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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The City of Raton received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant from the New Mexico Environment Department to fund a new recycling center consisting of a horizontal baler and collection containers. For example, an estimated 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold each year in the United States, enough to fill a football field 10 stories high. Compost or mulch your tree - Approximately 33 million live Christmas trees are sold in North America every year (EPA). Get creative with gift wrap - Wrap gifts in recycled or reused wrapping paper, paper bags, newspapers, funny papers, old calendars, magazines, mesh bags from produce, etc. Rechargeable batteries - About 40 percent of all battery sales occur during the holiday season.
Buy Foods in Bulk & Compost the Leftovers - Consider buying food and holiday snacks in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
Make Room for New Gadgets & Toys - Outgrown toys, clothes and furniture may be donated to charitable groups like Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters or other local thrift stores. Recycle Old and Defective Holiday Lights - Recycle old and broken holiday light strings at participating ACE Hardware stores or check with your local solid waste authority. Get Off the Mailing List - Overwhelmed with holiday catalogs received in the mail? Reuse Packing Peanuts - Check with local postal shipping stores to see if they will accept foam peanuts for reuse. Buy Recycled - When buying gifts, check product labels to determine an item's recyclability and whether it is made from recycled materials. Recycling Isn't a Chore: Make it Easy - Last, but not least, recycle your household items and make it easy for guests to recycle if you host a party. The Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority, which manages and houses Torrance County's American Recovery & Reinvestment Act funded recycling hub is officially collecting and processing recyclables from area residents. Once again the Torrance County recycling center is proving that recyling not only creates jobs, but also makes cents!
Expectations from rubberized asphalt roads include quieter traffic noise, smoother pavement, longer performance life and ability to withstand higher air temperatures. The study commissioned by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Solid Waste Bureau and the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) evaluated road performance of rubberized asphalt pavements both in New Mexico and other states. Solid waste managers around the state struggle to keep tires out of arroyos and would prefer to keep them out of landfills due to their size and shape.
This equals an 84% diversion rate with 2314 lbs diverted out a total of 2741 lbs of waste collected.
NMRC is pleased to make available standardized recycling signage through the Department of Energy ARRA grant funds. From Las Cruces Sun News - LAS CRUCES The Las Cruces Public School system is the first district in New Mexico to use new green technology to recycle plastic foam.
The school district purchased a Thermo Compactor and began using it at Mayfield High School in October. Plastic foam also known as polystyrene and commonly called by the brand name Styrofoam is a major environmental concern. LCPS continues to reduce its use of polystyrene, but there aren't currently any economically viable alternatives when it comes to the disposable food trays that Mayfield and some other schools still use. Giant Rubber Water Tanks has been visiting Lee Ranch and other mines all over the country for years, and is even looking into global expansion. City officials have signed a contract with Friedman Recycling to construct a new recycling facility.
Only 6% of city residents recycle, but officials hope the plant and the distribution of 22,000 new recycling bins next March will raise that rate to 24%, the station reported. Nearly 1.5 million more recycling jobs would be created if the national recycling rate reached 75%, according to a recent report. The summary noted that the higher recycling rate would mean reduced pollution and improved public health, along with generating strong local economies with stable employment bases. According to the report, not only would reaching a 75% national recycling rate create nearly 1.5 million more jobs than in 2008, but it also would reduce CO2 emissions by 276 million metric tons by 2030.
From Resource Recycling - Following the lead of its neighbor to the south, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is encouraging grant proposals that will establish a hub-and-spoke recycling collection system. The New Mexico Recycling Coalition has developed a hub-and-spoke recycling scheme that seeks to create an economy of scale to make recycling feasible in rural areas. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which is refocusing its mission to increase access for recycling in underserved areas of the state, is seeking to emulate the hub-and-spoke model through its Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity program. NMRC's Executive Director, English Bird, has traveled to Colorado to discuss the hub and spoke process and how it works well within rural communitites. Applications that meet hub-and-spoke criteria outlined by the department will be given extra consideration. Keep America Beautiful sponsored a video contest as part of the 2011 America Recycles Day campaign. For the fourth consecutive year, Ace Hardware stores across Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico are accepting strands of holiday lights for recycling to benefit Lights For Life. Lights For Life sells the donated light strands and extension cords to a recycling company for the copper and PVC they contain. Last year, Ace Hardware customers across the three states donated more than 30,000 pounds of holiday lights to the campaign, raising $14,000 for families of children diagnosed with cancer and bringing the total amount of lights donated by local Ace customers since 2008 to more than 77,000 pounds. According to Consumer Reports, a typical homeowner spends approximately $11 in energy costs to burn 50 feet of traditional lights for 300 hours, while the same use of LED lights costs less than 15 cents.
