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If you don't use a charge controller circuit you'll burn those batteries up, and that's NOT a pretty sight. Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations. A simple stabilized 9V regulated power supply built with IC 723, 2N3055 and a few external components. I believe it is but as always, proceed with caution, especially if you don't mess around with circuits much. Each battery has a different max charge current (larger ones will have a really high charge current capacity), so exceeding that is REALLY DANGEROUS!! Here's a piece of nice in-house DIY engineering which can help a lot of guys out there looking for the best ergonomics for their electric motorcycle projects. Nevertheless, since even the DIY electric motorcycles are going to go for style in the end, being able to load a good-looking battery pack on your ride will really be important. All About Automotive Industry - Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Power Boats, Auto Parts, Gadgets and more! As there are many different options available ranging from cheap car batteries to electric car batteries, ask the person helping you what brands they recommend.
From here you want to loosen the bolt that keeps in place the cable running to the negative post. Related posts:Cheap Car Batteries Pros and ConsUsed Car Batteries Recycling - How Old Battery Can Earn You Some Cash? Intro: Solar Car Battery Charger DIYHere's how to charge your lead-acid car battery with a solar panel.
Step 4: Christmas Lights as Current RegulatorsIf your panel is too big for your battery, you'll want a current regulator to keep from boiling your battery. Your battery can be damaged if you charge it too fast, so don't get a panel that's too big for your battery. Some solar panels are made just for the purpose of maintaining batteries in vehicles that are parked a long time. Could I charge the batteries while I was using it and charge the batteries while the scooter was not being used?

I do like these ideas as I get to events that I can't get access to power but I would still like to use my laptop. Another question: when you are using your laptop with the solar panel and the batteries, do you use the power inverter and the laptop's AC Adapter to power the laptop? I am aware that not all laptops use 12 volt DC input but you can get DC to DC converters that output 24volts which then can be regulated to the laptops preferred voltage requirements. The upshot it that you get more than a few hours worth of operation over an inverter method. You cannot expect to boost 12V to 24V then reregulate again and have it be much better efficiency. YMMVIs an auto power cable a cable that will run a laptop directly from a car's battery?
If you took a discharged 12 volt car battery and hooked it up to a single solar panel like the ones on offer in maplins, it would take about 6 months to fully charge the battery to a usable capacity.
If you have a 15 volt output from your cell and it outputs 15 watts, your current output is 1 Amp per hour, on a small cell like a 7 Amp cell will take about 7 hours to charge assuming that your cell gets adequate light.
To charge a battery just connect the + and – terminals of the circuit to the corresponding terminals of the battery. When doing this installation it’s important to locate and know all the components as this can ensure you do a successful job while keeping you safe.
Sometimes what happens is sulfate builds on the unit and this white substance can prevent the battery from recharging. They may have resources there like a car battery size chart to help you in the selection process. While car battery cost should be a key factor, spending a little bit more to receive a top brand like Kirkland could be well worth the money due to the excellent performance and warranty they offer. Items like an adjustable wrench, adjustable pliers, safety goggles, a hammer and gloves can help you do the job well and safely. It takes in 12 volts DC from the battery and produces 110 volts AC that I can plug my sewing machine, laptop, etc into.
Consult the battery manufacturer's data to see how many amps it can handle, both while charging and discharging.

They don't go over 13.5 or 14 volts and don't ever produce enough current to damage the battery.
I'm driving south so I just set up the panel and drove into the sun, peeking over the panel.
Your cell voltage potential needs to be significantly higher, typically a solar cell needs to out put at least 15 volts to charge a battery.
Try it that way before worrying about a charge controller.Hi, Could you setup a solar panel to completely or partially run a trolling motor? If you notice some on the part, take a combination of baking soda and water and put it on the sulfate deposits to remove them. In most cases, you can go up to the counter and they can give you choices after searching in their computers by your vehicle’s make and model. If you happen to have a big panel and a little battery, there are tricks further along in this instructable. It looks like an army of bears and gramlins ate the insides of your car, then got themselves eaten by a dragon that was too fat to fit into a black hole, then shifted through time and interdimensional space to barf it back up, minus the fuzzy stuff that goes on the floors. When the battery is fully charged the ammeter reads Zero or nearly zero, after which the battery should be removed from the charger.
Next you’ll want to begin the reattachment process by first hooking up the positive then the negative terminal.
I then sniff to see if there's a burning smell, which means I need to pull over quick, open the hood, and put out an electrical fire. If the voltage suddenly jumps to 17volts I suspect the jumper cables that carry the solar panel current to the battery have gotten disconnected. Once everything is securely in place start your car to make sure it’s working properly and if it is you have done a successful car battery replacement.
If you have one remove it then carefully lift out the battery, making sure to watch for cracks where acid can seep out. When current flows the voltage drops due to internal resistance in the panel. If your battery voltage gets to 14 volts or if you hear a bubbling sound when you put your ear to your battery it means you're overcharging your battery.

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