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It does not matter how much you paid for your car or how advanced it is, but chances are that you are using a lead-acid battery. Given that a quality car battery is expensive, you will obviously want it to serve you for days on end. After every 5000km, it is important to have your battery tested for voltage, that is, does it still discharge the required 12 Volts?
Every few months, you need to give your battery terminals a rub down with a wire brush to keep them clean.
Ensure that you purchase one that comes with heating options, as it will go a long way in shielding your car battery from the effects brought about by freezing and sub-freezing.
If you are storing the battery, then you have to make sure that the charge always stays at optimum, that is, 12.5 volts. Years ago in the days of generators (not alternator equipped cars) you could test a charging system by disconnecting the battery while the car was running.
There does not seem to be any good chart on the internet that lists all the cars that can suffer when a battery is disconnected, so we find it necessary to institute Rule 2: Install an a€?automotive memory savera€? before disconnecting the battery on any car.
If this last paragraph caused your eyes to glaze over, please take your vehicle to a mechanic that you know and trust and let him replace your battery. Call us if you need a tow to your favorite mechanic, a simple jumpstart, or even a recommendation to a good, reliable shop in your area.
For instance, I was pretty shocked when I found myself turning my car key on and getting absolutely nothing when I was sitting in a parking lot in kind of a remote part of Bainbridge Island.
We ended up leaving the jump on for a good 10-15 minutes and the engine finally came to life. Oh, and make sure your travelling companion isn't a smart aleck who is smirking the whole time and making comments like, "I thought you worked for a battery company?!!! So we've also learned that hot temperatures are as bad as extremely cold temps for your car battery, maybe worse! Extreme heat, like 95° F outside combined with high temperatures under the hood, accelerates corrosion of car batteries.
Battery cables transfer the current from the battery to other electrical components (starter, alternator, fuse block). The Green Battery Bucket is All Battery Sales and Service's pre-paid, no hassle battery recycling program. This is difficult to say right now as the first production electric cars with lithium ion battery technology are still very new, but most people agree they will last at least eight years before they reach what is called the 'end of life' – Vauxhall even has an eight-year warranty on the battery in its Ampera.But ‘end of life’ doesn’t mean the battery will stop working at that moment – ‘end of life’ is actually the point at which batteries reach 80% efficiency, so they'll still work pretty well for years after that. You should prepare some baking soda paste, dip the wire brush in it and then scrub your terminals gently, of course after removing the connectors.
To successfully shield your car battery from soaking in too much heat, use a battery wrap, which goes a long way with protecting your battery from the damages emitted by your car’s hood. You simply disconnected the negative battery cable, the positive battery cable, the battery hold down bracket and pulled out the old battery. When parked with the ignition key removed, they use the battery to maintain radio settings and memories in the Body Control Module, anti-lock brake system, climate control, Controller Area Network, transmission computer and other systems.

A Big box discount stores and auto parts chain stores will replace your battery, but they don’t use a memory saver. It was 7:30 on a Friday night, so it took about 40 minutes for my trusty AAA guy to show up. Here's what Interstate Battery says about heat and batteries: Why is it that people only tend to think about their car battery in the winter?
But in some cases, your mechanic may be able to cut the corroded part of the cable and install a terminal end.
Operating a battery at elevated temperatures momentarily improves performance by lowering the internal resistance and speeding up the chemical metabolism, but such a condition shortens service life if allowed to continue for a long period of time.
Most are using lithium in various combinations with other elements such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese, and I could go on, but I don't think you want me to! For instance, Lithium Ion batteries are a rechargeable source that has typically had a decent market value, certainly enough to cover picking up, sorting and recycling; whereas Lithium primary is a very expensive product to recycle. In fact, some Ford Ranger EVs from the late 1990s with less efficient lead acid and NiMH batteries are still going, nearly 15 years later.Lithium ion should fare a lot better, which is just as well because a new battery is expensive right now – they’re the major reason electric cars cost so much to buy – but prices will fall as more electric cars hit the road. Granted, every battery has a lifespan, but many batteries go down before they have lived their full life.
With that in mind, you will know when you need to recharge the battery when the lights start dimming or when the car fails to start.
If you live in South Africa or other countries where they experience winters, you will need to protect your battery from freezing. Patrick admires the resilient spirit of the African people and would love to see all of Africa on wheels. In some BMW models, disconnecting the battery can result in a need to reset with a factory scan tool.
Some simply plug into the cigarette lighter outlet and are powered by a 9-volt battery and cost less than $15.00. I asked him if it could be the battery with such a short time between turning off and turning back on. The fact is, summer heat can be even more damaging than winter's cold temperatures when it comes to car batteries.
The cables are located under the hood and are attached to the battery on one end and the engine and electrical accessories on the other. So now we have batteries that are called Lithium IRON and people think they are Lithium Ion. And Nissan says you're going to have to replace individual modules in the battery pack, rather than an entire battery, which will cost hundreds of ?s rather than thousands (or tens of thousands, if some reports will have you believe). Usually, if the battery is, say, about 2 years old, you may need to recharge it if you have trouble starting the car. Subaru may not allow the car to start, Toyota can suffer airbag problems, and Chevrolet Tahoe may suffer damage to the control module, which could require replacing.
This idea does not work with cars that use alternators because the battery helps to prevent the voltage from going way up to 20 or more volts and in some cars all the way up to over 100 volts.

The tow truck driver warned me pushing a truckthat the battery may not be the problem, but I was going with that since it would screw up my weekend the least. The capacity decrease is momentary and the level of decline depends on the battery chemistry.
It's a whole new enabling technology that is going to make breakthroughs in how energy is used. Unfortunately Li-IRON is the one that is expensive to recycle, and Li-ION is the one that is no charge. There are a number of other vehicles that can also have problems if the battery is disconnected.
In some vehicles, cigarette lighters are only powered when the ignition key is in the auxiliary or a€?runa€? position.
These cables can become corroded causing bad connections, which will not allow the right amount of current to be transferred to the electrical components in the car.
Just warning you that Lithium Primary batteries are expensive to recycle, so make sure you know what you are dealing with. People like the simplicity of knowing exactly what they will be paying for recycling, and since our buckets cost less than half of what national mail back programs charge, this is a no-brainer. Most car batteries are still changed the same way but things can get a bit more complicated and expensive with some cars. If you go to the internet, you can find a lot of a€?expertsa€? who are still telling people to test their charging systems by disconnecting the battery to see if the vehicle keeps running. Some vehicles will not retain proper memory on a 9-volt battery and so this is not the best method or maintaining radio and computer settings. After eight years the engine is a bit old and tired, perhaps a bit smokey, and doesn't have the same horsepower it had when new. Rule 1: Never, never, never, never (ad infinitum) disconnect any part of a vehicle charging system while a vehicle is running in an attempt to test it for proper charging system operation unless you like starting fires, blowing computers or spending lots of money to repair someone elsea€™s car. The second type of memory saver is designed to plug into the OBDII port under the dashboard and they use an internal 12-volt rechargeable battery.
With the tow truck cables coming off his 3 or 4 batteries I was getting nothing but a half-hearted belch out of my engine. Vehicles built before 1996 do not have OBDII so the 9-volt memory system may be the only method that will work on them.
Those units that can utilize OBDII are easy to use and have a much lower chance of failure when compared to the 9-volt plug-in types. The good news is that very few vehicles built before 1996 have systems that will malfunction if the battery is removed. I would think that could have been the problem all along, except when my battery was tested several weeks beforehand they informed me it had seen better days.

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