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12V Voltage and MF Battery Type 12v 100ah deep cycle battery, View 12V Voltage, PROFLEX Product Details from Beijing Prostar International Electric Co., Ltd. Referring to Dan Masters' diagram below, a vehicle's charging system is composed of an alternator (or DC generator), voltage regulator, battery, and indicator light or gauge. While the engine is running, the charging system's primary purpose is to provide power for the car's electrical load, for example, ignition, lighting, audio system, accessories, etc., and to recharge your vehicle's battery. In the Balmar Alternator Output diagram below, the power output curves are shown for 65 amp and 85 amp alternators.
As in the Bosch Voltage Regulator example below, most voltage regulators are temperature compensated to properly charge the battery under different environmental conditions. If a battery terminal's voltage is below 13.0 volts with the engine running and the battery tests good after being recharged or if you are still having problems keeping the car battery charged, then have the charging system's output and ripple voltages and current output under load tested. The "Battery" or "Alternator" light is an indication that there is a significant mismatch between the voltage that the charging system is producing and the battery voltage.
If the electrolyte levels, alternator belt is OK and the battery terminal connections are free from corrosion, then take your vehicle to an auto parts or battery store, and have the battery and charging system tested (highly recommended) or use the troubleshooting guide above.
The vehicle's electrical load is normally satisfied first by the charging system and then any remaining power is used to recharge the battery. A simple test to determine if the charging system is large enough is to check the battery's State-of-Charge after the surface charge has been removed. Your scooter or motorcycle battery is one of those maintenance items that should be checked on a regular basis so that your ride is ready to start and perform the way you expect.
When a battery reads only 12 volts under the above conditions, it’s almost fully depleted.
If your scooter or motorcycle will not start, you usually do not have to look much further than the battery for the source of the problem. A few minutes of monthly maintenance will keep your battery working perfectly and also help to ensure a long battery life. Monthly battery maintenance will extend battery life and will make sure your motorcycle or scooter will be ready to start when you want to go. Removing the battery from the scooter begins by spraying the battery with battery cleaner such as Krylon #1336. If the overflow tube appears dirty, kinked, or clogged, remove the overflow tube and clean it by spraying battery cleaner through the tube. If your battery was severely discharged for some reason (signals not working, horn quiet or tail light not coming on when the key is turned), charge it up with a motorcycle battery charger (never more than a 2 amp charger).
Re-install the battery in the reverse order or removal making sure that the overflow tube goes back in the correct position.
If you remove the battery from your bike DO NOT store it on a concrete or metal surface, place the battery on a wood or other non-conductive surface. If you accidentally get battery acid in the eyes, flush for several minutes with water and seek immediate medical attention.
If you get battery acid on your skin, flush with water or a mixture of water and baking soda.
Clean up acid spills immediately using a water and baking soda solution to neutralize (1 lb.

Properly connect the charger to the battery: positive charger lead to positive battery post and negative charger lead to negative battery post.
When it's time for a new battery, shop at a reputable scooter or motorcycle shop that understands the unique requirements of your particular machine.
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Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The alternator's output capacity is directly proportional to the RPM of the engine and alternator's temperature.
Note that the 65 amp alternator in this example produces more current output (power) at a lower RPM that does the larger alternator until approximately 3300 RPM. So, when the charging system fails, usually a "battery" or "alternator" warning indicator or light will come on or the voltage (or amp) gauge will not register "good". Over time, this combination tends to undercharge the battery and to cause electrolyte stratification which causes the battery to gradually loose capacity due to an accumulation of lead-sulfate or premature failures. Also, have the car's parasitic load, the electrical load with the ignition key turned off, tested. Some vehicles use a voltmeter or current meter to indicate if the charging system is working. In the United States and Canada, some stores like Auto Zone, Sears, Wal-Mart, Pep Boys, etc., will test them for free.
For example, if the total electrical load is 14 amps and the charging system is producing 35 amps at 2500 RPM, then up to 11 amps will be available for recharging the battery, which will take approximately six minutes. If the State-of-Charge is consistently above 95%, then the charging system is fully recharging the car battery based on your driving habits and electrical load. If you are leaving your scooter or motorcycle for any period greater than a couple of weeks without riding, it’s a good idea to get a battery tender to keep your battery in optimal condition. Twelve volts is just a nominal, convenient term used to distinguish one battery from another. No 12-volt battery will remain at over 14 volts for more than seconds unless it’s being charged.
Keep the battery charged to 100%, recharging when the lights dim, your horn sounds wimpy, the starter sounds weak, or the battery hasn’t been used in more than two weeks.
Clean the battery top to keep free of dirt and grime prior to opening the caps on the battery chambers. Make sure you have the charger set on the correct voltage for your battery (6 volt or 12 volt). If your bike is outside remove the battery from your bike and store it in a location that is always warmer than freezing.
A buildup of hydrogen and oxygen in the battery or in the charging area can create an explosion hazard.
Good brand name batteries by companies such as Yuasa are worth the little bit of extra money. Once the load is disconnected the battery recovers some of its charge which can give you enough starting power, and protects your battery from damage.
Online Distribution Australia reserves the rights to reject any claims made after 7 days for DOA cases.If the product is assessed to be DOA, buyers will receive a full or partial refund, or a replacement product or parts. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. A detailed description of how and alternator works is in Nathen Eagle's article Using an Alternator in Renewable Energy Projects or Bob Hewitt's article Alternators - what are they, how do they work and what breaks??. Charging systems are normally sized by the car manufacturers to provide at least 120% (when operating at high RPM) of the worst-case OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) electrical load, so that the car battery can be recharged. High output alternators are available for larger power requirements as show in the Mechman Alternators S Series graph. If you increase the engine speed and the alternator light becomes brighter, then the battery needs to be fully recharged and tested. The battery and charging system must work together to provide the electrical power for the vehicle and to keep the battery recharged so it can restart the engine.
One of the first three simple faults in the list above has caused many a good battery to be replaced.
If the charging system is operating at say a maximum capacity of 90 amps at 5000 RPM, then the battery usually will be recharged within two minutes. To convert winch motor or lighting power (in watts) to amps, divide the watts by the operating voltage. If is is consistently below 80%, then you will want to consider upgrading your charging system to produce more current or use a temperature compensated, "smart" charger with a quick disconnector to periodically "top off" your battery.