Holiday lights and extension cords can be dropped off at participating Ace Hardware stores between November 15 and February 15. The rising flow of batteries is a result of strict new Environmental Protection Agency standards on lead pollution, which make domestic recycling more difficult and expensive, but do not prohibit companies from exporting the work and the danger to countries where standards are low and enforcement is lax.
Mexican environmental officials acknowledge that they lack the money, manpower and technical capacity to police a fast-growing industry now operating in many parts of the country, often in dilapidated neighborhoods like the one here, 30 miles northwest of Mexico City.
Batteries are imported through official channels or smuggled in to satisfy a growing demand for lead, once cheap and readily available but now in short global supply. An analysis of trade statistics by The New York Times shows that about 20 percent of spent American vehicle and industrial batteries are now exported to Mexico, up from 6 percent in 2007. Spent batteries house up to 40 pounds of lead, which can cause high blood pressure, kidney damage and abdominal pain in adults, and serious developmental delays and behavioral problems in young children because it interferes with neurological development. Lead battery recyclers in the United States now operate in sealed, highly mechanized plants — like labs working with dangerous germs. But for much of the past decade, at the vast recycling compound of Industrial Mondelo here, batteries have been dismantled by men wielding hammers, and their lead melted in furnaces whose smokestacks vent to the air outside, where lead particles can settle everywhere from schoolyards to food carts. The recycling factory has put a neighborhood of children at serious risk of lead exposure, said Marisa Jacott, director of Fronteras Comunes, an environmental group in Mexico City.
A sample of soil collected by The Times in the schoolyard showed a lead level of 2,000 parts per million, five times the limit for children’s play areas in the United States set by the Environmental Protection Agency. While Mexico does have some regulation for smelting and recycling lead, the laws are poorly enforced and even licensed plants are allowed to release about 20 times as much lead as their American equivalents, said Mr.

Some American companies recycling in Mexico say that they already exceed that country’s requirements and that they intend to bring their Mexican plants up to American standards. Which is why doctors and teachers in Mexico are demanding testing in a country that has little or none.
From Waste & Recycling News - Their names are Jerry and Jake, a pair of dapple gray Persheron draft horses that wind their way through Bristol every Friday morning, pulling a wooden trash collection wagon designed to look like a sleigh. Palmer and helper Lynda Malzac are familiar faces to those along their route, where residents put out an average of about 150 bags of trash each week for collection. At another point, a father and infant daughter waited patiently by their bags of trash with a bribe. Through a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Services Solid Waste Management Grant, the Northeast Recycling Council provided technical assistance and training about waste reduction, recycling, and composting to rural schools in Connecticut, New York, and Delaware.
Several resources were developed to support waste reduction, recycling, and composting in the schools. Youtube of Congressman Bill Flores (R) Texas Promoting Recycling on the House FloorCongressman Bill Flores (R) Texas Promotes Recycling on the House Floor. From Resource Recycling - A non-binding resolution expressing support for the recycling industry received unanimous approval from the U.S. SR 251 includes many notes pointing out the positive impact made by recycling on the U.S. Additionally, the December 2011 Recycling Course that was scheduled for December 6-8 in Santa Fe, but was cancelled due to the snow will be rescheduled for February, 2012 in Santa Fe. From Resource Recycling - A new report from the State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation has found that criminal elements, including organized crime, continue to infiltrate the state's waste disposal industry and are now increasing their presence in a related and less regulated business: recycling. According to the report, New Jersey lawmakers, regulators and law enforcement have taken action in past years intended to weed out real-life Tony Sopranos from the state's waste management industry.
However, investigators with the commission have found that individuals with ties to organized crime, some of whom have been banned from the solid waste industry in New Jersey, still continue to profit from refuse hauling and recycling by setting up front companies, operating as owners of real estate or equipment and by working through businesses set up by relatives.
The report mentions that as recycling has become more global, particularly with e-scrap recovery, the largely unregulated industry is growing more susceptible to infiltration by criminal elements.
