit of installing stuff on computer that users don't want. When I first started driving, I believed a car battery got charged fairly well by a running vehicle. I'm not sure where you got your information but the alternator does a much better job of charging your battery than a plug in the wall charger. It'll charge it up, but it puts a big load on that alternator for a long time while doing so, and can fry it. JohnOfSheffield -- That said, Palestine will exist when they understand that Israel exists, it's that blatantly simple!

No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Driving the car for 20 minutes or more with a healthy battery and a good alternator, will recharge the battery just fine. The alternator was meant to maintain the battery's charge, not repeatedly bring a dead battery back to full. It is not a good idea to repeatedly kill your battery, and then use your alternator to recharge it.
Brainwashed, mentally unstable, and stupid Intel user, screwed by Intel and located directly under a chemtrail. As for the OP, one thing that's likely really helping him is that many (most?) modern cars have some form of discharge prevention circuitry where they won't let a battery be drained to zero. It gives you immediate access to all of the contacts, music and information you could want at any time and anywhere. According to a report from Bloomberg, charging a phone from a USB port in a car will use up about 0.03 miles from each gallon of gas.
The report stated that when adding up the 3 trillion miles of driving done every year in the United States, that could equate to 100 million extra gallons of gas. Of course, each one will require some type of energy or power, so feel free to do some research to compare the pros and cons. Though most smartphones these days have done away with the ability to swap out batteries, phones like the LG G4 still retain this capability.
These use solar energy to give your phone a charge, and you may even be able to use some of them while driving. Maybe just a little, but not enough for you to worry too much about the effects to fuel economy or cost.
The leading new and used car dealership has created a handy motoring costs calculator to help you find out how much your car is costing you.
This is a situation that a lot hard-working mobile users often find themselves in, and the options available to keep that laptop battery charged are not as well-known as you might think.
If you’re camping, you might desperately attempt to locate an outlet available on the outside of a building somewhere. There are, of course, settings you can change on the computer itself to prolong its battery life when the laptop is unplugged, but beyond that, what about the process of recharging that battery? Keep in mind that when you’re using the unit, you will draw much more current out of your car battery, reducing the time you have available to recharge your devices before the car battery itself starts to drop too low. However, the electrical power system that feeds the power outlets inside of your car actually consists of just a few major components that you need to be aware of in order to fully utilize the system with your mobile office.
So long as your engine is running and turning the alternator, this 12 Volt car battery will continuously charge, and stay charged.
If you previously drained the laptop battery at all, then you’ll see the laptop battery charging up at this point. This runs everything, including the power jack (lighter port), directly off your car battery. You’ll see that when the key is in this halfway position and your inverter is plugged into the car’s power port, the power light on the inverter will still be on, indicating that it’s still receiving input power from the car. Some people can own a car for years before realizing that they have this second source of power.
How long this can go on depends upon how old your battery is, and what other systems you have running.
Is it nice and bright, or do you notice that it’s fading a little bit and not quite as bright as normal? Keep in mind that between running the car for about 30 minutes, running off the car battery for 2-3 hours, you’ve already worked for nearly 5 hours without even draining a single bit of your actual laptop battery life.
Here, it’s critical that you’re using power-saving features, like dimming the screen display for example. Have you developed different tricks to prolong the amount of time that you can work off your batteries? The only goal is to discharge each stage in steps – rather than, as most people do, just turn off the car and switch entirely to laptop battery only. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
So if you had a dead battery, after a jump start, running the vehicle for say 45 minutes would charge it up fine. Ever since then I've taken standard ~10-15 mile trips and the car has started up just fine, which is pretty surprising given the 30° F avg temps. Or maybe I'm pushing it and going to be stuck with an inadequately charged battery any day now? If I ever catch my kids doing anything with a computer except for normal stuff like porn and hacking into school to change their grades, I will beat their asses like a red headed step child.
Of course, these devices don’t always have a stellar battery life, meaning that your vehicle often becomes a quick and easy way to charge on the go.
If you want to avoid charging your phone through your vehicle, you can charge these portable batteries at home and then use them as need on the road. But, be sure to look into the alternate on-the-go charging options above or do a little research to find even more unique ways to keep your smartphone charged up. Compiled below is a list of the greenest, cleanest running cars to help beat the congestion charge and save money in the long run. If you’re traveling, you might stop at a rest area and hope that the roadside facility is equipped to handle technology-laden travelers like you. What is the smartest and most efficient way to keep your laptop battery charged without putting a tremendous strain on the charging system – like your car’s own 12 volt battery?
It is basically the voltage rating of the laptop power supply, multiplied by its rated current. Your alternator will be buried somewhere in your engine, usually recognizable by the copper coils visible in the holes along the side of the housing, and operated by the engine via a rubber belt. While you were driving your car around, or running it to charge up your laptop battery, your car’s battery was also fully charged by the alternator.

