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Having a basic understanding of your boat battery will help keep you running when you are on the water. Differences in batteries are best thought of by thinking about how the battery will be used. This boat battery has been designed for a Marine or RV application basically to start your motor. A Deep Cycle Boat Battery is designed for Marine or RV usage to power accessories over a period of time, and when discharged to be recharged over and over again. The term deep cycle refers to the design of these batteries to discharge hundreds of times and then be recharged a€“ this is the cycle being referred to. Self drive cars take over the road Modify tyres and suspension legally Part 2 ARB Fridge-Freezer and Battery Life – How long will it last? Previously, I did a very unscientific test using a 100ah deep cycle AGM battery and my 78L ARB fridge. An amp hour (Ah) rating is just what it sounds like – the number of hours a battery can provide 1 amp of current at 12 volts before the battery is completely dead.
Your typical deep cycle battery, however, is designed to store energy and deliver it at lower amperages for longer periods of time. Well… Really… the simplest answer to this question is… Use a separate battery to power your fridge.
The best solution is to get a deep cycle battery, drop it into a good quality battery box (like one of the ArkPack ones) and power your fridge from that. As you might expect from a quality batter box, it does more than just run your ARB car fridge.
So I hope this article helps you out with working out not only what kind of battery you need to run your fridge, but also how to actually take your battery with you! I recently did some research to find the best replacement trolling motor battery for myself. Car battery, usually lead acid, is 12-volt with six 2 volt cells connected in series and Marine batteries , usually deep cycle are expensive items to replace. We are all familiar with the typical lead acid battery that has been the staple of marine batteries for eons.
They have printed a car, a working battery and working electrical circuits and it is only going to get easier and better.
Golf cart 6 volt batteries are good and inexpensive, but they do not have the cycle endurance of 6 volt marine batteries. The consumer resource for the powerboat owner, offering reviews and unbiased product tests of powerboat equipment and accessories, from the most respected authority on the subject. Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world.
First make sure your charger has the proper setting for Deep cycle and maintenance free batteries.
Durst Motor & Electrical Industries offers different types of marine and deep cycle batteries. Please let us have your shipping address and map to quote delivery costWe accept payment by bank transfer, credit cards and cash.
Since I've been blogging I realized there were many things I no longer have the time to do.1) Gardening.
Location: Chandler(Gaspesie) Quebec Battery wiring diagram for 2 outboards I'm building a center console boat with 2 outboards motor.

Location: netherlands good diagrams but apart from the master A - B - Both - off switch you can have a momentairy toggle switch on the dash witch parallels the battery's to assist in starting (from deep cycle?) dont even know if dynamo's this way run over the multi phase charger, am buying (deep cycle?) start battery's tommorow, hope the marina store knows.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I was talking with a friend about his RV set-up that allows him to go hunting and stay off the grid for weeks at a time. The electrical system in your RV runs on two types of current; AC (alternating current) the same as your house, and DC (direct current) the same as your car. A car’s battery is designed to provide a very large amount of current for a short period of time. A deep cycle battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time.
Deep cycle batteries tend to cost more than the average car battery, but buying a regular car battery for your RV will only save you a few dollars on the short run. This entry was posted in Electrical, RV, Saving, Travel Trailer and tagged batteries, electrical system, Travel Trailer by Clark. Since then, I have been contacted by a representative of Ark and given some great information on what you might need to know about your ARB Fridge and battery life.
Or any car fridge for that matter… Did you know that you probably shouldn’t run it from your car’s battery for too long?
Your cranking battery is the one that was delivered under the bonnet of your car when you purchased it from the dealer. The same applies for anything that you use for a long time while your car isn’t running (camp lights for example). Your starter battery may well be able to manage the load over the short term, you will eventually ruin it.
The table below gives you an indication on how long you might be able to run it for without recharging. Many people install a second battery under their bonnet right next to the main cranking battery. The main cause of the damage to lead acid batteries is when left sitting for any length of time. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better. The types of batteries offered by Durst Motor & Electrical Industries include cranking battery, deep cycle battery and AGM battery.
A deep cycle battery is also designed to be deeply discharged over and over again, something that would ruin a car battery very quickly. If you over-discharge your cranking battery more than a few time then it rapidly stops being able to hold a charge at all. And some of the best ADM or Lead Acid batteries can be run down to 75% of their maximum charge without damage. This is not only expensive, but if you’re in the middle of the bush and can’t start your car it can be inconvenient at best and life threatening at worst. For example, these times assume you discharge the deep-cycle battery 70% (30% of total charge remaining), and they assume that your battery has 100% of its’ listed capacity. You’ve also got a number of 12v power sockets and also a built-in USB port for charging your mobile devices. I want to use a 1000 Watts inverter and electronics (Camcorder, computer, GPS) on boat for several hours.

Once the engine starts, the alternator provides all the power that the car needs, so a car battery may go through its entire life without ever being drained more than 20 percent of its total capacity.
To accomplish this, a deep cycle battery uses fewer, but thicker lead plates often coated with antimony or calcium, which increases the hardness of the plate. Cranking batteries can’t be discharged more than about 25% before their lifespan is depleted. I found a place behind the trim in my boot to put mine, but for a while I had it in a battery box so that I could remove it if I wanted to. Whether it is for a speed boat, trolling motor, depth finder or fish locator, we have the marine battery to meet your needs. Maybe I can add a swith to connect both cranking batteries in case of failure of one battery. Whereas a deep cycle battery is designed to deliver low amounts of power continuously for a longer period. You might think of deep cycle batteries as marathon runners, and cranking batteries as sprinters. It also includes the relevant cable work so that you can mount your ArkPak in your vehicle just as you would a dual battery.
Adding a battery additive when new will prolong the car battery life and the battery will have a better response to reconditioning. Before you go and replace your batteries lets look at some basic information in this post, and the pros and cons along with the requirements of each set-up in posts to follow. So comparing a 100Ah deep cycle battery and a 35Ah starting battery doesn’t make any sense. Every car and marine battery has a limited lifespan to run the power electrical systems in the car or vessel at the highest level of efficiency.
THE DEAD BATTERY EFFECT The efficiency of the battery reduces when used in excess and slowly decreases usually because of sulphation on the battery plates which is the most common cause of decreased battery performance in lead acid car batteries. In addition to this, the built-in, easy to read, digital meter lets you know when your battey is ready to be charged up again and an audible alarm warns you as your charge drops away. Sulpfation occurs when sulfur collects on the lead plates in the battery, blocking the electric current. Given that a good quality AGM battery is expensive, why wouldn’t you want to get the most life out of it?
This stops the production of electricity passing between the plates and this is when the battery needs restoring or reconditioning. Sulpfation does cause irreversible corrosion of the lead plates so this process will only work couple of times. It is a simple process to try and get your battery back to performing." Test your car battery to see if it will respond to reconditioning. In order to recondition a car battery at home, it needs to register 12 volts on a voltmeter.

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