It’s either a goner or it has been deep cycled, and a battery can only be deep-cycled a limited number of times before it is indeed dead. The lowest limit is 10.5 volts (used in testing) and obviously unsatisfactory in practical use. Many riders are deterred because on some scooters and motorcycles, the battery can be in an awkward location to readily access – time to get out the manual.
If the terminals are corroded, take a wire brush and brush them clean, wipe filings and dirt away with a dry cloth.
While we endeavour to send all our items with tracking numbers, there may be a few smaller items that are not sent with a tracking number.Buyers have full responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address on the checkout page before payment is made. If buyers are requested to send back defective items, a replacement will be sent to buyers after we receive the returned product back in our warehouse. That is the reason that driving habits (inactivity, short trips less than 10 miles, stop and go driving at night or in bad weather) might not keep the battery fully recharged, especially if the electrical load has been increased with after market accessories, such as high power audio equipment, lighting or an electric winch. Other solutions are to use an adjustable or "smart" voltage regulator, add resistance to the "sense" lead to the regulator (if equipped), or equalize the battery. Other factors affecting the charging voltage are the alternator temperature, battery's condition, State-of-Charge (SoC), sulfation, electrical load and electrolyte purity. If the AC ripple exceeds .5 volts (500 mv) measured on the battery output of the alternator, there is a good possibility that one or more for the alternators diodes is open. Now let us assume that the engine is idling and the charging system is only capable of producing 10 amps. The fuse is usually held in a clip-on holder on the left-hand side of the battery platform. If the wires to the battery are corroded, clean them with that wire brush and carb cleaner. Vehicle charging systems are not designed to recharge fully discharged batteries and doing so may cause overheating and damage the stator or diodes. A larger crankshaft pulley will create a higher alternator RPM, thus causing the alternator to produce more power at a lower engine RPM. Another simple charging system test is with the engine running, shine the headlights against a wall at night. Increasing the absorption voltage or equalizing will increase water consumption in wet batteries, so the electrolyte levels will need to be checked more often. This can significantly reduce the charging system's current output and the excessive AC ripple can cause other strange things to occur in the vehicle's electrical system.
Four amps from the car battery are required to make up the difference to satisfy the 14 amp electrical load and the battery is being discharged further. Most filler caps pull straight out; however, some are threaded, so twist them in the direction marked first. If you need to replace a battery connector, get a similar one from you local scooter or motorcycle shop. Such returned products will become our property and the replacement will be the buyer's property.Replacement products are provided with the same warranty as the returned products. If you turn the engine off and the lights get dimmer, then the charging system is producing a higher voltage. If the output voltage is above 15.1 volts with the ambient temperature above freezing, if the battery's electrolyte levels are frequently low, "boiling", or if there is a "rotten egg" odor present around the battery, then the battery is being overcharged and the vehicle's charging system and battery should be tested.
This is why making short trips, driving in stop-and-go traffic, or during bad weather when there is a heavier electrical load, the starting battery may never get recharged and may even become "completely" discharged. If you have a heavy electrical load while the engine is not running, install a dual or multi-battery system with the non-starting load on a deep cycle battery battery or bank.
Online Distribution Australia is not liable for items that have been misused, mishandled or incorrectly installed. If consistently undercharged or overcharged, a lead-acid battery will lose capacity and performance and prematurely fail due to sulfation or loss of water. Buyers should read the instruction and advise given by manufacturers and suppliers before use.All accessories and bonus gifts are not covered by the warranty. The Battery or Alternator indicator (also known as an "idiot") light is a direct comparison between the voltage output of charging system and the voltage output of the battery. Temporarily replace the old battery with this battery and run the engine at 2500 RPM or more for two minutes. If the battery voltage is only being measure, then the charging system or wiring should be tested.

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