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A trickle charger maintains, charges and conditions the car's batteries whilst the car is not in use.
They plug directly into the mains power supply and charge the battery as and when it needs it. They start with a standard charge until it's fully charged, then depending on the model, they will maintain the charge, condition the battery, equalise and desulphate (desulfate) the battery. This is the 2nd Ctek charger I purchased, you can pick them up online from car sites and eBay.
I don't see the point in the large clamp connections so we will be using the other type.

The instructions state that the actual charger units are also waterproof but I haven't tested them.
I only have 2 but their range updates regularly and the specs change so go with whatever you require.
My first Ctek charger was a basic XS800 which charges the battery and cuts off when it's fully charged. If you have a Ctek charger with several charging programs like my XS 0.8 then this is what they do. Highly sulphated batteries will still show a 12v output but won't create a high enough amperage. Uses a lower voltage (12.6 volts) for an initial charge to ensure the battery will accept a charge.

Now the charging is complete, the charger checks the output of the battery to ensure it can hold a charge. Gassing helps to mix the acid and water to increase power and efficiency at the lead plates. My SSG is made from a simple lawn mower wheel, radio shack magnets and scrap electonic parts.

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