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If you’ve ever found yourself with a dead car battery, you know just how frustrating it can be – not to mention the cost of replacing it. Using the alternator to recharge from a deeply depleted state is very hard on your battery because it charges too fast. This is especially true for cold climates, where starting the car is extra taxing on the battery.
Another alternative if you do find yourself with a dead or very low battery, is to use a good quality battery charger to slowly bring the battery up to full charge.
Always take care to follow your car manufacturer’s instructions as well as the instructions on the charger. If you find yourself with a dead battery and have no choice but to jump it, it’s still possible to reduce some of the stress that the process puts on the battery. If you have any concerns whatsoever, you should consult with one of our experienced technicians at George’s Transmission and Auto Repair.
Take your car or truck to George’s Transmission and Auto Repair for the best and most cost effective vehicle Repair and Service in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, St.
Kitchener LocationGeorge's Transmission and Auto RepairExpert Car and Truck Repair338 Victoria St. To make sure that this is an event that you experience as infrequently as possible, try out the following tips for making your car battery last. A battery’s terminals are a common spot for corrosion buildup, blocking the current from passing from the battery to the cables.
You may not know it, but dirt and other gunk on the casing of your battery can actually drain its power.

The plastic sheet will keep your battery warm during the winter and cool in the summer, greatly extending its life.
This can be harder than you think, because letting your car sit without starting for just twenty-four hours in hot weather can be enough to significantly drain your battery. But the principle applies to warmer climates as well: the less often you start your car, the less work your battery has to do.
Because batteries are so often at less than a full charge, experts suggest that you use a battery charger from time to time to keep the charge up.
Things like, cellphone chargers, GPS devices, DVD players and on board computers keep car batteries from maintaining a full charge.
If you think your battery has died, you can try to scrape the corrosion away with a screwdriver or pliers, or call a professional if it looks serious.
If you’re buying a new battery, think about going for a smaller size so you can fit the blanket around it- it will likely last longer than a larger battery with nothing protecting it. During cold weather, letting your car sit without starting for several days sitting for several days will frequently cause a complete discharge.
This will keep all the small accessories, like your clock, from draining your battery’s power. It’s generally recommended to charge with a charger once a month during hot weather and once every three months during colder times. The ideal process is, if possible, to put your car in neutral and push it into the sunlight, then leaving it there for an hour or so. However, problems arise when a car’s demand for electricity is constantly high and you are driving in stop and go conditions or short trips around town.

Similarly, using your headlights, radio or other power accessories when the car is off can severely deplete your battery. Try combining several short errands into one longer trip, or take your bike, public transit or walk if you’re up for it.
The increased temperature will make the jump start go much more smoothly and put a lot less strain on your battery. If you suspect that your battery may be depleted, some highway driving will help replenish it and keep your battery fully charged.
Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations or consult with one of out experienced technicians at George’s Transmission and Auto repair. Quality Repair Service - Quality Parts. At GTA-Auto you will get one of the best Free computerized engine diagnostic services in the Kitchener-Waterloo Cambridge area. The technicians working at GTA Auto are trained in state of the art engine diagnostics and will perform a computer scan to properly diagnose your driveability problem and estimate the correct required repairs the first time.
We are always ready to talk to you about how to use the engine diagnostics results to get the best performance out of your vehicle.We completely guarantee all our parts and our labour for one year or 20,000 kilometers.

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