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We want to be the only place you will ever need to go for your e-cigarette smoking (Vaping) supplies. The eGo-T Ce4 Starter Kit is the perfect device to get you up running on your journey into the world of electronic cigarettes. The body of this ecig is a black battery with a rubberised easy grip finish meaning you will be able to keep hold of it, and trust me you will want to! The Ego-T CE4 starter kit gives an amazing amount of flexibility as it comes with an empty CE4 atomizer and can be filled and then re-filled with whatever flavour and strength of e-liquid you choose.
This is really simple to use and the cheapest electronic cigarette that can come near to the same level of throat hit and vapour production of a traditional cigarette.

The only downside to buying one of these ecig kits is that you will be so annoyed with yourself for not having done it sooner.
Bundle #2 After Printing, I Fed It From My Silhouette Cameo To Initial Automatically Read The Registration Marks, Plus Then Cut Out My Designs. Those with conditions which may be created more grave by nicotine could avoid e-cigs, because could expectant plus breastfeeding ladies. The Ego-T CE4 kit comprises a CE4 atomizer head, a battery 1100mah and also a USB charger, the only thing you need to add to this will be the e-liquid flavour of your choice to get you started Vaping. BUNDLE #2 After printing, I fed it from my Silhouette Cameo to initial automatically read the registration marks, plus then cut out my designs.

The battery is rechargeable and will be good for up to 300 recharges and with most people can last up to a couple of days on a single charge.

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