This is a convenient way to keep your smartphone charged even though you’re using the other power jack to power your laptop. Depending how new your laptop battery is, and how much you’ve got running on the laptop, you can actually run in this state for anything from 1 to 5 hours. If the goal were to prolong the car battery, that would be the way to go, and avoid discharging it at all.
But over the past few years I have been reading that in reality it charges the battery very little. But while charging your phone on the highway, you may wonder: does charging your phone in your car waste gas? 1.) Renault Zoe The Renault Zoe is a small, pleasant looking, five-door city car with an all electric motor underneath the bonnet.
However, if you really want to be prepared for high-powered computing when you’re on the go, there are certain things you can do to ensure not only that you have power for that laptop anytime and anywhere, but also that the power lasts as long as possible. A unit like a 350 Watt Inverter also has its own cooling fan, so this will unfortunately draw some extra energy from your car battery as well – but it isn’t enough to be concerned about. You can use your laptop in this state, drawing off your car battery, for an hour or more very safely. In my own experience, for the short-term use of several hours, this shallow cycling technique works extremely well.
Thata€™s because they might start to lose the ability to store a decent charge.Does your car seem to have electrical gremlins?
The Zoe comes with some useful standard kit, such as the ability to preheat your car on cold mornings.
If youa€™re looking for a small electric vehicle that doesna€™t break the bank, this has to be your best bet.
Battery hire from Renault does cost at least A?70 per month, but this includes a lifetime guarantee for the battery and roadside assistance. Thata€™s why todaya€™s handy guide will show you how to determine if you need a new battery or not. Here is what you need to know:Can your battery take a full charge?One of the best ways to rule out if your battery is dying or not is to give it a full charge. The body is made from carbon fibre so ita€™s lightweight and the cabin is light and spacious. Ideally, you should remove the battery from the car and attempt a trickle charge from it indoors.Depending on the size of your battery and its state of charge, this shouldna€™t take longer than 24 hours.
If youa€™re worried about running out of power mid-journey, BMW also offer a Range Extender model, which features a small petrol generator used purely to charge the battery. If it cana€™t, ita€™s time to go battery shopping!Have you checked the battery connections?Plenty of car batteries get misdiagnosed as faulty because people fail to check the connections to them are good.Start by removing the negative lead, and then the positive one from your cara€™s battery.
Grant): from A?25,680 3.) Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Do you want a super economic car but also need something which is practical? Well try this Volvo on for size, with ita€™s large boot, four-wheel drive and massive range. Volvo is marketing this car as an all-rounder, with the ability to drive 31 miles on electric power alone or switch to hybrid mode to return 155mpg. The V60a€™s abilities dona€™t stop there, it also has a performance mode, combining the 215 hp turbodiesel engine and the 70 hp electric engine to power the car to 60mph in under six seconds.
Essentially youa€™re getting three cars in one a€“ which might make the price tag a bit easier to swallow.
If your car no longer exhibits any electrical problems, youa€™ve found the cause of your problems!Does your battery look faulty?Sometimes batteries can show signs of faults.
Just like the Zoe, battery hire from Renault costs at least A?49 per month, but this does include a lifetime guarantee for the battery and roadside assistance.
Another clue is if the battery has swollen up.If you spot either of those signs, get your battery replaced immediately.
Although rare, ita€™s not uncommon for batteries in such conditions to explode!Are you using the right battery?Have you recently bought your car? Many people say the Panamera is ugly, but I think ita€™s the nicest looking four-door executive saloon available, just try not to go crazy with the optional equipment or youa€™ll find the car costing north of A?100,000. If thata€™s the case, an underpowered battery will have trouble starting an engine.Check with your cara€™s manufacturer to find out what size is needed for your pride and joy. With the optional convertible model youa€™ll also be able to enjoy the environment youa€™re saving. The added benefit of renting is that once the capacity falls below 75% they replace it for you. Pick Up A Rental Car 6 New Car Buying Tips You Should Know Our Selection of Top Cars for Winter Driving Some of the Best (and worst) Car Movies on Netflix Instant Everythings You MUST Consider When Selecting Your Car Insurance Provider Our intrepid team of writers works tirelessly to provide great content across a variety of interests.
With high-quality interior trim, blue stitching, five doors and heated front seats all as standard on the base model it makes the asking price of almost A?20,000 sound quite reasonable. If you want the most elegant and capable all electric car then look no further, but you may want to purchase a small fire extinguisher as well.
Introducing an all-electric version later in 2014 Ford are clearly planning for the future.
The electric Focus has a decent range and is bound to be as practical as ever but wea€™ll have to wait and see whether a Focus can really be worth almost A?30,000.
The i8 is also the most futuristic looking with a claim to fame, starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The BMW has an electric motor powering the front wheels and a three cylinder petrol engine powering the rear wheels, both of which help the car reach 62mph in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 155mph.

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