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The best bang for your buck in terms of kilowatt hours delivered per battery dollar spent is at the knee of the last chart.
To get the degree symbol ° on Windows hold down the Alt key and type 0176 on the keyboard number pad. If you are the type where the painting is more important than the frame, or you just like movies, join me in listening to the podcast. Although helpful and enlightening, this discussion about battery life expectancy isn't really relevant to my post. Ideally, you'll have a proper 2 phase VFD (like the Shannon Liu Quadrature Drive), but those are really hard to find. Instead of going with a 3 in 1 kit, the idea of inserting a start cap in the compressor motor circuitry had occurred to me. Finally, I whole heartedly agree with your last statement that most inverters have low voltage cutoffs that engage way too quickly. What you are describing sounds more like a run cap, only the way you are describing to wire it sounds wrong. If you're willing to open up the inverter, many have internal adjustments for output voltage and frequency.
Your suggestion to open the inverter and make voltage and frequency adjustments is probably beyond my understanding. A basic equivalent circuit of the lead-acid battery is modeled by a voltage source with an equilibrium voltage (VE) in series with an internal resistor (Rin)(see fig.1). Furthermore, it is to consider that these parameters depend also on the current direction (charging or discharge).

In case of discharge, the minimum voltage level acceptable for a lead-acid battery is defined as discharge voltage threshold.
Fig.2 shows the discharge profile of a typical battery type at several constant current rates.
For applications with low ambient temperature, the lead-acid battery must also be protected against freezing of electrolyte.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact support. You really don't want to draw a true deep cycle lead-acid battery (read medical AGM or gel or golf car flooded) down below 50% SOC, and for a faux deep cycle like a marine battery even 50% is too much.
Too shallow of discharge and the battery dies from old age before you get your money's worth out of it, too deep and you kill it.
It is also available via the character map, and on Windows 8.1 devices with a touchscreen via the on screen keyboard.
I have no clue what it is and there is no such thing other than in your posts, according to google.
It must be noted here that this configuration can describe only a current state because the magnitude of VE and Rin are not actually constant, but is function of many parameters such as state of charge (SOC), temperature, current density, and aging of the battery. The typical end-of-discharge voltage at these discharge rates can also be noticed where the voltage starts to drop steeply. Both gases mix together in the battery providing detonating gas (explosive!) and escape through ventilation opening in the vent plug.
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This threshold is basically given in the data sheets by the manufacturer for different discharge currents. With the gassing, the battery loses also water, which must be refilled according to maintenance within regular intervals.

In case that the battery is left longer after deep discharge, lead of the support structure is converted to lead-sulphate in rough-crystalline form, which during charging can be only bad or cannot be converted again anymore. The gas is the unwelcome secondary reaction of the chemical conversion during charging because current is consumed for the electrolysis and therefore the storage efficiency of the battery is made worse unnecessarily. The result is called the Nominal Cycling Capability, which is expressed as the number of equivalent 100 % nominal capacity cycles.
As a result, the battery loses a part of its storage capacity; besides loss of support structure arises as well. The relation between the discharge current and the voltage during discharge for the lead-acid battery is presented in fig.2. At higher discharge rates, the electrolyte in the pore structure of the plate becomes depleted, and it cannot diffuse rapidly enough to maintain the cell voltage. The starter battery typically has a low cycling capability of less than 100 nominal cycles, which means that it is able to withstand for example 500 cycles of maximally 20 % depth of discharge.
However, intermittent discharge, which allows time for electrolyte diffusion will improve the performance under high discharge rates. The battery appropriate for PV application requires a good cycling capability of at least 500 nominal cycles, which means that it should be able to withstand for example 1000 cycles of 50 % depth of discharge (fig. The thermistor is attached to two prongs (one I presume is the start and the other is the run connections). However, in my case, we are talking about a few batteries and a cheap inverter running a few appliances in a van. I can definitely see how a VFD (especially the Shannon Liu) would reduce the voltage surges on start up as well as in combination with a thermostatic control reduce the demand on my batteries and thus extend the life and lengthen the discharge cycles.

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