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The DeWalt DCB120 12 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Battery Pack, is one of the top selling batteries in our stock. Before finally making your order, review the product specifications and item dimensions below and be sure that it will work with your existing wireless tools. If you want a replacement high capacity battery pack that work longer than a regular NiCad battery pack, check out the Nimh or Lithium Ion if available. The DEWALT DCB120 12-volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery Pack features a compact lightweight design with quick 40 minute charge time. The maximum initial voltage on 12-volt max batteries (measured without a workload) is 12-volts. Note: Product details and information is subject to change and may vary depending on the model or options you chose.

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In case if it’s already sold-out, simply come back at a later time or try to search again the categories on the right and search for other options.
Review the user's manual that came with your wireless tool and look for the correct part number of the Dewalt battery pack ideal with your unit. Based on the voltage rating, you can try to browse on our category on the right and find them. Replace Part Number:DEWALT 152250-27, 397745-01, DC9071, DE9037, DE9071, DE9072, DE9074, DE9075, DW9071, DW9072.
Or you can get an equivalent model made by other brand with same specifications by searching the categories placed on the right.

Battery cells such as the Nimh and Lithium Ion with the identical quantity can store more charge than standard NiCad 18 Volt batteries. Keeps your tool working longer on the jobsite with a genuine DEWALT 12-Volt MAX battery pack. To avoid any accident or breaking the unit, better buy a compatible charger based on the kind of battery pack you want to order.

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