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Worked fine except for the store in Everett was not very familiar with processes or online purchases when asked about them. When you're looking to get off the beaten path this summer, make sure your checklist starts with Interstate RV batteries.
These batteries supply a steady supply of current for a long time (often called a house battery). With 405 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and 100Ah of Reserve Capacity at 25 Amps, youa€™ll have plenty of starting power for all your marine and RV needs.

Interstate Batteries Marine and RV line utilize a unique new chemistry that is ideal for seasonal use.
Now, no matter where you are in the country, you have access to the guaranteed lowest pricing on Interstate's entire line of Marine and RV batteries.
Interstate Batteries Marine and RV line of batteries will provide you the power and endurance you need to keep your equipment up and running season after season. By working directly with Interstate Batteries national network of wholesalers, youa€™ll never wait for your Interstate Battery.

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