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Most of simple design use 555 pulse generator, and some newer hi-power models even use PIC controller. Sulfation, or lead acid crystal buildup on your battery plates is by far the most common cause of battery failure. On ebay you can find different voltages and models that have integrated chargers (maintenance chargers). We had few days of rolling power outage that lasted in 2 hours blocks while they were working on grid. These are standard lead-acid deep cycle batteries, meaning that they can and do release gas when discharging. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. Answering please take note that I have some electronics and microcontroller knowledge, I have oscilloscope in my workshop.
Car batteries are not too expensive, but an unanticipated failure of one could be quite expensive. Usually desulfation is achieved by passing "high voltage" (often around 50V) through the battery. Desulfation will usually take quite a while before the effects are completely reversed--some people have stated it can take up to a month, and possibly even more. You will need to be able to pulse around 50V to the battery, and have a power source capable of handling preferably >1A (even though the circuit should draw less than half that, it'd be a good idea to be able to supply more just in case). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged batteries or ask your own question. Desulfator prevents sulfation on your battery and reverses the existing lead sulfate crystals on the plates. So I started to do research on how to extend a life of UPS batteries to last during these down times. Remove old batteries and solder a longer wires to original wires going to UPS batteries (make sure you get large enough wire, proper gauge).
The simplest way to do this would probably be by using a 555 timer and a few other components to send the high voltage pulses into the battery.

You'll need to do some extensive testing on your circuit to make sure it's not drawing too much current and that it stays cool, so that it will be able to last that long. I don't normally recommend following electronics circuits from there, but this one may be worth a try. The most trouble is, atx power supplies, the largest multiple the coil is wrapped around nuveyi. 30W is sufficient for mounting those, but it’s hard to solder thick wires and chassis. To do this safely indoors, you need a well-ventilated room OR you need to use sealed batteries. Get 2 car batteries (lug)  connectors from your car parts shop and place then at end of cables. Generally desulfator circuits draw around 300mA, though it can fluctuate widely depending on the design you use. Ideally you would have it powered from a wall wart, so you don't have to worry about draining any other batteries.
In these cases, 40W soldering iron is inevitable, it makes for cheap of this stuff deteriorates in a very short time. My Long term plan is to convert UPS battery as battery pack for power tools for larger job.
I take absolutely no responsibility for any damages, injuries, legal problems or anything that might occur after following these instructions.
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Do keep in mind that some UPS use one 12v battery and others have two 12v (24v), so you will need to get two car batteries and link them. The 50Ah to 60 Ah batteries are good starting point, they are big enough but not to big to over load UPS inverter.
1mH olan bobini yuksek gecirgenlige sahip kucuk bir nuve uzerine az bir sar?mla halledebilirsiniz.
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