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A simple stabilized 9V regulated power supply built with IC 723, 2N3055 and a few external components. The circuit uses a 0-14 volt 5 Ampere Step down transformer and a 10 Amps Bridge rectifier module to convert AC to DC. When the output is connected to the battery terminals, the meter shows a higher reading depending on the current flow into the battery. Actually i want to post a project for 12v 7ah bat charger ,this is a tested and found working ok circuit.Try this make sure you go for a 15v 2amp transformer. When trying to charge a 12v battery, the charging voltage must be greater than the battery or the battery will drain towards the charger (high to low). Thanx for the reply.A couple of questions more if you please.How much should the voltage measure at the output without a load?
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Some of the supplies to start using NiMh AA rechargeable batteries with my Browning trail cameras.
A Berger VLD bullet box works great for making a case to enclose the ten NiMh AA 12V battery pack. The Berger bullet boxes work good but I have since found that Black & Decker ForTools boxes work even better.
I just drill a hole on the rim of the door closure for the cord to thread out, a little spray paint and the Black & Decker ForTools boxes work great for holding the 12v NiMh battery pack. Recently I picked up a new Browning Recon Force (BTC-7FHD) that takes full HD video and a 2015 version of the Strike Force camera I really like. Combine the fact that I have been feeding multiple cameras hundreds of batteries through the years and the higher battery consuming newer models, I setout to find a solution that would not only provide rechargeable batteries but also provide greater longevity of the batteries before they stopped operating the camera in the field. I have found that when you have cattle coming into the same spring that the elk and deer love, several hundred videos can easily be recorded in a week. A nice feature to all Browning trail cameras is the ability to plug in an external 12V power source. For protective case to place the battery packs inside I am trying out reusing empty Berger bullet cases. I used some sand paper to roughen the outside surface of the plastic bullet box and then spray painted the box earthy green.

I have been testing this DIY 12V rechargeable battery pack and to looks like it is going to work great.
One downside to NiMh batteries is that I have heard somewhere that they loose their charge in hot temperatures, I think above 90 degrees or so. Since I first tried the Berger Bullet cases I have found a better case to use for the battery packs. Here's some of the first video I have got from the new full HD Browning Recon Force BTC-7FHD trail camera. Scouting for mule deer and elk with my Spec Ops, Range Ops and Recon Force Browning trail cameras. Journal entries from hunting coyotes, rock chucks, prairie dogs and the like with 243 WSSM and 223 Rem.
Since pulsed DC is good for Lead Acid battery, a low value smoothing capacitor is used as C1.To monitor the charging status, Ampere meter is provided in the positive rail. As the battery attains full charge, its terminal voltage rises to 13.8 volts and current through the meter ceases.
Also there is some voltage drop across the bridge diodes so the circuit already has a marginal supply voltage. Also,my transformer is 15 volts.What modification is needed to avoid overcharging the battery? The current into your battery is controlled by the state of charge of your battery and the power output and voltage of your charger.
I placed the batteries inside of a plastic baggie and then use the foam that comes with the bullets to pad the extra space inside of the box. These boxes have a metal clip on the back that makes it a breeze to just clip the battery pack to the strap that is holding the trail camera. The cases are ready to put in my Alps Crossfire X Pack to take to the woods to put on my trail cameras.
In the first couple of days of testing the cameras I realized that the batteries were getting drained a little faster than my older Browning trail cameras. With 32 GB SDHD cards I can get hundreds of videos but sometimes the alkaline AA batteries in the camera get drained out before the SD card is full. The problem with just putting rechargeable NiMh batteries into the camera is that NiMh batteries are only 1.2 Volts. I have used the Browning external battery packs that run on eight 1.5V AA batteries to make 12 Volts of juice.

Because the box isn't water tight I am placing the battery pack inside of a zip lock bag then placing this inside of the bullet box. I'm thinking this will eventually really save me in the battery expenses and I believe these packs should really out perform using alkaline batteries as there will be two additional batteries with the NiMh AAs and NIMH batteries maintain a very strong voltage over the life of the charge. The cases are Black & Decker ForTools cases that are designed to clip to your belt and hold screws and other small parts and tools.
This camera takes a little more juice to operate and my DIY battery packs should work great at making sure the camera has plenty of power before I return to check it again. The wiring on it was like a rat’s nest and it used 3 amp diodes which were running at their limit.
A lead acid battery will take what you throw at them (within reason) The charger you need will need a series resistor to limit the current. It's makes sense that recording larger files of higher quality video would drain the batteries a little quicker. With an eight battery trail camera and this would create only 9.6 Volts instead of 12 Volts. I also use the cut foam that comes in the bullet box to cushion the bullets to fill in and cushion the battery pack. On the other hand alkaline batteries start loosing voltage the minute you start using them. I might have to find some other cases to use until I burn through some more Berger bullets. There are also entries related to my experiences with the 243 WSSM, rifles, optics and other equipment and products I use.
I fitted a 12 volt 18 watt globe in series and then your will also indicate that you are charging.
What if I had a external battery pack that had ten 1.2V NIMH batteries for a 12V total pack? With a little paint and a hole drilled through the edge of where the door closes these cases work great.

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