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Temperature rise in a 70 degree room is about 15 to 20 degrees for the FET, diode and inductor. So horen sich Ladeimpulse auf einem benachbarten Taschenradio an - das ist ein Verfahren, das sich bei der Fehlersuche in einem damals noch begehbaren Rechner schon bewahrte. Fur die Musiker unter euch, die uber ein absolutes Gehor verfugen: Diesen Ton werdet Ihr nicht kennen. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen: Eine Referenzspannungsquelle baue ich vorsichtshalber ein, verwende sie aber noch nicht (man kann es auch ubertreiben).
Hier ist der sich daraus ergebende Spannungsverlauf am Akku nach einem Trenn-Kondensator von 1 uF ohne Gleichspannungskomponente.
Fazit: Der Akku ist hin, ich verwende ihn nur noch als Spannungsbegrenzer fur den Wechselrichter und bringe halt in einer Kuhltasche die Kalteakkus frisch aus dem Gefrierschrank von zuhause in den Garten. Prophylaktisch setze ich sofort den mikroprozessorunterstutzten Desulfator ein und hoffe, dass der Akku ein paar Jahre langer halt. If you are located in any developed country, you should report these individuals to the local authorities because they are breaking several laws.
If you live in a 3rd world country where this type of environmental abuse is tolerated, you have my sympathy.
As long as the circuit does that, then it will do probably as much as any other device that exists on the market.
In any case, the resonant frequency would likely be extremely high, since we are talking about (one imagines) the resonant frequency of the bonds and the atoms inside the molecules of lead sulphate. A combination of that resistor and that capacitor cannot change value fast enough for the circuit to operate at anywhere near the frequency you suggest. At some point you have to realise that the original circuit was poorly designed and that there may be more than just this one aspect. If you are sufficiently interested you can purchase single copies of their magazines for on-line viewing.
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Hmm looks like the only thing the AVR is doing is generating a pulse… might be cheaper to use a smaller AVR with PWM or a pulse generator IC. Surely, three weeks of this thing chugging away, eating electricity, would negate any savings.
Is there any way that this trivial task could be done with MIPS r10000 CPU or at least Pentium 4? People used to bring in HOT car batteries spitting acid sides all bulged out and plunk them down on the counter expecting me to test them or something.
I remember one was literally smoking and would shake all by itself, I left it on the counter for hours and avoided going anywhere near it. If these devices are so marvellous, why hasnt the industry taken it more seriously (I dont mean battery manufacturers who surely dont want you prolonging battery life), I mean Solar power Cos, Industrial UPS suppliers, electric vehicle mfgs etc ie serious players. From an electrical aspect I cant see how the device powers itself from the battery then reinjects back into the babttery.
Get a high current welding machine starting at 50A, connecting to a high current diode and connect to the poles positive to positive on the battery, negative to negative. Precaution, flood the battery until its recommended level, open the caps to allow safe gassing. Charles Lakins has updated components for the project titled DPS-1520AB Server Supply Hotswap Breakout. S1 aus und S2 an lasst den Desulfator arbeiten, er schickt dazu Impulse von 3,5 A zum Akku, der aber irgendwann nur noch 10,7 V liefert.
Und bevor ich im Winter taglich uber 22 Kilometer radle muss eine Losung mit einem Mikroprozessor her.
Ein kleiner Mikrokontroller liegt sowieso noch rum, Forth lauft darauf auch, also frisch ans Werk. Fur 317 € geht ein neuer her und ladt nicht nur (uberwacht) bei Sonnenschein die Akkus von Rasenmaher und Heckenschere, sondern auch bei Bewolkung - so wunsche ich mir das.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. That is when I stopped looking at your circuit, even though its problems go much farther than that.

Besides all the obvious voltage issues, it is driving a 1000pF gate capacitance through a 275K resistor. Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum.
The typical victims of these scams are individuals that have enough knowledge to pick out exciting keywords, but no enough knowledge to understand them. It is pushed almost exclusively by those that have a commercial interest in selling desulphators. If a 12V lead-acid battery sits with a voltage below 12.3V, sulfur crystals will begin to form on the lead plates. Denn der Akku mit seiner Nennkapazitat von 85 Ah sollte diese besagte Lampe immerhin fur 50 (nein, nicht Minuten, sondern) Stunden versorgen konnen. This crystal growth increases the internal resistance and eventually makes the battery unusable.
The success display is when you shock the batteries with welding machine, the sparks get stronger, showing that the current flowing through a battery is getting higher. A battery desulfator sends high frequency pulses through the battery to create a resonance that will break up the crystals. On a 60lb automotive battery, it will take approximately three weeks to completely desulfate. Embedded below is a video where he explains the device and other techniques like load testing. I never had a problem with discharge, but if you have ever seen a capacitor spot weld a motherboard then you should treat these things like that.

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