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2v battery cells from the world’s leading manufacturers independently sourced, giving you the customer the advantage of knowing that you are being offered the correct deep cycle battery for your application. As a fully independent deep cycle battery service and sales company, Pb Batteries can select the best 2v deep cycle battery products available in the market, and tailor these to your needs and application requirements. The range of 2v deep cycle cells available running into the hundreds Pb Batteries are on hand to help you through to find the correct solution for you. Pb Batteries objectives when supplying you the customer with any product is that it is of the highest quality, its reliability has been tested to our high standards, and it is also capable of delivering cost savings both in extended  working life and  conversion of mains electricity into traction energy. Our ranges of deep cycle 2 volt battery cells are the leaders in the field, and have been proven over years of use throughout the stored energy market. As electricity prices have risen the cost of replenishing your batteries energy has increased and we at Pb Batteries will ensure the correct package to ensure the most efficient package of 2 volt cells for you.
Just fill our simple online form with any questions you have and get advice from our experts.

At Pb Batteries we pride ourselves on making sure we help you identify your current battery or requirement and supply you with the correct product. Our technicians are able to offer independent advice to identify and specify the majority of applications over the phone. Pb Batteries will always make sure the deep cycle 2v battery we offer will be capable of your tasks asked of it i.e.
Therefore you know that when you work with us, you are getting the best advice and ultimately the right deep cycle 2v battery cells for you.
We at Pb Batteries are able to offer a complete energy solution package with 2v cells and low energy consumption high frequency chargers to keep your running costs to a minimum.
If this cannot be done over the phone we are able to offer an onsite service to identify your existing battery or the battery you will require. We are able to demonstrate the savings using the low energy chargers and can with your cost figures tailor the examples for your application.

When the battery cells have been identified the options of containers, cables, harnesses, and DC plugs can be added. On the opposite side the operation you work at may have reduced and the battery may be over sized, this can be catered for and will ensure that all manufacturers minimum safety weights are adhered to.
If your leads and harness are damaged or you require a modified set then these can be made up in or workshops and dispatched direct to you for you to fit, or if you prefer we can attend and fit the items for you. Order) Contact Supplier Compare wholesale deep cycle lithium solar battery 12v 200ah Shenzhen Your Energy Tech Co., Ltd.

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