The lack of oversight preventing unscrupulous figures from entering the recycling industry can have real consequences. The report points out that businesses involved in C&D recycling are not required to undergo the same background checks as waste hauling companies. When New Jersey enacted a law 25 years ago aimed at bolstering recycling, according to the report, the consensus was that the industry was not a lucrative one, and lawmakers did not want to burden it with licensing and permitting requirements. Plastics scrap imports through China´s Guangzhou customs fell by more than 80 percent in the past two months, as the local customs tighten the enforcement of a newly implemented regulation on solid waste import. The nation´s plastics recycling industry are fearful of a radical shakeup, once the government decides to order all customs across the country to strictly comply with the new regulation. According to statistics from China´s General Administration of Customs, the first and second quarter this year each saw about 520,000 metric tons of scrap plastics enter China through the Guangzhou customs, but the volume dropped drastically to 240,000 tons during the third quarter, down by 35 percent year on year. The Guangzhou Customs is a gateway that handles a large portion of China´s plastics scrap imports. Beijing issued the new regulation earlier this year, aiming to better control waste imports. Being a major importer of plastics scrap, China relies on imports for half of the plastics scrap it recycles. Ding Lisheng, a director from the Guangzhou Customs, said in his speech at the Replas event that the borrowing, renting or selling of plastics scrap import licenses and the reselling of imported waste were "not unusual" in Guangzhou region, due to regulatory loopholes.
The new regulation is putting the plastics recycling industry under pressure, as it may significantly reduce imports once the strict enforcement practice is extended to all customs across the country. Statistics show that China´s total import of plastics scrap felt 11 percent year on year in August, but rebounded by 1 percent in September and 11 percent in October. Chen Zhuhan, vice president of the CPPIA recycling committee and owner of Zhongheng International Trade Co.
NMRC is also pleased to welcome aboard our latest Lifetime Platinum Member – Peabody Energy! ONP will consist of sorted, fresh, newspapers, not sunburned, white blank, pressroom over-issues, containing the normal percentage of rotogravure and colored sections.
Back on the farm in Iowa, we had dozens of vehicles: Tractors, combines, grain trucks, work trucks, regular trucks. There might not be a place that refurbishes batteries near you, but you can still get cash or at least trade for your batteries.
The new center is expected to be on-line by early 2012 and will accept household recyclables: cardboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles #1 and #2, Aluminum and Tin. If every family reduced their mailing list by just one card, the nation would save 50,000 cubic yards of paper (California Dept of Resources Recycling & Recovery).
How about giving Mom a book that you really enjoyed, and thought she might also find interesting? After the holidays, look for ways to recycle your tree instead of sending it to a landfill.
Buy rechargeable batteries to accompany your electronic gifts, and consider giving a battery charger as well. Take along reusable shopping bags and you’ll help reduce the number of single-use, disposable bags distributed by retailers.
Buying recycled encourages manufacturers to make more recycled-content products available. Take advantage of the time together with friends and family while decreasing your energy usage. Four rubberized asphalt projects completed this year in the NM Department of Transportation Districts 1 and 2 show those Districts’ willingness and interest to use the product, based on successful experience of other states. Unlike scrap metal and other recyclables, which hold a value when recycled, communities must pay to have their tires properly disposed. As part of a community collaboration with the Downtown Action Team and others, the Grower's Market launched an agressive recycling and composting campaign during the 2011 season. Signage is available on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible communities and NMRC R3 Cooperative members until funding runs out.
The machine melts up to 1,200 meal trays at a time into a solid block of hard plastic about two-feet long, four inches high and six inches wide.
Even though it makes an inexpensive and flexible food and beverage serving container, it is not biodegradable. The district lacks the large-capacity dishwashers necessary to properly clean reusable plastic trays. The compactor then applies conductive heat to convert the trays into a liquid resin that is cooled into a solid block of plastic.
Operating the compactor three times a week at the school means about six to eight fewer large plastic trash bags full of solid waste will be produced by the school and transported to the landfill every school day. The melted end-product produces things like flower pots, pavers, picture frames, all while protecting our environment and landfills and drastically cutting our waste transportation costs. The website also encourages waste reduction and supports local donation centers for items that are reusable.

Each of these communities host recycling-oriented websites that effectively provide their residents with information on what can be recycled and where.
Within the next 18 months, Friedman Recycling will build the Material Recovery Facility in an effort to spur growth for automated, cart-based recycling in residential areas, according to KOB-TV in Albuquerque.
This is equivalent to 72 coal-fired power plants or taking 50 million cars off the road, the report said. Under the arrangement, "spokes" are established in more remote areas of the state that collect recyclables and feed them into regional "hubs," where the materials are sorted, baled and sold to market. Funded by a landfill surcharge, the program has awarded $5.3 million to 54 projects over the last five years throughout Colorado that increase waste diversion. Lights For Life is a nonprofit organization that strives to make life easier for kids with cancer and their families. Local stores hope to increase this year's donation by 50 percent and have set a goal of collecting 45,000 pounds of holiday lights and extension cords during the 2011 holiday season. LED lights are also more durable than incandescent lights, often lasting as much as ten times longer than traditional lights, and because LED lights burn cooler they are safer to use and reduce the risk of fire.
The holiday light recycling program adds to the growing list recycling programs offered by area Ace Hardware stores.
Lead batteries are crucial to cellphone networks, solar power arrays and the exploding Chinese car market, and the demand for lead has increased as much as tenfold in a decade.
About 20 million such batteries will cross the border this year, according to United States trade statistics, and that does not take into account batteries smuggled in as mislabeled metal scrap or second-hand goods. Their smokestacks are fitted with scrubbers, and their perimeters are surrounded by lead-monitoring devices. Would a plate of cookies be enough to allow them to jump on board for a little ride along the trash route? Senators Tom Carper (D-Delaware) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) this summer to the overwhelming agreement from the recycling industry.
Details about the rescheduling once finalized will be sent to all attendees registered for the December course.
The commission found 30 individuals barred from working in New York's waste industry who have managed to set up shop in neighboring New Jersey.
In this particular instance, the company kept its permit, even after being involved in illegal dumping, and was still paid $985,000 under a contract with two mob-associated firms. However, the report notes that as the industry has become more profitable and international in scope, the state needs to bring more oversight to it. During the first 10 months, it processed a total of 1,303,000 metrics tons of plastics scrap imports, taking up 20 percent of the nation´s total import volume and ranking first among all customs. 1, Guangzhou Customs has been a designated pilot site to strictly implement China´s new policy on solid waste imports, causing the recent significant drop. Along with solid waste of recycling value, a lot of non-recyclable waste also found its way into China, polluting the environment, said a spokesperson from China´s Ministry of Environmental Protection at the 2011 China Replas in Guangzhou. According to data from the customs, China´s annual imports of scrap plastics increased from 2,460,000 tons in 2002 to 7,400,000 tons in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 26 percent. He said the new regulation can effectively prevent "disordered flow" of solid waste and smuggling. During the first 10 months, China imported a total of 7,390,000 tons of plastics scrap, up by 5 percent compared to the same period last year. Ltd., warned that the strict enforcement of the new regulation will soon be extended to the entire country. He urged recyclers to transform themselves, devise innovative business strategies, and invest in new technologies.
This includes giving prices for a newspaper seven grade of paper instead of Mixed Paper, which was quoted prior to November 2011. 118 participants delivered plastic #1 and #2, mixed paper, cardboard, Aluminum and Tin to an old shoe factory, which will house the new recycling center.
Or why not give your niece that expensive toy you splurged on, but your kids quickly lost interest in? Check with your community solid waste department and find out if they collect and mulch trees. Rechargeable batteries reduce the amount of potentially harmful materials thrown away, and can save money in the long run. Environmental Protection Agency estimates nearly 95 billion pounds of edible food, or 27 percent of the U.S.
Leaders in the utilization of rubberized asphalt include California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, providing twenty years of data and comparisons to regular asphalt paving projects. She also noted that several rubberized asphalt projects have been completed on municipal and private property paving projects.
The crumb rubber is then mixed into asphalt and applied as a component of the paving process. Finding viable uses for tires, preferably with a market value, is ideal – one of which is turning tires into pavement.
In order to distribute as many signs as possible around the state, we may not be able to fulfill the total number of signs requested. And, using the compactor instead of a dishwasher saves water and doesn't require the use of chemical cleaners.
The website has an interactive component, as the groups involved are striving to keep up-to-date and accurate information on the website.
Colorado, which is similar to the Land of Enchantment in many key regards, is hoping to import the model. Many Ace Hardware stores also accept used compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), mercury-containing thermostats, used cell phones and rechargeable batteries for recycling. In September, more than 60 18-wheelers full of old batteries crossed the border each day, trade records show.
If there are additional openings available, NMRC will send information out to members via its list-serve. The town’s elementary school is on the same block as the recycling plant, which recently moved the bulk of its operations to a larger facility elsewhere.
He stressed that the industry supports the government´s objective to better regulate the industry but many recyclers are not prepared well enough. If you’re expecting a big crowd, organize it like a potluck and ask your guests to bring dishes and silverware for themselves.
Once there were a dozen or so batteries stacked up, we'd drive into Omaha, Nebraska to sell these batteries to a refurbisher. One of the best ways to reduce your waste over the holidays is to plan ahead for the meal and practicing portion control.

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